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  1. Well I have got a star trek ship creator where you can create loads but i think the one Enterprise-D is the best like in my avatar
  2. Excuse me, I would never touch Particks Stewarts head. I simply have to much respect for him than go round touching heads. He has been this kind to go to conventions and bring us Captain Picard...I believe Trekkies should respect . :o :(
  3. *Moaning* It's in dollars...
  4. Wow wow wow :o I'm sooo excited now....I'm going to meet him next year.... in london
  5. Oooo hairy chests.... ...
  6. @ 3 of 7 I don't think I could ever love-love him but i think he is a nice character
  7. LMAO @ DutchDebbie
  8. I'm going to my first convention next year and I'm going to meet him...I wonder what the actual actor looks like.... *thinks*
  9. I think Data is very cool, I learn alot from him The other characters have very kind personalities in my opinion (although some don't really show it). LaForge makes me laugh, he is favoured by my Ex-Biology teacher , who is also a Trekkie. Deanna Troi is very inspirational and caring too... I like them all... Besides, they're in Star Trek :o :(
  10. I 'd say Data, Picard and .Deanna Troi, she's inspirational
  11. Patrick Stewart is very good but I like Picard's personality- how many times has he saved peoples lives and in Hide and Q when he stops Tasha from crying, and when he helped the doctor ..... :blink: I'm going to meet him next year!!!!! OMG!!!!!
  12. *Turning into a very angry klingon* I hate Q. Q episodes really annoy me
  13. uhm none of them really appeal to me but i like picard's eyes...and riker is nice without his beard
  14. I love B4 he was so helpless I just wanted to help him - when he sung at the send of Nemesis I :blink: had tears in my eyes so i ran up to my room and cried ...He's so sweet
  15. Lore who??? Do you see now brother, how good it is to be a TREKKIE?
  16. I agree all the way ... but my friend says: Data fall down go beep beep Data in water go buzzzzzzzz *explode* Data in Nemesis go :blink: :blink: :( I was so angry I ignored her for ages
  17. Without, he looks younger like in the first season....the first season is the best too
  18. I agree with you!!!! Android wait, that's a klingon.... :blink: :(
  19. Aww you are naughty!!! Being a big TNG fan myself, I prefer the first season than all the other was so hard to decide i forgot which one i picked!!! Here are my fave in the order like them: The Big Goodbye- It inspires me like me walking through the holodeck doors into my past and saying goodbye to everyone in it (leaving school) Lonely Among Us- I like the planet and the customs they have, very peaceful Justice- It is good, it is star trek Code of Honor- Good moves from Tasha Yar! Lol 11001001- Those aliens are cute!!! :( :blink: Hide And Q- This is funny, I play my own game of this with my brothers stuff
  20. I picked "All Good Things" :blink: , it rocks :( , after all its Star Trek ppl!