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  2. What is your favourite episode about Commander Data?
  3. 1. That your hair always stays straight when you are in the house, but when you need to go somewhere important it is always kinky? 2. You always need a pee when you're busy, but when you are doing nothing you don't need to? 3. People always ring you, but when you expect a call the person does not ring you? 4. Buses are always late when you want to be early? 5. Your parents ask you questions you know they know the answer to? 6. The fridge never stocks what you crave, but any other time it sits on the shelf for days? 7. Things never work when you want them to, but other people seem to fix it straight away? 8. No matter how many times you attempt, you can never get out of bed when you must, but at weekends you are up early? 9. Pet's never do as they are told, no matter how many times you tell them. 10. Your tea is always ready when you are enjoying yourself on the computer?
  4. You're banned for having a sig that is centred.
  5. My macbook's fan, sounds of me and my mate typing on our computers on the bed, and the occassional conversation with him.
  6. You're banned because I am in so much pain right now
  7. You are banned for not spelling Farmville with a "F"
  8. Banned for making me look, then making me try to figure out why
  9. It's Sioux meaning "Butterfly" You're banned because your name is so long!
  10. It's Sioux meaning "Butterfly" You're banned because your name is so long!
  11. 10,011 (this is like binary!!! lol)
  12. I'd kill for some orange juice :) went out to class and forgot to drink anything! :)
  13. Peaceful silence and the gentle hum of my macbook's fan
  14. my friend to wake up!!!
  15. what is pepsi throwback? lol i was drinking black currant 5 minutes ago (yes, again, haha)
  16. black currant lol
  17. i dont know, lol, i think... money. hahaha. we would alll like that i guess! :) i'm tired so i guess im craving some sleep lol :)
  18. frisbee