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  1. Superman, Batman and Spiderman Haven't read the comic books. Always annoyed with the Phantom as you always had to wait for the next week to find out more. Would always forget to read the paper.
  2. When you think of a car journey as a trip leaving the Alpha quadrant and arriving in the Delta quadrant all done in your little red shuttle (car). I promise I don't travel at light speed.
  3. When you say to the person relieving you from playground duty- 'Now in true starfleet tradition' The other person doesn't even blink and replies 'You are relieved.' and you reply 'I stand relieved!" Sad isn't it!
  4. I loved the movie. I was reserved about going as I had the original cast in my head BUT the actors did such a terrific job. I realised that the little movements and poise/lines suggested the characters so well that I just forgot that they didn't look like the original characters. Also the non-stop action and the fact that the story kept warping along made me forget my little reservations. It was thoroughly enjoyable and when everyone left the cinema the place was buzzing! Everyone was excited! My sister and I both had a really depressing and soul destroying week at work so to wind up the week with a good dose of rollicking space adventure was wonderful! My 9 year old niece watched the movie and hardly blinked. She hasn't stopped talking about it. It was the same with the adults in the cinema. As for my niece, I think she is developing into a real fan. Nice to catch them when they are young! Call me selfish, but I hope renewed interest in ST will mean I'm still able to watch new tv series and movies right up till the day I die. Great job guys. I'll guarantee you don't have to be a Star Trek fan to like this movie.
  5. Mine is blue!
  6. Achey Breaky Heart and I don't know the of the lines is "Don't you wish your girlfriend was just like me?"
  7. Love David Bowie. My collection of music is mostly Bowie and REM. Love Changes, Suffregette City and all of those, China Girl and Heroes etc... His Diamond Dogs CD is growing on me.
  8. Dead Zone Season 3 - Can't wait for season 4 to be released here.
  9. Looks good! Can't wait. :)
  10. Long live REM. Saw them when they came to Oz. Best night ever. The crowd went absolutely wild for "Orange Crush". Love Losing My Religion.
  11. Personally, I really liked this movie. I felt it was a movie in its own right but at the same time it paid great respect to the original producers/directors/writers of the original movie and of course to Christopher. I watched the special feature DVD on the making of the movie - sometimes I wish I didn't- but it is amazing the transformation Brendon went through to become Superman. Yes, he is not Chris - but he played Superman with great feeling. Personally I find this movie always leaves an ache in my throat and the effects were great. My sister and I saw the movie and we went through the whole gammit of emotions. Even the young fellows behind us who were canning the movie in the first 10 minutes changed their minds and were roped in. I think it was just good plain entertainment with a good story, which is sadly missing in a lot of movies today. A copy now proudly sits in my DVD collection! :)
  12. The two that I enjoyed: Superman Returns Nanny McPhee
  13. I'm very sorry that this happened. Although Steve is well known for his tv and movie pieces there was a lot more to this man. He had great passion for wildlife and the environment. For anyone who wants to find out more....
  14. At the moment - TOS Amok Time Then I would try my hardest to recall the episodes in my head! Living without ST! Unheard-of! Lucky this is only theoretical.
  15. Liked the strip Carl has a bad hair day... Pretty good