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  1. happy birthday deagletime! :D

  2. Although I'm sad they blew up the timeline and reset everything, I'm really looking forward to seeing another series. When these forums start getting busy again, it'll be like getting the band back together.
  3. get out.... like me, I'm thinking a lot of old friends will be coming back here soon.
  4. Welcome back! How long has it been? Used to be on all the time... But after ENT was cancelled, i suppose once every 6 months? I'd like to consider myself pretty scholarly about ST Canon (as I've seen every episode of all the series'), but with no new material for the last few years, there wasnt really much to debate about... Thankfully BSG, SG1, and SGA saved my sanity. But now that those are all over, I guess I'm gonna have to see how things go with SGU and Cap
  5. HEY ALL ITS GREAT TO BE BACK!!!! My thoughts... Well, I give it a 4... It seems the things I felt at the end of the movie was a sentiment shared by others... Continuity: This isnt your father's star trek because it just isn't... Aside from a revamp of the characters, canon was thrown out the window with the destruction of Vulcan... I could almost rationalize it all up to that point... But now its just a parallel universe... No different than the Terran Empire Mirror Universe But truth be told, we need this.. BAD... If there was ever a thing that could bring our established canon universe back to the small screen and on the big screen, a hundred million new fans will do it... Ultimately, the Star Trek Franchise is a business... With more fans, comes more money and therefore, new possibilities... So for that simple fact, STXI has won my loyal support....
  6. So I’ve been coming back to the prophecy that says that ‘all of these events have happened before’. Based on what I’ve seen, here’s my prediction: I. Birth of Mankind (4000 to 2000 years ago) 1. Creation of Cylons by mankind 2. War with Cylons 3. Exodus of Cylons to new homeworld (13th tribe) 4. Return and War with the Cylons (13th tribe) 5. Decimation of humans (Kobol) 6. Exodus of remaining humans to new homeworld (12 tribes) 7. Human retribution by the destruction of Cylon homeworld (Earth) II. Rebirth of Mankind (100 years ago to current) 1. Creation of Cylons by mankind 2. War with Cylons 3. Exodus of Cylons to new homeworld (Cylon/human Armistice) 4. Return and War with the Cylons (Significant 7) 5. Decimation of humans (Colonies) 6. Exodus of remaining humans to new homeworld (12 colonies) 7. Human retribution by the destruction of Cylon homeworld (Unnamed) And then I think the 12 cylon models were created based on the 12 lords of kobol. Gods #1-10 have been named according to battlestar wiki: 1. Zeus – Leader/eldest of the Gods • Colonel Tigh 2. Hera – Wife of Zeus • Ellen Tigh 3. Aphrodite – Goddess of Love • Number Six 4. Ares – God of War • Number One / Cavil 5. Apollo – God of hunt/sport • Anders 6. Artemis – Goddess of hunt/sport • Number three 7. Asclepius – God of Science/Healing • Number four/black doctor 8. Athena – Goddess protector of man who killed herself after the 12 tribe’s exodus • Number eight / Athena Agathon 9. Aurora – Goddess of the dawn • Tory Foster 10. Poseidon – God of the sea • Number 2/Leoben ??? 11. God #11 (Vulcan/Hephaestus) ??? • Tyrol ??? 12. God #12 (Hades) - ??? • Number 5/Doral??? But lastly I was thinking that perhaps Starbuck is also a cylon as the only possible explanation is that she redownloaded... If this is true, than perhaps she is the reincarnation of the 13th lord of kobol that was the one who started the war... They have said that there are 12 lords of kobol (12 colonies as well) but isnt it possible that there was in fact a 13th lord who left the pantheon and is, therefore, the god of the 13th-cylon tribe?
  7. sweet. i'd pay the extra 5 bucks to watch that up close in Imax hi-def for sure.
  8. Very true!... TOS was not intended to be an ensemble cast with each charecter having their own plot lines and such like the later shows.. In fact, Sulu back then was no more important than Chief Obrien(@TNG), Nog or Kes
  9. Yes... The USS Equinox from Voyager Episodes Equinox I&II
  10. Exactly... who said it was the enterprise? there were after all about a dozen or so consitution class starships..
  11. Your result for Which Star Trek Ship Should You Command? Test ... Galaxy Class! 50% Flight_Control, 30% Tactical, 40% Science and 60% Command! Congratulations! You have been assigned a Galaxy Class vessel! This class of starship is the top of the line when it comes to Command facilities and diplomatic amenities. It is perfect for any sort of mission of diplomacy Compared to other takers 80/100 You scored 50% on Flight_Control, higher than 80% of your peers. 44/100 You scored 30% on Tactical, higher than 44% of your peers. 33/100 You scored 40% on Science, higher than 33% of your peers. 62/100 You scored 60% on Command, higher than 62% of your peers.
  12. Well truth be told, about a month after TATV (ENT cancellation), I progressively stopped going to STF.Net and other ST Websites less and less in protest that ENT was cancelled.. It was a rough time and we were all pissed... And then to lessen the pain, I downloaded all 11 season of SG1 to ease the transition of no new ST... I'm sure I wasnt the only one... But after seeing the trailer for STXI, I have high hopes that a new era and generation of star trek fandom is upon us... I have high hopes that the huge buzz about STXI will force the TPTB at paramount to restart the ST franchise and I for one am happy to be back...
  14. For those of you who have tivo, check out the license plate on Hiro's dad's limo (played by George Takei).... Otherwise the show will be on in a few days