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    Reading, drawing, almost anything to do with star trek, listening to music, playing games on my computer, talking to friends online, going to the movies.

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  1. happy birthday cyclops! :D

  2. I'd like to see Mr Shatner come back as Captain Kirk.
  3. Cwo

    Thanks for the link <_<
  4. Cwo

    Hi everyone. On the other star trek board I visit regularly, someone asked what duties a warrant officer (or is it chief warrant officer?) would have. Is a chief warrant officer the same as a chief petty officer or chief of operations, like O'Brien? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone. I'm trying to find a replica of the Doctor's mobile emitter, either made from metal or plastic, does anyone know where I could get one from? Preferably from a shop, or a fellow fan here in the UK. Thankyou