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  1. The original idea was for the registry number to include the type of ship and number of ship, but the movies and TNG established them as being production numbers, the newer the ship, the higher the production number. With that said, NX-01 is the first Starfleet ship designed for deep space missions.
  2. The original idea for the registry number was to serve as a serial number. Example: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 NCC = United Earth Vessel 17 = Type of Ship 01 = Prototype However, the movies and TNG established registry numbers as being production numbers. The newer the ship, the higher the number. With that said, the NX-01 is the first of the Starfleet ships as we know them.
  3. I vote: 10 Here's my post from my own ENT forum:
  4. Watching TV and movies and reading books of a Satanic or Demonic nature will not send you to hell, but it's not good either from a Christian perspective.
  5. Enterprise is in the same timeline as the previous Trek shows. If Xindi were serving on the Enterprise-J in the 26th century, as Daniels informed Archer, they're probably Xindi-Primates or Xindi-Aborreals.
  6. On the contrary, throughout Buffy and Angel there were many implications of dozens of gods! I believe there's only one God. How do you know he doesn't have a father, mother, brothers, sisters etc, how do you know he's not just some higher power kid playing with his Earth? Anyone who can believe there is a god, must atleast accept the possibility of other gods. Well, the Holy Bible doesn't imply that, thus there's no reason to believe so. SG-1 was mentioned in this thread? B) <_< Ah, now see, that makes more sense. B)
  7. Enterprise continuity is stable.
  8. I'll pass. I did every time it was on, except for the series finale. :P I thought Charmed was it's own "universe", so how can they do a crossover? I'm sure you will.
  9. the evil stuff was what it was all about! I guess thas true. I don't like Willow. :lol: On the contrary, throughout Buffy and Angel there were many implications of dozens of gods! I believe there's only one God. :) They tried to save the planet! Thas not good enough. A human without a soul is ment to be a creature of pure evil, a Vampire is just a souless creature, now he's a creature with a soul, duh! A Human without a soul would be a vegtable to me. As far as I'm concerned, Vampires are not redeemable as they are nothing more than demons possessing dead humans. It was intertaining, that's enough. For you maybe, but if I'm going to watch a TV's series finale, I expect an ending, otherwise I don't bother. Exactly the true fans get it -_- Kind'a like how you gotta watch SG-1 to understand why O'Niell's so darn sarcastic all the time. It ain't Roswell get over it!!! I know, I was just explaining that I'd had a good show get cancelled on me to show that I understand you guys frustration.
  10. Well, I used to watch Roswell when it was on. UPN had orderred a 3rd season after saving the show from the WB cancellation. They orderred 13 episodes, then a full season of 22 episodes. The show got cancelled, but before this happened, the producers knew that this cancellation would probably be their last, so they decided to wrap up the show. This is when UPN cut the episode order down to 18, cheating the audience out of three episodes and squishing the 2-hour finale into a 1-hour. Everytime ENT get's it's episode order cut, this is what it reminds me of. What should we expect for season 5? 18 episodes?
  11. They've always done great with 26 episodes a season. I don't like being cheated out of four episodes.
  12. AE, can you PM me his site?
  13. What channel was it on?
  14. If your math abilities are off the chart, then take advantage of that. Have you considerred becoming a scientist?
  15. I guess you have not seen much of TOS. Starfleet is basically millitary. They use our present day Naval ranks, correct. Also, things are not all that peaceful in Archer's time. Kirk got into some nasty battles with the Klingons and Romulans also. I guess you are used to TNG, which was more about exploration. Most of TNG takes place during treaties. As you get into DS9, there is the war with the Dominian. I guess if there is no real war going on, Starfleet can devote more time to exploration. Well, I've only seen a handful of TOS. Most of my Trek viewing comes from TNG, DS9, VOY, & ENT. DS9 showed war, VOY was isolated, and ENT is a prequal. With that said, I always believed Trek should be about explorrating when there wasn't a war going on. I'm not saying that war is bad. I'm not saying the Xindi-arc is bad. I'm just saying that I want classic sci-fi and episodes dealing with their mission of explorration.
  16. Enterprise is just getting too militaristic for my tastes. I enjoyed it for a story arc and understand that Starfleet is a kind of military, but it's nothing like what we have today. Infact, I'm wonderring if it's a new kind of organization that doesn't exist yet, perhaps some kind of organization hybrid? Anywho, that's not the point of this discussion. My point is that there's too much fighting and not enough explorration and scientific missions. Yes, conflict is needed for a plot, but Trek has done it years with a ship of explorration and with scientific missions. I sincerely hope we can go back to the goold old days and perhaps even have the really out there episodes like "Vox Sola". What do you all think? Should Enterprise return to the mission of seasons 1 and 2, but with story arcs, or embark on "mini-missions" instead of explorration?
  17. Star Trek Planet Cereal "Eat a planet today!"
  18. They have hands, fingers, and thumbs. Look more closely.
  19. What Akira-class ship? :( Enterprise is NX-class. They don't have photon torpedoes, they have photonic torpedoes. Similar name and casing, different technology. They don't have phasers. They have phase pistols, the prelude to phasers. I've no idea what this is about. How is this a problem? How is this a problem? No. It was that Romulans had a "new" cloaking technology in 2245. In TOS, we thought it was new. Now with ENT, it's possible that Starfleet learned to detect Romulan cloaks through the Sulliban cell ship, so the Romulans had to invent a whole new cloaking technology a century later. It's a number. What difference does it make if they change a number? :( Wrong. It's likely they were classified so only top Starfleet officers new about them. Picard probably got access to this database after he made first contact with the Borg. Otherwise, why would such sensitive, classified data be in the Enterprise computer? They made first contact with short, ugly aliens with big ears. They didn't know it was the Ferengi, and when was it stated when first contact with the Ferengi actually happened? What's wrong with the Eugenics War happening in the 1990's? Star Trek is ficition, it doesn't have to conform to our timeline as our future unfolds, other wise we might as well erase TOS when the 23th century comes arround. :wub:
  20. I'm looking to see the following movies this summer: The Day After Tomorrow Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Spider-Man 2 Garfield: The Movie I, Robot
  21. That's it! It doesn't even have to be "space explorration". I just want diversity. I want a new story every week, not more of "last week's" story. I love story arcs, but I also love the "story of the week" format as well. Welp, there's no way to know how they'll do it till season 4 shows up, I just hope that the mini-arcs are diverse.
  22. Normally, the TV is off unless one of my three shows is on, I'm eating lunch or dinner, I'm watching the news, or I'm watching a movie. The shows that I do give my full attention are: Star Trek: Enterprise - Wednesday nights @ 8 Stargate SG-1 - Saturday nights @ 8 The Jeffersons - Weeknights @ 11 Any other programs, I try to give my attention if it's a good story. If I'm not giving the TV my full attention, I usually just turn it off.
  23. When I say "the old days", I ment seasons 1 & 2.
  24. Second post to seperate thoughts clearly. I'm speaking from a story telling aspect, not from the show's perspective, incase anyone was wonderring. I miss the good ole days when people were happy with good science-fiction. Now it has to be war, politics, or exciting, edge-of-your-seat suspence.
  25. I know of only 2 or 3. Would you share with us these 8 episodes? They're not off explorring and going on scientific missions, so as far as I'm concerned, they're on a military mission. Infact, Degra even said that the NX-01 doesn't make a very good military vessel, Archer said it didn't use to be, that it used to be a ship of explorration. Degra concluded, saying that perhaps it will again. This is true, which is why I'm hoping they go back to their mission of explorration for season 4. No one's saying it should be an "explorration only" show, just that the focus should be on explorration and not war. TOS & TNG both had the premise of "peaceful explorration". Sure, not every episode was about that, but that was the mission of the ship. I couldn't agree more! :biggrin: