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  1. My appendix burst a day before I went to the hospital to see what was wrong with me, so not only did I have major surgery, I had emergency surgery! :) Man, I was so spoiled by that hospital... :blink:
  2. I don't believe we will ever have an ice age nor do I believe it will ever happen. I also didn't buy the "global super-storms". However, it was a fun work of fiction, so I enjoyed it from that aspect. The only part that bugged me was them beating me over the head with the "stop polluting NOW, or we'll have global warming any day now!" propaganda. :blink:
  3. As you may or may not know, Trek & SG-1 is about all I watch. I figured SG-1 had shorter seasons becuase of a lower budget and being on cable. I also figured that most other sci-fi and action shows got 26 episodes where as dramas got 22 episodes. After 26 episodes a season for 20 seasons, 22 episodes feels short to me. I can live with it, but I just am so sick and tired of stories getting shorter today. Becuase stories are shorter, they feel too rushed. 90 minute movies instead of two-hour movies, 42 minute episodes instead of 45-50 minute episodes, and so forth. I never saw QL and only caught Seaquest for two years and never really payed attention to the length of the show. As for SG-1, I just assumed that was becuase it is a cable show. Good for them! :blink: Hmm... Then why did Trek have 26 episodes a season for so long? I'm just currious why Trek was the exception to the 22 episodes per season rule.
  4. I'm going to do a little math here... 265 / 7 = 52.14, rounded off to 52 52 / 2 = 26 So, half a year's worth of TV episodes would be 26 episodes. Shouldn't that be the TV standard instead of 22? I'm just currious how they arrived at 22 and not 20, 21, 23, you get the idea. I know this is off topic, but it sorta is on topic... maybe... :blink:
  5. I'm surprised they didn't do a two-parter between the beginning of Season 4 and the series finale. Anywho, I have "favorite two-parter" poll on the VOY forum, so I thought I'd do one here. Which two-part DS9 episodes is your favorite? Mine is: "What You Leave Behind" Some members may say there are "other" two-parters in DS9, but I define a two-part episode, for any TV series, as two episodes with the same title. :huh:
  6. Here's an old debate in fandom, but I'd thought I'd bring it back. NX-class VS Akira-class - Akiraprise? What do you think of the NX-class? Is it an upside-down Akira? Is it purposely based on the Akira-class for the fans? What are your thoughts? While it's obvious that the saucer-hull from the Akira-class is the exact same one on the NX-class, all other details and shapres are different. So, the way I see it, they used the hull of the Akira-class, redesigned the back part of the ship, while giving it a 22nd-century era skin of detail. I'm very happen with the design. :blink:
  7. Oh gosh, I laughed when I saw that trailer. They crammed so much into the premise, that there was no room left for the story! <_< Kirk is dead, it's time to move on folks. <_<
  8. I'd prefer the next movie to be based on either DS9, VOY, or ENT since DS9 & VOY ended only a few years ago and since ENT is a current show. However, I'd be willing to watch a movie featuring a mix of TNG/DS9/VOY characters. This would fall under the category of a "new cast" movie. I'm not sure I like the idea of that. If you're going to turn a TV show into a movie, at lease use the characters from the show. <_< I'd see that without a doubt! <_<
  9. How was Data's death similar to Spock's? Aside from the fact that they both died to save the Enterprise... where's the similarity? Picard was wearring an enlisted uniform in that picture, so a young, bald Picard is open to interpretation. Here's mine: one of Picard's personallity traits is to be bold. Since he failed his first attempt to join the Academy, he enlisted. When he tried to join the second time, he was accepted. While Picard was enlisted, he thought it'd be fun to shave his head. Another possibility is that the "enlishted" uniform doubled as an Academy uniform when Picard was a young man. Either way, it's my interrpretation that Shinzon shaved his head bald to be "hairless" like a Reman... to be bold... like Picard. <_< WHich of the four do you dislike? Technically, they're all good in terms of movies, but the question is if they make good Star Trek movies, which I feel all four did.
  10. Why? There is no reason to believe that the Borg were destroyed without doubt. It's possible, but not a fact. Most likely, the Borg have been thrown into civial war due to the virus from "Endgame" with multiple mini-collectives fighting each other as well as the Borg rebels. I guess you forgot that Kes said Species 8472 said, "Your galaxy will be purged." in "Scoprion, Part II". Me too. It's just a movie... <_< I liked it. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy yourself. Oh, come on. If you're gonna bash the movie, at lease tell us why. Agreed. Releasing the movie at the same time was cinematic suicide. <_< Wesley's cameo was editted out. As for Worf's "appearances"... he was a main character.
  11. Really? Where's the Akira-class deflector on top of the ship then? Why is their a warp-thingy instead of a weapons pod? Why is the ship smaller? Why is the primary hull a different shape? Why are there no visible escape pods? I could go on and on... <_< Correct. Actually, no. The treksplanation is that the Akira-class is a tribute to the NX-class, the first Starfleet ship design that allowed Humanity to start explorring the galaxy. The Deadalus-class has never been seen on screen. The model in Sisko's office doesn't count, because no one said, "Oh, nice model of a Daedalus-class ship, Captain." <_<
  12. Not me! <_< Well, Star Trek hasnt gotten bad yet, so I dunno what to say... <_<
  13. I dare Rick Berman to have the NX-03 called Akiraprise. <_<
  14. Ssshhh!!! Don't let him know that! <_<
  15. For me, First Contact is the coolest of the Trek movies. Special effects don't really matter all that much to me as long as their top notch with the budget they have. As for acting, I agree, this movie had some very good acting, although I was ticked off that Worf and Crusher were pretty much wallpaper in this movie. As for the storyline, I'm not sure what I think... I'll get back to you. Me too! <_< DS9, VOY, ENT, I don't care, just make an 11th movie! Ugh. VOY had plenty of time paradoxes and Borg. It's time to move on. I would, however, be open to a Species 8472 movie and perhaps a movie featuring the Borg, but I feel that if VOY's first movie is going to be a success, they need to use a villian besides the Borg. A lot of fans feel the same way, that Voyager should be experrimenting with slipstream drive to give them an excuse to go back to the Delta Quadrant without being standed again. Be there, done that. I dunno about Tom, but I agree with Harry getting promoted. I really expected it to happen durring season seven. Maybe we can see Lt. Kim in a movie?
  16. I thought they didn't head to the wormhole for two reasons: 1. The producers wanted the show to stand apart from DS9. 2. Captain Janeway had reports of the Dominion taking out the Defiant, Starfleet's first warship, quite easilly. Considerring this very dangerous threat and the fact that Voyager wasn't equiped to fight a fleet of Dominion ships, she probably felt it was best to take the long wroute, looking for shortcuts. The only thing that bugged me was that they didn't have a season one episode dealing with this topic and explaning why they couldn't pursue the wormhole as a way home.
  17. So, what's to stop UPN from giving us 20 episodes for season five and 18 episodes for season six? <_<
  18. I think the whole "Akiraprise" fiasco is just Star Trek fans looking for reasons to reject ENT and show how "bad" it is. I think the "Akiraprise" debate is just one of their attempts to degrade the show. I'll agree, the NX-01 has lots in common with the Akira-class, but does it really matter? Make the Akira-class a lot smaller and turn it into a 22nd century ship and you get NX-01. That was the intention from the get go. There's only two or three details that are exatcly like on the Akira-class, but these can be atributed as being "missed" by the designers who were basing the NX-class on the Akira-class.
  19. I voted: Tucker I don't like that he had sexual relations with T'Pol in "Harbinger", but aside from that, Trip is still my favorite character. <_<
  20. So? The NX-01 looks like a 22nd century ship to me. Did it every occur to you that the Akira-class is based on a 22nd-century starship? <_<
  21. If I had enough spare time, I could draw just as many similarities between the TOS Enterprise & the Enterprise-D or between Voyager and the Enterprise-E. <_< In real life, the NX-class is based on the fan-favorite Akira-class, but in the Trek universe, the Akira-class is based on the NX-class. Why is this so hard to figure out?
  22. INDY
  23. THE U.F.P. GRAND SEAL: In the episode ¡§Shadows of P¡¦Jem¡¨ [ENT] the United Federation of Planets grand seal can be seen flying on a flag on Earth in the opening sequence. How is this possible a decade before the Federation was ever established? Also the version of the grand seal shown in that episode did not come into service until the 24th century, prior to that time different more simplified versions were used (TOS and Movies). I checked the episode. That's not the UFP symbol, but rather the Starfleet symbol, similar to the one NASA has. They don't exist yet. Here's an Akira-class ship: Click for Spoiler: Here's a NX-class ship: Click for Spoiler: Clearly, they are not the same design. By that standard then, every single ship in the U.S. Navy are all one design, becuase they all have the basic "ship" look. :) See the above pictures. Aside from a "saucer", a catacomb area, and two warp engines mounted on warp pylons, the ships have no similarities. Of coars the nacelles are different. They're a cross between the Pheonix and TOS Enterprise. As for the warp pylons being in a slighly different position? Both ship classes have entirely different pylon configurations. There's no denying you're completely wrong, based on the pictures I provided earlier, therefor the NX-class and Akira-class are clearly two different designs. He was referring to Enterprises carring the registry number of NCC-1701. Seeing as they're both familiar with Enterprise lineage, there was no need for him to be that specific. Earth Starfleet and Federation Starfleet are different organizations, but both run by Humans. The plaque refers to Federation starships named Enterprise, not every Starfleet ship. Yes, but it came before the Federation. The British had "ships" named Enterprise. Do we count them when listing American ships named Enterprise, hmm? That's right, the NX-01 was not a Federation starship. Um... It's called creative license. Times change. It would be unbelievable, given current advances in technology, that Starfleet would not have subspace radio by the mid 22nd century. Why let the number of year in one line of dialog dictate what they can and can't do with a TV show? That's not thinkint outside the box. Again, creative license. Does the number "2168" matter that much? You're right, the NX-01 doesn't have phasers. They have phase pistols and phase cannons, the prelude to phasers. What episode was this established in? :) Again, it's called creative license. Does the "2218" date mean that much? We never saw Klingon first contact nor related events, so what difference does it make if they change the year so long as it doesn't conflict with other Trek events? I'm rather glad they showed Klingon first contact in "Broken Bow". As for the forheads... the original Star Trek had a low budget. The Klingons were always ment to look as they did in the movies and spin-off series. DS9's "Trials and Tribble-ations" showing the TOS Klingons was intended as humor and not to be taken serrious, thus Worf's line, "We do not discuss it with outsiders." Not neccessarilly. The Ferengi were out and about decades before first contact in "The Last Outpost". Picard even fought them with his ship, the Stargazer, as we learned in "The Battle". So, Archer encounterring the Ferengi in an isolated incident without learning about their species nor their name, and that remaining and isolated incident, could easilly be "lost" in the databases. What should they do? Cancel the mission and take them back to Earth? It was not an excuse. The Ferengi are funny. DS9 fans loved them. It was a way to show the TNG-style Ferengi with whips, to link have a link to TNG & DS9, and to just have some plain old fun. Get over it, good grief. We have viewscreens now. It'd be retarded for the NX-01, a ship 150 years into the future, to not have view screens. :) Again, based on our current advancements in technology, it's far more likely we'd have fought a war with aliens by the mid-22nd century with some forum of advanced weapons, like on Trek, instead of nuclear missles. With that said, I've no problem with the "photonic torpedoes", I just wish they'd have picked a more creative name. Do you expect them to remember every line of dialog from every single episode? :) Um... no. Vulcans had a police not to lie, they were quite capable of lieing. Spock lied, Tuvok lied, so I'm sure a number of other Vulcans have lied. This is an earlier century, and furthermore, knowing how sensitive the situation is between the Vulcans and Andorrians, I'm not surprised that the Vulcans showed a bit of anger at the lost of the outpost. Why? Not all Vulcans are the same. T'Pol would be borring if she were a stereotypical Vulcan. T'Pol has always been more emotional than your average Vulcan. For Vulcans, this is bad. For the audience, this is good as it creates good story telling. They don't. Only Phlox and Reed know about it, both of whom are keeping it a secret at T'Pol's request. Huh? See: Season 3 Really? I didn't have any problems doing so. Face facts, I enjoy Enterprise, which fits into Star Trek "history" with a little creative license so the franchise can go on and not come to a stagnent end. It is Star Trek and deserves the name.
  24. So, us Trekkies who follow the timeline hate Enterprise!!! I am not saying you shouldn't like Enterprise, but it DOES contradict the timeline, even the FOUNDER AND LEADER OF SAVEENTERPRISE.COM AGREES!!! Click for Spoiler: Note to mod: Everyone is entitled an opinion... please don't delete this... I'm not going to accept that ENT isn't cannon based on your say so nor Tim's say so. Show me proof before telling me it isn't cannon, please.
  25. It would have to be another dimension where Earth has not yet progressed to the 22nd century instead of a parrallel Earth, otherwise they'd realise they're in the wrong star system due to their star maps. I'm still convinced that it's a fourth faction in the TCW. :(