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  1. I hate it I don't like movies which promote witch craft to children. :(
  2. Actually, recording with a VCR is technically illegal. I'll see if I can find this info. out later today.
  3. What's your problem? That's true. If your solution is just as bad as the problem, you're not trying very hard. No. :(
  4. Downloading is very illegal. However, you can find this episode on one of the 2-episode volumes at your local media store for $20. :( That holds true for anything that has a copyright, not just products that are for sale in your local store. Something to keep in mind when you are downloading things that are not yet on DVD. :( According to a local TV station that I call on occasion, downloading TV episodes is no more illegal than recording with your VCR, which is technically illegal, but the TV industry doesn't care. When the TV industry asks us not to download, then I'll stop. :)
  5. He's either very fat, very huge, or finished growing at 11. :( I'm inclined it's the middle or latter, in which case, I don't blame the parents. :( Maybe he could play with an older age group? :)
  6. Gallery of First Contact ships.
  7. Downloading is very illegal. However, you can find this episode on one of the 2-episode volumes at your local media store for $20. :(
  8. I'd join that campaign to keep Enterprise, just send me their address. As for the Romulan War being a movie, that's kind of a large topic for a movie. The Dominion War lasted 2 seasons. They could tell the Romulan War over the coarse of 2-4 movies.
  9. Trilogies are all the rage today. Doing a Star Trek trilogy about the Romulan war might just work with the general audience.
  10. You gave it your best shot. Most shows I give anywhere from a few episodes to a season. Don't worry about it. Enterprise isn't for everyone. I do have one question. Is it becuase you think the show is badly produced, or is it that you just don't like it?
  11. If 22 episodes is going to be the norm from now on, I expect less arcs and more stand-alones.
  12. I was wonderring. Now that UPN has decided to go for Enterprise season four, but with 22 episodes, should we campaign for four more episodes so that we can have a full fourth season of 26 episodes?
  13. Other - Somewhere in between I either get up at 8 or 11, depending on the day.
  14. The alien from "Zero Hour" looks like a Reman, but he's blue with red eyes. Maybe it's similar looking to the Remans in the same way that the Kazon have forhead ridges like the Klingons?
  15. I'll have Dr. Phlox get your measurements so (whoever the heck creates costumes and new uniforms on the ship) can fit you with an Enterprise uniform! :angry: Welcome abord, RC! :angry:
  16. Experrimental Experrimental X Ex... x... same sound, thus x represents experrimental. That's how I always viewed it.
  17. It's time for an epiphany. You all ready? UPN cancels ENT after season 4, but we get a cliffhanger series finale about the beginning of the romulan war. Just before the series finale begins, we get a "special" promoting an Enterprise movie for summer 2006. We get an 11th movie focusing on ENT and the Romulan war... but wait, the TCW is tied into this! Oh my, Sisko's returned from the wormhole to help in the TCW! What's this I see? The relativity from the 29th century shows up with Ensign Nine from the 24th century? I smell a break from TV with an 11th movie allowing Trek to make a big comeback! :angry:
  18. No DS9 already had the "gamma quadrant" plot, VOY needed to be fresh if set in the same time perriod.
  19. So much for the Romulan war and founding of the UFP. Ya know, I'm quite dissapointed in Trek fans today. They used to fight for Trek, like fanbases do for other shows today that are threatened with cancellation. When we heard there were no plans for a DS9 nor VOY movie, did fans unite and campaign for one? No, they said, "Oh, it probably won't happen." With ENT's four season potentially being the last, fans are saying, "Welp, that was fun. Now whut?" What about the campaign to get season 4? Why not campaign for another network to pick up season 5?
  20. Ya know... ya could'a gotten yourself killed that night. It could have been a mountain lion, hiennas (spelling?), a bear, wild dogs, or anything, depending on where you live. You're also lucky you didn't get yourself lost in the woods. You were, however, smart to have your dog with ya. However, you could have been killed quite easilly when you found the dear. Predators usually kill to defend their food. I hope you learned your lesson! As for my scarriest moment... Um... hmm... well... I'll get back to you.
  21. When we see the Defiant fighting the Borg, you can see a Miranda-class ship making an evasive maneuver. Right after Picard gives the order to fire on the cube and we see the Enterprise from behind, just after it fires quantum torpedoes on the cube... you can see an Orbeth-class ship in the top, right-hand corner. It looks to be way off in the distance due to the ship's small size. The Orbeth-class ship is only visible on the widescreen edition of the movie though. If you have the movie on DVD and a DVD-ROM on your PC, you can spot it.
  22. Not sure... at least UPN does doube-ENT nights often. Still, I'd like to see more two-parters.
  23. I've only TNG season one and ENT downloads. Since I won't be getting another season set soon, I think I'm gonna go back and watch my TNG season set and ENT downloads.
  24. I've yet to see it. :blink:
  25. How can they state they don't know about it if they don't know about it? Besides, they HAVE to know about the Wormhole. They launched their mission at DS9 and I can't conceive of any way they would be a Starfleet ship, visit DS9 and NOT know there's a wormhole that leads 70,000 light years away to the Gamma Quadrant. It's possible that they might not know about the Dominion but not likely since their mission began in the middle of DS9's third season and the Dominion was introduced as a possible villain in the last episode of their second season. Which episode did they say they don't know about the Wormhole and Dominion? No, I remember in the Episode "Hunters" It is stated by Chakotay that a letter said that the Maquis were destroyed because the Cardassians had help from an enemy known as the Dominion..... He said it so is sounded like they didn't know who the Dominion are.... Believe me I remember..... Well, I think it was more that they were shocked to learn that the Maquis were wiped out. They knew of the Dominion, they just didn't know that Starfleet was at war with the Dominion. In any case, I think Janeway had special intelligence that showed that the Dominion was a very dangerous threat. It's also possible that they didn't have the Bajoran wormhole's Gamma Quadrant location in their star maps, but that would be unlikely. I'm sure there was a reason why they didn't pursue the wormhome, so I just assume it was something discussed offscreen.