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  1. Tom who?
  2. Who the Enterprise is Fett and why on Vulcan is Indy in 2nd place? Did I just enter the bizzarro world? :blink:
  3. TOS - 79 episodes 2 episodes = 1 volume 40 volumes = complete series $20 - 1 volume $800 - 40 volumes TNG - 7 seasons $100 - 1 season $700 - 7 seasons As you can see, TOS volumes are WAAAAAAY to expensive! Anyone think TOS season sets will come out after VOY? TOS is the one Trek show I've hardly seen any episodes of.
  4. Or you can go to and see the article here.
  5. I'd keep the Enterprise just as she is, but if it were Kirk's Enterprise, I'd demand a better command chair.
  6. The other android in Nemesis is a Soogn-type android, like Data, but is a seperate individual. Yes, he has Data's memories, but that doesn't make him Data anymore than Data having the colonists memories made him one of the colonists. Hopefully, Geordi and the Enterprise crew will defend B4's rights as a sentient being when the issue comes up.
  7. Star Trek IV: THe Voyage Home Back to the Future Back to the Future Part II Back to the Future Part III Galaxy Quest Ghostbusters Ghostbusters 2
  8. What insults? :) I don't like insults, nor do I insult people. If you see an insult from me, PM me. Good luck finding one. :blink: It seemed like it was adressed to me. My name is Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I don't like nicknames, with the exception of CJLP. Appology accepted.
  9. It's not that, I just feel it's too condensed. I think a better idea would be to split it into three forums - politics, faith/religion, and debate. Good one! :blink:
  10. Are you calling me presumptuous and arrogant? What's your point? I feel it'd be far better to have forums for debate, politics, and faith/religion, rather than cramming everything into "Kronos". *shrug* That word does not apply to people. Sure I can, if the street is oval or "s" shaped. Who are you to tell the administrators what to do and continue to blatantly insult my opinions, huh? OK, now you're just insulting me. Stop it. :blink: Your opinion is duely noted, but you could have done so without insulting me multiple times. This sentence completely contradicts your post. That's none of your business.
  11. I think of Kronos as a forum where the threads get heated, lots of political opinions thrown around, not as an "adult" forum. I think it should stay so those who want to talk about topics that draw out strong feelings can post without censoring themselves too much, I don't recall ever seeing a thread in there that was "adult book store" -like. Keep the politics in one forum so it doesn't spill out into the other threads , easier to avoid those discussions if you want to that way. Yea, " Kronos Multi-Thread Bandwaggoning" is the worst. I got sucked into one thread and couldn't escape it for weeks. Thanks Fen There is a certain level of nastiness and hostility in there. I try to stay out of there as much as I can, I'm glad it's clearly marked. " WARNING, THIS FORUM COULD BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR MENTAL HEALTH" :) :) Captain Picard, Did you post the above before or after you posted in Kronos today? I can't remember. I'm not saying Kronos is a bad forum, I just don't feel it's neccessary. :)
  12. Agreed. I usually just voice my honest opinion at the person. Works most times. That's true, people are sensitive. The system of what? Hey, don't speak for everyone, not all of us are sensitive, although I am, but not in the "Oh gosh, I'm offended!" sense. Thanks for the compliment. Personally, I don't understand why STF sees me as condensending. No one else does.
  13. It's got a 4th season, but fans are going to have to campaign for season 5, otherwise it's not gonna happen.
  14. My favorite is Taco Bell, but I wanted to vote off the list if I could, so I picked my second favorite - MacDonalds, which is spelled McDonald's. :unsure:
  15. 1. Allow links in signatures as long as it's a title or sentence and not a commercial looking advertisement. 2. Allow links to other sites anywhere in mention, but keep site-specific threads in "Links to Other Sites". 3. Allow freedom of speech, this includes discussing virtually in the appropriate forum and expressing one's self as they see fit. One thing that annoys me at STF is mods are always calling me "condescending and rude". What they don't understand is that I behave here as I do everywhere else. This is the only place where people call me condesending. Personally, I think people here are too sensitive, but that's another thread. 4. Condense the forums, there's entirely too many. Sometimes I come with a simple topic and have no idea where to post it, that I just leave without posting it at all. :lol: 5. Do away with "Kronos". I don't see why a Star Trek site should have an "adult section" anymore than a theme park should have an "adult book store". :unsure: I'll liste more as I think of them.
  16. Um... :unsure:
  17. 1. I on't have a personal crisis grid. 2. I always have Indy to talk to. 3. I don't give myself pep talks. I talk to Indy or pray. I take a nap or go online and vent at Imagination Island There is no "how", I just do. When what's the last thing I want to do? I don't have a time machine. :unsure:
  18. You're right, Nemesis was the biggest movie view of the Romulans. Maybe, but unless the books are made into episodes or a movie, they aren't part of established continuity. It's possible that V'Ger was given it's ship by the Borg, but due to the fact that the the thing was only 300 years old in comparrison to the Borg, and that it clearly doesn't utilize Borg technology, I'd find that highly doubtful. I'd rather see the 11th movie deal with the machine race who constructed V'Ger's ship. This one made for a good movie, using the revenge story, inspired by Moby (Please stop me from cursing), continuing a TOS episode, and having loads of action! :( How is there too many Klingons? It's their second movie, the first of which only featured them for about 5 minutes. This is deffinately my favorite as far as comedy goes! :unsure: Yes, Klingons, Sybok, the Enterprise, oh my! There was a Romulan? Was he that dimplomatic guy? They succeeded. This movie rocked! :lol: THis one's my favorite Trek movie. Actually, it was dedicated to the Remans. The Romulans had a B-plot. You're expecting more in a time perriod that takes place before the Romulan War? :( I think there was 3 or 4... Personally, I liked how TNG depicted the Romulans. You never truelly knew their motives. DS9 had about as many Romulan episodes as TNG, I believe, only they fleshed them out more. VOY had 2 Romulan episodes, "Eye of the Needle" and "Message in a Bottle".
  19. You can say she makes a great Uber-Moderator! :P
  20. If you were not there yesterday, you have no grounds to say it was closed for a few days. Only admins have access while we make a few changes and updates.
  21. You're not a member, so how would you know? Besides, the site was open yesterday. I don't appreciate you making a false claim. :(
  22. No, it's not. We're down temporarilly.
  23. People wonder why CD's don't sell and why the music industry is cracking down on downloading. *sigh* JDigs, don't steal the music. Go out and buy the CD. :(
  24. Prepare to be shocked... I might go see this movie. Before I do, I have a few questions, but no spoilers please. 1. Is there anything sexual? 2. Is there nudity? 3. Is there any gore? 4. Is there anything demonic or satanic, or is this just a monster-flick? If all four come to a "no", I might go see it. Thanks for your help.
  25. We've both been here long enough for you to know I'm serrious. :( :(