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  1. All 5, But I Have A Favorite I enjoy TOS, DS9, VOY, & ENT equally, while TNG is my favorite.
  2. Have you encounterred an alien? Did they abduct you? Back in 1994, on my way to see GENERATIONS, I bumped into the Duras sisters! :o They said I was an ugly alien, but that I'd be a worthy specimen. :o They pulled me from my dad and started talking about beaming me up! At this point, he and I began cracking up. I got a strange look from the Dusas sisters... :blink: They said I was too strange for study and shoved me into the theater!
  3. Do you think the TNG movies did Star Trek: The Next Generation justice, or did you think they felt contrived or soemthing? Personally, I think the TNG movies were awesome! Star Trek: Generations I thought this was an excellent movie! It was so nice to see the Enterprise-D and the sets in a big-screen movie! I also like the flashback scene with Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov on the Enterprise-B. I'm guessing the El-Aurrian refugees were fleeing towards Earth after their world was destroyed by the Borg. Nice tie in with Guinnan's character, and forshadowing that the next movie would deal with the Borg. Watch carefully, there's a number of scenes that forshadow the next movie being about the Borg. I also loved how Guinnan had a major role, just as major as the "big 7" from the series. A shame she wasn't creditted. If she was, I'm guessing we would see "Whoopi Goldberg" between Marina Sirtis and Malcolm McDowel (spelling?). Oh, and the destruction of the Enterprise was fantastic! Seeing the battle section explode into a fireball, then the shockwave flinging the saucer toward's the planet. I tell ya, this movie has the best crash-landing sequence of a space ship in any movie! Star Trek: First Contact Here, we have a movie dealing with the Borg and first contact between Humans and aliens, specifically the Vulcans. I think this has the most emotion of the four movies from Picard's personal struggle with the Borg to Worf threatening to kill Picard, all the way to Data considerring helping the Borg! This movie is full of various cameos too. We've got Worf on the Defiant, a Miranda-class ship which "may" be the Souqze-class Bozeman depicted with the wrong model, Reginald Barclay, Nurse Owagana (spelling?), the Enterprise EMH, and more. One thing I allways wonderred is why the Borg didn't assimilate a shuttle from shuttlebay two and fly down to Earth? My guess is that when Data locked out the main computer, he may have also locked out control to the shuttles. If I were an android, I would have done the same. I enjoyed the new look for the Borg and find the Queen down right scary! This movie was incredibly intense upon my first viewing, opening night. One thing I loved seeing is the Enterprise flying infront of the Defiant. We've all wanted to see the Enterprise and the Defiant in the same movie, welp, we did! It only lasted about two seconds and the Defiant was just a bit smaller than it should be, but I enjoyed the scene never the less. The look on Worf's face when the helmsman announces that the Enterprise has come in is priceless. :P OMG, I can't believe I forgot my favorite scene! Psycho-Picard and Lilly in the Observation Lounge! :P That's got to be my favorite scene out of the whole movie. Also, was this the first time we got to see escapod pods actually launch out of a ship? Man, was that a cool scene or what! Star Trek: Insurrection On to the 9th movie... This one is most deffinately my favorite of the bunch. I loved the humor and "fountain of youth" story. Sure it's been done before, but this movie puts such a unique twist on it. Also, what happened to the Son'a? If they're just really old Ba'Ku, why are there no young Son'a? Maybe the've gone sterile? :P There were lots of small ships in this movie from the Enterprise shuttlecraft to Son'a shuttles. We even finally get to see the Captain's Yacht! I loved it when Picard tells off Admiral Doughtery on forcibly relocating the Ba'Ku and enjoyed the almost-western feel of the conflict down on the planet. While not a major one, we did get to see the Enterprise in another space battle. "We're through running from these ********!" OMG, that was so funny! Riker and Geordi on the Enterprise fighting the Son'a is very well done. Worf kind'a came off as comic relief in this movie, but then again, it's more light hearted, kind'a like a TNG-version of The Voyage Home, it seems. Fortunately, Worf leaves us with a "warrior" feeling after he beats the crap out of 5 or 6 aliens on the Son'a command ship's bridge! As Geordi says in Generations, "Go, Worf!" I'll return later to post my thoughts on their 4th and possibly final movie - Star Trek: Nemesis.
  4. They're skipping "Harbinger" and "Doctor's Orders" and will air "Hatchery" next Friday at 8pm, the new night for Enterprise. UPN is making efforts to help ENT season 4, then they pull this stunt. :)
  5. Anyone out there rollerblade? I'm 19 and have a pair, but I live in a real rural setting. Hard to do it anywhere except for a close hilly subdivision. I don't care for all the crazy stunts, I just wanna skate and have fun! So, anyone got any tips?
  6. You can't have such a significant change to the timeline without severely effecting centuries to come. Having a war take place decades after it should could go as far as gettign Cocrane killed, changing the flight date of the Pheonix so Humans never meet Vulcans, and possibly prevent the UFP from ever forming. History is extremely dellicate, you can't change an event and expect future events to stay the same.
  7. Yes See "Space Seed" and The Wrath of Kahn for the 1990's and 1996 referrences.
  8. Huh?
  9. The only problem is that Kirk's no longer in the Nexus. The only reason why Guinnan's "echo" was left behind was becuase the Enterprise-B's transporters pulled, ripped her away - she didn't leave willingly like Kirk and Picard. It was because Guinnan and Soran left part of themselves behind that Soran so obsessed with getting back.
  10. I think this would be a complete waist of money and resources. Why build a full-size replica of the Defiant when you can go to Star Trek: The Experrience at the Las Vegas Hilton?
  11. Whut about the whole plot arround Sonny?
  12. OK, here are 2 sentences. Picard demanded Worf to, "Get off my bridge." Have you ever watched the WB series "Everwood?" Now, in the first example, the exclamation point is part of the dialog, thus it goes within the exclamation marks. What about the 2nd example, though? When it's just a single world within qoutation marks, does the senence-ender (can't remember the word) still go inside the qoutation marks? This has been bugging me for a while... Thanks!
  13. I've no idea what you're trying to say.
  14. Yes, it is. I think it'd be really lame if they made Enterprise to fit 1950's sci-fi.
  15. Agreed, they should have either called them photon torpedoes or introduced something new. Why? Fighting with atomic warheads is silly, when they can power the ships via matter/anti-mater reactors - why not apply the tech. to projectile weapons? If they can built entire starships, why would building torpedoes be a problem? Sorry for the double post, I didn't want this absorbed by my previous uber-post. Because, JP, it's a continuity issue. You may think it "silly", but if previous Trek shows said the war was fought with atomic weapons, then it should be fought with atomic weapons, not photon torpedoes. First off, wouldn't attomic weapons radiate entire ships, killing everyone? Sounds like a short war. As for photon torpedoes, the warp core is essentially a matter/anti-matter reactor. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to miniturize it as a projectile weapon. If the Star Trek franchise is going to survive into the 21st century, subtle changes have to be made, like having viewscreens in the 22nd century for example. Hmm... It doesn't seem logical for a military to go into war with less advanced ships and weapons than whut they have at their disposal. Complete continuity resets? There are no canon discrpencies within ENT, so why bother? :(
  16. Agreed, they should have either called them photon torpedoes or introduced something new. Why? Fighting with atomic warheads is silly, when they can power the ships via matter/anti-mater reactors - why not apply the tech. to projectile weapons? If they can built entire starships, why would building torpedoes be a problem? Sorry for the double post, I didn't want this absorbed by my previous uber-post.
  17. Cool. Hey now, I really enjoy VOY & ENT. Well, thas your opinion, but there were no more mistakes in VOY & ENT than in the previous shows. Remember, TOS had mistakes within it's own show. :o Farscape was way too sci-fi for my taste where as The X Files had too many demonic and freak episodes for me to become a weekly viewer. Stargate, on the other hand, is how Trek should be done if it were set in the present instead of the future, but anywho. Why? What mistakes? Only one episode was reset via time travel, and that was "Twilight", a tradition where each series does a "save the ship by changing the past" episode, started by TNG. I don't think the writing is weak, but I do think the science can be weak at times. As for solving all these "mistakes", whut mistakes? :blink: Actually, no. The whole point of the TCW was so it could be a prequal/sequal, instead of strictly a prequal. Explain. If you mean end the show with, "Sorry folks, it didn't happen, it was all a dream!" then I'd never watch a new Trek series ever again unless it finished without a "reset". I don't agree with you. I don't care whut most fans want, I just want engaging storytelling. Who is we? No offense, but most TV shows meet their demise when they cater to the fan base. I've no issue with fans producing a Trek show, but if it's to cater to the fans petty bickerring, I have no interrest in seeing it. You should see what Manny Coto is doing with Enterprise season 4. If he does well with Enterprise, I can see him as Berman's successor. Whut lack of continuity? There's been lots of continuity. Want me to point some out for ya? Please, don't give Berman & Braga credit for Coto's work. Why? Being young doesn't make them stupid. Whut about the general audience? You can wow the fans all you want, but without the Joe Smoe viewers, your show won't last. Moonves seems to hate scifi. Good luck. As long as it's not a reboot nor remake of an existing show and acknowledges all 5 previous shows and 10 movies, I'll give it a try. I'm betting by the time this happens, ENT will either be cancelled or have come to an end, with the Romulan war likely delt with at the movies. I'd like some consistancy. Stick with the 22nd century and show us the early days of the Federation. That's your first mistake right there. The moment you get the fans involved on an episode-by-episode basis, your show will crash. Getting fan imput for "events" in the show is cool, like killing off a character or something, but I wouldn't go beyond that. Why not 26? Why 22? 26 episodes is half a year's worth of weekly TV episodes, why drop to 22? I know that's the TV standard, but I've always enjoyed having 4 more episodes a season than other TV shows. That's nice, but I'm just interrested in good story telling, not shock value. Just don't bring Kirk back from the Nexus. The only reason why Guinnan was still there was becuase the Enterprise-B transporter "ripped" her away, leaving behind an echo. There's no reason to believe Kirk left an echo in the Nexus, and even if he did, remember whut Guinnan said, "I can't leave. I'm there already, remember?" Cool. :P Hmm... Trek won't be king any time soon. Most people just don't care about going into space anymore. That right there is half the reason why Trek is doing poorly these days. People are more interrested in reallity TV than "freaky people" on space ships. :blink: Fascinating. Sounds like ENT's upcoming 4th season. Shouldn't you have asked Viacom, who owns Paramount and UPN, instead of asking ABC first? :P If you're going for series 6, here's a few expectations of mine: 1. Don't do a reboot or remake one of the shows. 2. Stay within established continuity. I don't mind minor changes as I'm not one of those canon-obsessed fans, but if something's been clearly established, I say leave it be. 3. Don't ignore Enterprise. Like it or not, it's a part of Trek now. 4. If the movies don't explore the Romulan war, either do a series about the war or a series set right after the foundation of the United Federation of Planets. 5. Hire a continuity expert. Not someone who's memorized a bunch of outdated tech. manuals, but someone who's familiar with each series and the movies and knows how to understand and link events up together without coming to silly conclussions like predestined paradoxes. 6. No more 24th century. Stick to either 22nd or 23rd century for now. 7. No graphic sexuallity and no homosexuallity. Keep it clean for the family as I'd prefer to watch the show with children in the room. 8. Don't drop time travel stories all together, they've been a major part of Trek since TOS. I wouldn't mind seeing less of them, but one or two a season would be nice. Thas all for now, I'll post more thoughts later.
  18. Here's an idea for an Enterprise episode called "SG-1". Ship: NX-01 Columbia Captain: Jack O'Neill Executive Officer: Comm. Samantha Carter Chief of Security / Tactical: Lt. Teal'c Chief Engineer: Lt. Comm. Jonas Quinn Historrian / Communications Officer: Ensign Daniel Jackson Admiral Hammond at Starfleet Command orders the NX-02 Columbia off to a world, reported to have snake-like aliens which can take over people. Admiral Hammond feels these aliens should be studied, but of coarse, the NX-02 goes missing. As a result, Admiral Forrest sends the NX-01 Enterprise to find the lost NX-02 which is discovered to be fighting a giant pyramid ship! Meanwhile, Trip can crack jokes at this old TV show called Stargate...
  19. Here, we have Crystal Burger restaurants. They're tiny, they may be greasy, but they sure are delicious! We hardly eat junk food, so we can aford fast food, pizza, PB&J, and ice cream. Thas the only junk food we eat, and we hardly even eat that... except for the fast food.
  20. The only problem I had with the movie was the lame director who knew nothing about Star Trek and his desire to include a "mind rape" scene while Riker and Troi were preparing to do the naughty. (They weren't actually doing the naughty yet as Troi was covered with a sheet.) I think that a 2 1/2 hour special edition could totally save this movie. Change it from the Picard/Data show to an ensemble cast, and it'd be a great Trek movie. :blink:
  21. I've no idea who would be willing to watch such a contrived and sorry show. I give it 10 episodes tops.
  22. Na, just a goof in the wardrobe department. :blink:
  23. I think it'd be a mistake to show Trek all day every day on a dedicated channel. The average viewer would get bored, thus Trek re-runs would dry up. I say scatter them about on a network like SCI-FI.
  24. I don't come here much.
  25. I voted for Indy!