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  1. Hmm... Guess ya missed the fact that Data HAD his emotion chip in INSURRECTION, huh?
  2., That's the article Indy is speaking of. Oh, feel free to browse the site! There's LOTS more info on the movie and spin-off!
  3. I got TNG season 1. That's it. :lol:
  4. I cheated. I copy and paisted to an e-mail, then deleted all letters that weren't F's, then counted. Is that still considerred genious to think to do that? :lol:
  5. I voted mixed cast! :) The Next Generation - Data died, Riker's captain of his own ship and married Deanna, Patrick Stewart is too expensive, and NEMESIS flopped in theaters. It is over people! Deep Space Nine - Ratings weren't high enough to warrant a movie. :huh: Voyager - Ratings weren't high enough to warrant a movie. :) Enterprise - Too early! :lol: Mixed cast - BEST way to go! Just come up with a story, then plug whatever characters fit that story! New Cast - Go see a movie with new people? A story with no background? Characters I've never met? :lol:
  6. Heh... Changed back to my ORIGINAL vote for a mixed cast movie! :lol:
  7. That's peachy! That's also why I asked! As soon as I get in touch with my friend, I'll tell him to register! :lol:
  8. I recommend that you not buy it unless you plan to wear it! :lol:
  9. HEY! While waiting for the holodeck to arrive... my friend and I like to do a "Roswell VS Smallville" RPG thread! Any chance we could do it in Ten Forward till the Holodeck arrives, then the moderrator move the thread there?
  10. GREETINGS! :lol: I have all 12 tv soundtracks! However, I have a question. Should my ENT soundtrack come after VOY since it's the 5th series, or should it come before TOS since it's a prequal? THANKS!
  11. I've been thinking about it... and I changed my vote! It's one thing to have "a" character do a crossover, or have cameos, short appearances, and such... But, don't ya'll think it'd be chaotic to just through varrious people in one movie? TOS - Syndication makes it huge, we get 6 movies. TNG - HUGE in syndication, we get 4 movies. DS9 - Average ratings in syndication, so no movie. VOY - Average ratings on UPN, so no movie. ENT - Too early for a movie. Anyway, those are "MY" thoughts! Whatever they come out with, I'll probably like it! :lol:
  12. They said that if they did a 5th TNG movie, it'd probably be a direct sequal to NEMESIS, and only if the movie was a huge success. Since NEMESIS did horrible at the box office, I'm assuming TNG is over. I'd love to see a mixed cast movie though! EDITTED TO ADD: Is anyone against a "new cast" movie?
  13. I voted for Riker!
  14. I voted the Borg Queen!
  15. Why not just stick with the "tv series" cast that we've grown to love? I mean, that's the whole point of a Trek movie, right? To bring the "series" to the big screen for a few final adventures? Since DS9 & VOY were on at the same time, with DS9 being a very complicated series, why not just skip to VOY and do a few movies based on that series?
  16. What about changing the names of the "tv series" boards? Good idea?
  17. My vote is for Romulans. :lol:
  18. Maybe they felt it wasn't important since they were on the other side of the galaxy? :lol:
  19. EARTH (Sorry, I couldn't resist! :lol: )