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  1. Of coarse, I vote Picard! :angry:
  2. Doctor Katherine Pulaski The Enterprise-D chief medical officer durring Season 2, a series regular creddited as a gues star. Did anyone like her? I've seen about half of season 2, based on what I saw, I enjoyed her very much, but she was no Beverly Crusher! I look forward to my Season 2 Set, so I can see all of her episodes. :lol:
  3. Who's your favorite pilot? I voted: Tom Paris
  4. Here's a poll to see which series regular is the most beautiful. Not sexy, not attractive, but physically appealing to one's eyes. This is ment as topic to appreciate the the women of Trek. Later, I might do a "best portayed woman" poll. Hmm... Anywho, let the voting begin! I added Saviik becuase she was in 3 TOS movies in a row and the intended replacement of Spock, when since he was killed off in ST-2:TWOK. Almost forgot, Pulaski was creddited as a guest star, but officially a series regular durring TNG season 2.
  5. In the season 5 episode "Children of Time", why did the - before I continue, beware of spoilers if you have not seen this episode - descendants of the Defiant simply cease to exist? I know, if the Defiant never went back, then they couldn't exist. This is not true though. If the Defiant never went back, that's dandy and all, but it wouldn't "push" the descendants of the crew out of existance since this is a "new" timeline. I don't see how a "change" to the future would effect the present nor past. Anywho, what are your theories?
  6. I'd like to do a poll to see what cancelled TV show is most popular here. Some view a show that is no longer in production as being cancelled, but what I mean by cancelled is a show that had the plug pulled like TOS, not a show that ended like TNG. Here's a few shows I can think of in alphabetical order, my favorites are in bold: Jake 2.0 Legend The Lone Gunmen Millennium Roswell The Sentinel Seven Days Star Trek What can you add for me to choose from for the poll?
  7. As I understand it, the uniform colors signify department. Red - Command Gold - Engineering, Operrations, and so forth Blue - Medical, Sciences, and so forth When Geordi was promoted to Chief Engineer, he switched from the red to the gold uniform. When Worf was transferred to DS9 and became the Strategic Operations Officer, he switched from the gold to the red uniform. My question is: When Worf returned to the Enterprise-E as Chief of Security/Tactical Officer, why was he still in a red uniform? Since he was 1st officer of the Defiant while stationed at DS9, does him remaining in a red uniform signify that he has command responsibilities in addition to security & tactical?
  8. Greetings all! The X Files had Dogget replace Mulder durring the last 2 seasons joined by Reyes in the final season. The fans were devided, some hated the new agents, some loved the change. Well, this got me to thinking... How did you all feel about Ezri Dax as a character durring the final season? Did you feel she was ment to replace Jadzia, fill in the "void" she left behind, or what? Personally, I loved the character. :ph34r:
  9. I saw this topic at TrekBBS and thought it would make for a good topic here as well. Do you think Trek as a whole should get a "reboot" and be modernised? My answer is NO. When you have comics and stuff or stand alone movies, remakes and retellings are bound to happen. However, the reason why I love Trek and would never watch a remake is becuase the story goes on. When one show, movie, or series of movies ends, you can go on with new adventures and a new crew. I also don't want a Trek series that would get all pollitical and story arcs about Earth and all that. For me, STAR TREK is about a human crew with some aliens on a starship, explorring the cosmos, and telling great science-fiction stories in the process along with some interresting moral and ethical situations. To me, that is what STAR TREK is all about. I feel a re-make or reboot would totally destroy this. My big question is: Why do a reboot or remake when you can do a continuation? Also, who cares if continuity is off in the long run as long as it's intact within a TV series or group of movies. When you have a franchise as big as Trek, there's bound to be inconsistancies between series. It happens. Anywho, what are your thoughts on this topic?
  10. The Borg appeared a total of 12 times on VOY in terms of having a full episode. Unity Scorpion, Part I Scorpion, Part II The Gift Drone Dark Frontier, Part I Dark Frontier, Part I Collective Unimatrix Zero, Part I Unimatrix Zero, Part II Endgame, Part I Endgame, Part II That's a total of 12 episodes out of 172 episodes from the series. With that said, you can't say the Borg were over used. Any other episode contained flashback scenes, hallucinations, Borg debris, things of that nature. As for the Borg being made weak, I don't believe this is so. Each situation was very unique, not just a "Voyager kicks Borg butt" episode. Anywho, what are your thoughts?
  11. Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation appeared in the below 3 episodes: Pathfinder Life Line Inside Man How did you feel about seeing her again on VOY while waiting for NEMESIS. To those who found VOY before TNG, how did you feel about seeing Deanna?
  12. In the early seasons, O'Brien's rank was ensign, however, when I started watching regularly, it was the season 4 premiere, Worf was joining the cast, and O'Brien's new rank was chief. When did O'Brien go from ensign to chief, and what does "chief" signify? THANKS! B)
  13. Is ENTERPRISE your favorite current tv show? If you voted no, which show is your favorite? If undiceded, which shows does it tie with? Also, don't forget to tell everyone why you voted! I voted: Yes It's a close call with Stargate SG-1 as I'm a huge fan of both Star Trek and Stargate. I dunno... I just like the idea of being on a starship, explorring the cosmos. That and it's Star Trek!
  14. Are there any romantic relationships that you wanted to see but didn't? If so, what do you imagine happens after we last see them? For me, here's what I would have liked to see: Picard / Crusher - I was hoping Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher would get together in the movies. Instead, they got Riker and Troi back together, which rocked. I like to imagine that Picard and Crusher become a couple after Nemesis. Janeway / Chakotay - I knew, becuase of the Captain/Executive Officer situation, they couldn't become a couple untill they returned to the Alpha Quadrant. I was hoping this would happen then or in the final episodes. Durring the final episodes, rumors flew about Chakotay/Seven, but I really wanted to see Janeway/Chakotay. Sigh... Looks like Seven assimilated Chakotay into dating and falling in love with her! Ah well. Since Admiral Janeway from the future changed history so Voyager would be going home 16 years earlier than before, perhaps Chakotay/Janeway could still happen?
  15. Stargate SG-1 is currently my favorite show (with ENT as my 2nd favorite), so I thought I'd start a poll to see who watches SG-1. I voted yes! :) What about you?
  16. Greetings, all! Is it just me, or do the fans want Starfleet to be more like soldiers instead of explorrers?
  17. Has anyone seen any of the Neverending Story movies? I believe there was 3: The Neverending Story The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter The Neverending Story III What did you think of the movies?
  18. Would you watch ENT if it wasn't a spin-off? Let's say your new to Trek and this is the only series you've seen, could you enjoy it as a series on it's own?
  19. What did you think of her? Personall, I think she's been the most frightening of the Trek villians!
  20. I'm going to exclude the movies for this theory. Star Trek was a ground breaking show of the 60's, planned to run five years. Sadly, NBC slashed the budget in season 3, moved it arround in various time slots, then cancelled it, airing the last filmed episode several months later. From a non-fan perspective, a person would think it was a hoaky show that couldn't gain an audience. However, once syndicated, it was discovered just how successful the show is. Instead of a second 5-year-mission in the form of Star Trek: Phase II, we got the 6 TOS movies. 18 years after TOS was cancelled, Trek returned to TV in the form of Star Trek: The Next Generation with both old and new blood, taking Trek to the next level! As a companion show to TNG for 2 years, DS9 comes out with a totally new setting - a space station. However, the station carried 3 ships called "runabouts" that allows the crew to go anywhere they want. Along with DS9's 3 runabouts, is the U.S.S. Defiant, added at the start of season 3. This was also arround the time the whole Dominion arc began that spanned the rest of the series. DS9 started out as "what the heck is this?" and became an extremely popular sci-fi show. It didn't have the success TNG had, but in comparrison to sci-fi shows, DS9 faired well. Then, in 1995 we have the premiere of Star Trek: Voyager. The problem with Trek began durring VOY's 4th season and has continued into ENT. Here's how I see it for each series: TOS - Original TNG - TOS 2.0 :blink: DS9 - New setting, new cast dynamics, new stories, new everthing. VOY - Lost in Space - Star Trek style ENT - Starfleet's first mission. Roddenberry did TOS & TNG's first two seasons. Ira Steven Behr was in charge of DS9 for the most part. However, Berman has produced most of TNG, all of VOY, and now ENT. I think that it's not that Trek has gone bad like rotten milk, but rather stale. I know my post kind'a went everywhere, but that's just how my mind works. So, what do you think? Do you think Trek is stale? I say yes, it's not bad, but feels stale. I don't think they need a "break". What I do think is they should have let VOY end before developing ENT instead of trying to do VOY and develop ENT at the same time. I also think it's time for Berman to move on and let someone like Braga take over. What are your thoughts everyone?
  21. I've been waiting a long time to get this movie, and I only saw it once in theaters. Does anyone have it on DVD? What did you think of the movie?
  22. I loved Star Trek: Nemesis, so don't get me wrong, but there's a few things that bugged me. 1. Worf's uniform is red, not gold. 2. Too little Dr. Crusher. 3. Why does Data not display emotions? 4. Wesley's cameo got cut. Now, I can exaplian away 3 of these: 1. Worf was 1st officer of the Defiant. Since his possition on the Enterprise is tactical/security, he keeps the red uniform as he also has command responsibilities. Personall, I think they goofed, but I like my explanation better. :) 2. Since this was an action movie, maybe they didn't feel Dr. Crusher had much to do in the 2nd half of the movie, beyond Data's wake? 3. Wesley's cameo will hopefully be "sneaked" back into the movie come Special Edition. The one thing I can't explain away is Data's missing emotions. Generations - Geordi installs Data's emotion chip, Data flips out half the time. First Contact - Data gets scared of the Borg and turns his chip off. The Borg Queen turns it back on to take advantage of his quest to be human. Insurrection - Data removes his emotion chip, for whatever reason, before going on the Ba'Ku mission. Nemesis - Data has no emotions, confirmed by a deleted scene on the DVD. So, what's the deal with Data's emotion chip?
  23. My vote goes to Deanna Troi. I'm not sure why, I just liked her best as a "half alien" type character.
  24. 2151-52 - ENT season 1 2152-53 - ENT season 2 2153-54 - ENT season 3 2266-67 - TOS season 1 2267-68 - TOS season 2 2268-69 - TOS season 3 2271 - The Motion Picture 2284 - The Wrath of Kahn / The Search for Spock 2286 - The Voyage Home 2287 - The Final Frontier 2293 - The Undiscovered Country 2364 - TNG season 1 2365 - TNG season 2 2366 - TNG season 3 2367 - TNG season 4 2368 - TNG season 5 2369 - TNG season 6 / DS9 season 1 2370 - TNG season 7 / DS9 season 2 2371 - DS9 season 3 / VOY season 1 / Generations 2372 - DS9 season 4 / VOY season 2 2373 - DS9 season 5 / VOY season 3 / First Contact 2374 - DS9 season 6 / VOY season 4 2375 - DS9 season 7 / VOY season 5 / Insurrection 2376 - VOY season 6 2377 - VOY season 7 2379 - Nemesis Is this accurate? Do the TNG/DS9/VOY seasons take place in a year from start to finish, or more like 73-74, like a tv season like TOS & ENT?
  25. The most beatiful thing I saw today was Indy's signature. The most beatiful thing I saw yesterday was tomorrow's clouds.