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  1. The most beatiful thing I saw today was Indy's signature. The most beatiful thing I saw yesterday was tomorrow's clouds.
  2. Greetings & Salutations :P Thursday, March 24th at 2pm PST (5pm EST) and Monday, March 28th at 5pm PST (8pm EST), Liz Shatner will be interviewing her legendary father, William Shatner, at! Be sure to tune in for a spectacular hour! It's twice the Shatner, so be there or be square! :P
  3. Leslie Moonves doesn't care about petitions. If you want Enterprise to return for a 5th season, burry the man in letters and make the phones ring off the hook.
  4. Boycotting UPN is not the answer, that's just going to tick off Leslie Moonves and might result in an even longer break for Trek. The best way to go about this is to show support for the UPN shows you like - if any, along with Enterprise. Write to him and tell him how much you like the show and his other UPN shows, if any.
  5. 1 - Trip/T'Pol has already been resolved this season. 2 - "Future Guy" will likely not be revealed unless one of the last 2 episodes deals with the Sulliban somehow. 3 - According to Trek Lore and Season 3's "Zero Hour," the Federation is formed in 2161, so unless the show runs 11 seasons, we won't see that happen. 4 - The Vulcan Renassiance? Huh? 5 - The Romulan War won't be shown on ENT. Fortunately, it might be featured in the 11th movie if it gets made. 6 - There was never a Vulcan/Romulan alliance. :) The only loose ends are the Sulliban's role in the Temporal Cold War plus who "Future Guy" is. :) We do know whut happens after the 1701's 5-year-mission. Go check out the first 6 movies. Nope, different actor.
  6. The odds are good CBS (or someone) will pick it up... 299812[/snapback] Check this out. <_<
  7. I don't get you people. If you would be open minded to the idea of a prequal, set between ENT and TOS, we might have had a Romulan War movie, possibly even a trilogy. I don't understand the stigma among fans about prequals being bad. If a story is good, who cares whut time peroid it's in? :lol: For those of you whom are glad the film series is shelved for now... Uh... isn't that a bad thing? Whut's next? Will you be happy when ENT ends and we have no Trek at all? :lol: You people are very... confusing...
  8. Great job, Indy!
  9. Do you think the Enterprise-E can saucer separate?
  10. Congradulations, Indy!
  11. I voted for Indy!
  12. Wow! Your banner looks awesome, Indy, good work!
  13. Actually, it didn't take him 15 years to decide he wants to marry her again. They weren't together. In fact, they didn't get back together till Insurrection. So, it only took them four years for Riker to marry Troi, not 15. :)
  14. What's with all the irrellivant information? I almost stopped reading your post as it was going nowhere. As for your brother being Democrat, you say that as if it's a bad thing. What's wrong with him being a Democrat, eh? All it is is a political view, it's not like a disease.
  15. All 5, But I Have A Favorite I enjoy TOS, DS9, VOY, & ENT equally, while TNG is my favorite.