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  1. Cats as Star Trek characters is pure blasphemy
  2. That is a nice memory
  3. That is really Kool!
  4. Data is an emotional not logical choice he was always trying to be human and made many human like mistakes
  5. I have done that, lost them on my head.
  6. that would be a plus because I am always forgetting were I put my glasses.
  7. the contributions of the many that is Star Trek.
  8. something for my old age
  9. since I am the only one voting it hast to be STO Joan Collins
  10. Love it, but would my wife let me buy them?
  11. We have a member from Brasil.
  12. Another good one. I wonder were STF finds all these.
  13. Now this sounds very interesting
  14. I wish I would be alive then because I expect something like this to happen
  15. Who else but Scotty!
  16. An amazing Guy!!!
  17. DS9, lets face it the only thing that kept this series from being perfect was no Spock.
  18. how do you find out about this stuff
  19. I never realized who this was.
  20. that was very interesting never thought about how the cast knew when to be ready.
  21. For me it had to be Bones (McCoy). However the writers of Voyager did a great job with the Doctors character.
  22. He was great in the episode as well as he was in M*A*S*H
  23. Greatly missed, but so much he gave to Star Trek that we always have a part of him
  24. This was a fun episode to watch. Brings back memories