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  1. Never heard of them, but you can bet it is political good or bad .Depending on your view of what they are selling
  2. Do you know anyone besides the people here that are watching Discovery? I don't no one I know is watching it.
  3. AE that is great advice I sure will!!
  4. And about the Eagles. Since I found out Kevin, was and Eagles fan I find myself rooting for them. Except when they play the BEARS (please hold the applause). GO EAGLES
  5. how I would love to be able to go on this cruise.
  6. No, but the commercials for it look good
  7. I am but wish they would go to a political site.
  8. It sounds like over all Trek fans are enjoying the new series. Maybe I will break down next year and pay for it.
  9. Truly an inspirational person! It baffles me that she or anyone else should have to prove themselves because of race or gender. One of the things I love about Star Trek is a persons accomplishment's good or bad reflected on the person not their gender, race or species.
  10. Hoping this is fake News!
  11. It seems I am always reading that as good as Star Trek is, Star Wars is better. Don't get me wrong I love Star Wars, it is fun and entertaining. Star Trek has spawned 6 series and 13 movies with more to come. Also I believe it is a more SiFi and a little less fantasy. So I am curious other members thoughts
  12. Surprised at how low Worf, was in the voting. Though all the others would be great, can you imagine being able to spend time with a Klingon.
  13. I had to pick 3. 7 of 9, Kira Nerys, and Deanna Troi. Just think of what they could do for the Santa Suit and with 7 of 9 and Kira, if you deserved coal you get coal. With Deanna if you deserve coal you get consoling.
  14. didn't realize he was in two episodes. Not surprising his favorite was DeForest Kelly, always read what a nice guy he was
  15. surprised this wasn't a runaway for TOS
  16. only one surviving cast member, I just felt older again.
  17. is this poll based on any know cooking skills or is it just popularity
  18. I see no Deep Space 9 calendars.
  19. I am also very excited by Orville new series. It looks so funny and I love to laugh
  20. me too! So happy in fact I could have sex with a blue alien. Female of course, just because I am a traditionalist
  21. just a tad bit expensive
  22. The problem with most everyone I know the only thing they are interested in is Boise State football