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  1. Worf! Ready for Action what ever that action may be.
  2. it is great that Doug Jones is so old, being able to see Star Trek grow first hand for so many years than to act in it. I can't help but feel he will be another special part of Star Trek.
  3. Not certain why we need to know the titles, but there must be a reason
  4. Loved the second show, but see it is moving to Thursdays. Hope this is not a bad sign.
  5. Pretty Deep stuff! Story line for the intellectual Star Trek Fan and for me I think they look cool.
  6. wouldn't you just love to hear the Riddler, talk in German?
  7. Who are these Nielsen People? I suspect they don't laugh, play cards, dance and sleep in separate beds like in Leave it to Beaver.
  8. Hi Indy! well at least you tried right.
  9. very nice article
  10. The Q of course
  11. There was no doubt, any other choice was wishful thinking
  12. I am also very excited by Orville new series. It looks so funny and I love to laugh
  13. I admit it I am so excited for more Star Trek! Now to find out how I can watch it!
  14. Vic

    I think it is because I am senile