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  1. I see no Deep Space 9 calendars.
  2. me too! So happy in fact I could have sex with a blue alien. Female of course, just because I am a traditionalist
  3. just a tad bit expensive
  4. The problem with most everyone I know the only thing they are interested in is Boise State football
  5. don't I look good
  6. AE, do you know if they already had CBS all access or did they get it for Discovery?
  7. Do you know anyone besides the people here that are watching Discovery? I don't no one I know is watching it.
  8. This show is great! How many Trek Fans here are watching?
  9. I really love this show!! I think it is well written, funny.
  10. Love Perry Mason
  11. mj, you took the words right out of my mouth. Really almost word for word. One last thing it is free!
  12. I was to cheap to subscribe to it so I going to glean off here what I can to follow the show and maybe some day it will come to Netflex.