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  1. Nothing special only a handful would recognize the insignia
  2. I guess looking at it that way I would have to agree most time when I am watching and thinking how much I enjoy that episode.
  3. I may break down and buy it. Hoping someone I know buys it and invites me over.
  4. Retirement would be nice but my 2 youngest head off to Collage this next fall. glad you are doing better it will make retirement a lot more fun.
  5. I see, but for me it is Plato's Stepchildren. Thought a lot of the shows want to give us a moral meaning, I thought this one showed man at his true self. Regardless of the reason or intentions most leaders want people to follow their will.
  6. Wish we knew what the considered 1st story was.
  7. the trailer gives me hope and excitement. Now to find out how I am going to watch it.
  8. kind of a Star Wars look, not fond of that. I like Star Wars but I love Trek and hope it is Trek
  9. Now that I have Netflix I have been able to watch some of the shows. A few years back you told me it was the best and I have to agree.
  10. How Amanda Grayson didn't win is a complete mystery to me! Hands down the best Mother!
  11. It is always great to see there is someone older than Me A very Happy Birthday wish to you.
  12. Wow, never knew
  13. I am thinking that is not a good idea
  14. So is this going to be a real movie? Hope, Hope