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  1. AE, I can only read part of your response there is a Ad in the middle of it.
  2. quit showing up, Sorry
  3. I assume when old people like me quit up, they have lost the capabilities to do so or they have died. I some times wonder if this is not a correct way to look at it.
  4. Wonder how much of the original cast it will have?
  5. Cats as Star Trek characters is pure blasphemy
  6. That is a nice memory
  7. That is really Kool!
  8. Data is an emotional not logical choice he was always trying to be human and made many human like mistakes
  9. I have done that, lost them on my head.
  10. that would be a plus because I am always forgetting were I put my glasses.
  11. the contributions of the many that is Star Trek.
  12. something for my old age
  13. since I am the only one voting it hast to be STO Joan Collins
  14. Love it, but would my wife let me buy them?