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  1. Kirk and Keeler is your truly tragic romance. Never meant to meet, never meant to fall in love, and never meant to last!
  2. remember how young Clint Howard was when he was in Star Trek the Original Series.
  3. No matter what the poll shows I always figure my vote is correct.
  4. thank you
  5. I have to admit I am worried about our #1 Eagle fan. He hasn't posted in a long time and with this Eagles victory I would have thought we would have heard from him.
  6. I had to pick Voyager
  7. Very Happy for our #1 Eagle Fan!
  8. I would say Voyager
  9. trekz, Thank you so much for all these convention updates. They are greatly appreciated!!!!!
  10. Thanks Ghost, can it be bought computer? I only has Antenna TV.
  11. That was GREAT
  12. Never heard of them, but you can bet it is political good or bad .Depending on your view of what they are selling
  13. AE that is great advice I sure will!!
  14. And about the Eagles. Since I found out Kevin, was and Eagles fan I find myself rooting for them. Except when they play the BEARS (please hold the applause). GO EAGLES