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  1. There was no doubt, any other choice was wishful thinking
  2. I am also very excited by Orville new series. It looks so funny and I love to laugh
  3. I admit it I am so excited for more Star Trek! Now to find out how I can watch it!
  4. Vic

    I think it is because I am senile
  5. Vic

    I'm not a guest, least ways I hope not
  6. Just how can you go wrong watching any Star Trek!!
  7. interesting, really like this story
  8. Vic, has some kind of glitch. repeating same thing over and over again 

    1. Æ


      I know. Nothing I can do about it. 

    2. Bethlehem


      I thought you would know, but I had not seen anyone the last couple of times I have been here. thanks have a great weekend

    3. Æ


      Thank you, you too.

  9. looks interesting
  10. I guess the only time I really notice the uniform is when Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) was wearing one.
  11. Rats and all this time I thought it was a place to keep your sandwiches.
  12. WHAT the rest of the world gets it free!