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  1. Like Seven of Nine, the character of B'Elanna Torres was a character you either liked or disliked. When Voyager began, I didn't know what to think of B'Elanna. Initially I saw her as a very angry, arrogent, aggressive woman. I must admit too that I really didn't like her at all. Yet as I continued watching the series, she became my favorite character. I could even identify with her struggles and torments. I saw so much growth in her as the series progressed. I also liked how her relationship with Tom Paris helped her to mature. Actually their love for each other helped both of them to grow. At any rate. here was another crew member that to me had so much depth, and gave us fans a so much to think about. B'Elanna really let you into her heart and soul. She never left you wondering about anything. I also thought Roxanne Dawson gave a lot of passion and character to the role. She trully made B'Elanna come alive. :(
  2. Maybe it's the fact that I miss the series so much, but does anyone besides me wish that there could be a movie which continues the story line beyond what was in the final episode? I guess I really wanted to get a feel of what was going to happen on earth to a crew that had been lost in space for seven years......especially those who'd been part of the Maquis, and Tom who had been serving time in prison, when the ship was lost. In addition there was Seven, who didn't even remember anything about earth. I would love others opinions about this :)
  3. Do you think Tom and B'Elanna were a good match? If so why? If not why? Were you happy when they got married?
  4. The personalities on Voyager have always fasinated me. The relationship between Tom and B'Elanna in particular fascinated me, as I would have not picture them together. I mean here you have a profound play boy, who initially seemed to see and treat women as objects for pleasure. Face it, although a great looking guy, I think most women would have viewed Tom as a jerk once they got to know him. Then you have B'Ellana, an outspoken,angry women whose bi-acial heritage and non acceptance by humans led to rebeliious troubling behaviors that brought serious criticisim upon her. She had serious trouble with self control. She was defiant. Yet highly talented and intelligent. An unlikely pair? For me, I never would have guessed in the beginning of Voyager that either B'Ellana or Tom would end up in any relationship, let alone with each other. I'm just curious to get others opinion about why these two were attracted together, and why they calmed and changed each other so, and of course, why it worked and became a permanent bond.
  5. Being that Christmas is almost upon us, I bet many like myself are reflecting back on special Christmas memories.........I was wondering if we could share some of them..........For me Christmas hasn't been the same since my Father passed, and more recently since my mother became ill.......Yes, I have my son, and a special someone too......But memories from my childhood when my sisters and I, still clad in our pajamas, rushed into the den on Christmas morning to see what "Santa" had left during the night............This will always be a fresh memory in my mind............The live Christmas tree that Dad always waited until the last moment to decorate..........the simplicity of the times, and just, recalling what great pains were taken to make us happy and make it a family event...........These are memories I will forever cherish. <_<
  6. :borg: There is a comment on the Voyager Message board on that I wonder how it would be responded to if it was placed here. The comemnt is that Seven of Nine should have gone back to using the name Annika Hansen; and that she should have had her eye piece removed. :o From reading the responses on that web site it seemed like most agreed with the writer. I don't know how most here feel. But Seven didn't remember much about being Annika. Her primary memories were of being Borg. So I found it hard to beieve that none of the comments I read took into consideration that you can't go back to something or embrace something you have yet to identify with. Even in the last episodes of Voyager, where Seven had come such a long way the name she could most identify with still, was the name she'd been called most of her life........And about the eye piece, as I recall it would have killed her to have had it removed. :borg:
  7. What is the funniest Voyager episode that you have ever watched?..............For me it was in season 7.....the episode, "Body and Soul." In this episode Seven saves the Doctor by downloading his program into her cybernetic implants. The Doctor take over Seven's body, and for the first time, begins to enjoy human sensory experiences. He completely abuses Seven's body as he indulges.......The episode is truly quite hilarious.
  8. I don't know whether this should even be a topic . But I just wanted to let those know who might wonder where I am that I am leaving the web site ............I don't participate as much as I used for the same reason that I am leaving..........I have watched many others come and go and hoped this would not be the case with my self...........But the last few threads that I have participated in; as well as some that I have read, have shown me clearly that it's time for me to move on to other areas that support my interest in Star Trek.
  9. Bleeding hearts are among my favorite perennials. They grow well here in North Carolina, and we can have temperatures that go down in the single digits at times. I would give you this hint.......they don't like direct sunlight. even a little shade won't hurt. But if you put them in direct sun light, they will "get very upset" B) Seriously, they will probably not last one season.......I hope this information is helpful.
  10. I will keep you in my prayers.....Stay safe and return to us.
  11. I can only speak for myself, because I know that I don't post as much as I used to.........Yes we have had slumps here before. But I also think some of this may be due to some of the retaliations, and bickering that happen when members have disagreed or had different view points. Sometimes ugly things are said, and some members or guest may feel it isn't worth responding or getting involved.
  12. If this is true it make me very angry. I am really so very tired of all of the controls that industries are putting on our lives.....forcing us to switch from cassette tapes to cd's and from VCR's to to DVD's etc. There was nothing wrong with any of those older products, just as people shouldn't have to switch to digital in order to watch TV.... people should have choices in life......and what about people who can't afford digital cable or TV's with digital signals?...........I still play my cassettes and VCR tapes from 10 years ago. I have CD's, and DVD's that skip and get scratched within a month's time, and never play correctly again. I like to make my own choices and decisions............But lately all I can see around me in this country, is control, brainwashing and greed. :)
  13. My experience with modern day products has led me to believe that it's not about quality anymore. Ethics have changed. Products today are made to last only a short period of that you will be forced to buy new ones...........putting more money into the hands of the big companies who make them. This includes not only electronics but autombiles, washing machines, cameras, hot water heater, furnaces...........everything you purchase today, for the most part will not last like the products of yester-year. I have a small freezer that I bought back in 1978. It is still going strong. It has out lasted four frost free refrigerator/freezers. When my electricity goes out during winter storms; that freezer saves all of the food in my frost free freezer from going bad. The ice in that old freezer takes a very long time to melt. So I unload the frost free freezer into the old one...........I wouldn't sell that old freezer under any circumstances. It may be old fashioned, it may be old...but it's a lot better and reliable than what's on the market today.
  14. Many of you may find this web site helpful. Even with my hybrid car....I still use it to track down the cheapest gas prices in my area. Go to:
  15. This too is the worst time of year for me. I also believe this is going to be a long hot summer....which means bad air quality...not helping my situation. I take pills,'s really rough. Winter is the only time I truly get relief.
  16. I't's good to hear that Voyager will return in 2006.........It was my favorite series. I have truly missed it.
  17. I have had many problems at self check outs. So I've stopped using them.
  18. I have some Star Trek action figures. Two of them I had autographed at a convention that I attended.
  19. Yes this is scary, but to me not surprising......Also, it could and does happen anywhere in these United States, not just in the south.. We live in a very, violent, volatile, scary society where people frequently resolve their discord by taking others lives.
  20. I was wondering if anyone else saw Jeri Ryan last night in the hit series 2 1/2 men? While it was great to see Jeri on TV again' I personally did not like the role she played..........a woman who only wanted to have sex with the leading character. Jeri, is a very attractve and talented actress. And personally I'd prefer to see her in roles more fitting to her acting ability.
  21. Yep! Sheetz is for real, and one of the least expensive companies to buy gasoline from. But maybe they are not in every of the country at this time 315511[/snapback]
  22. Perhaps I'm not understanding correctly...but if these other companies don't import oil.....why are their prices as high as the companies that do import..........I use Sheetz...I also drive a Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid car.........which also helps.
  23. In my opinion many of our US public officials are doing what they feel is appropriate for their careers at a time like this. They are not responding out of what they really feel. Pope John Paul II was very outspoken and critical of the both of the Bushs' Desert Storm and Persian Gulf war interventions. So as a Catholic when I heard President Bush make his statements regarding the Pope; there were some comments that he made that I did not for one minute believe he was truly sincere about...... I believe that Politicians do whatever they need to do to remain well thought of.
  24. Always,unless I forget............................ :)
  25. Johnny Cochran was a brilliant attorney. He did what all defense attorneys do.........defend their clients..........He was good at it......and for that I respect him........He is not the only successful attorney who has been able to convince a jury that they should release a very controversial defendant.........But I can't knock him for doing what he was hired to do. His career however is not limited to the OJ Simpson case........There have been other cases where he was successful in assisting people who were very obviously innocent........At any rate, I am trying to give him the respect and credit that I believe he justly deserves.