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  1. wet and windy been raining for the last couple of days now
  2. Really throwing it down here,weather forcast says it'll be like that all week and to make matters worse for me my kids are off school all week for yet another school holiday
  3. I love both the Original and Miami, I havn't seen the NY one and I didn't even know they did a Wisconsin one.
  4. I watch them with my kids e.g Simpsons , but i do like watching Tom and Jerry and Scoobydoo :(
  5. GOOD LUCK :( :(
  6. It was raining here at 6.30am this morning but its now 9.20am and the sun is out,it makes a change.
  7. Nicholas Cage
  8. Dead Calm
  9. I voted for Burger King I used to like going to Macdonalds but got put off the place when I was getting cold food so now if I fancy a burger there is only one place for me BURGER KING
  10. off that list I would have to go for salt and vinegar,but my favourite flavour is prawn cocktail.
  11. I voted for Troi :) :)
  12. out of those 2 it has to be deanna troi for me
  13. Has to be Samantha Carter for me