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  1. I believe the Catholic Church does but I do not believe my church does.
  2. I caught part of George Takei's appearance as a joke on I think the Jimmy Kimmel show. George Takei was making fun of Tim Hardaway. He was behind a picture of Tim Hardaway. I think I saw him groping his crouch. He made some bad comments and how he would have sex with Tim Hardaway some day. The world is in a culture war. For what Takei is done is wrong. I don't care what others think of me. I will stand for what is right. If Takei wants to be gay that is ok. But to do this is wrong. This is not opinion it is fact that being gay is wrong in God's eyes if you believe in God and it is wrong in science and evolution's view points.
  3. I posted this on startrek.com to so I will post the original question from there and a response I got from it to here. I have the first season of TOS on DVD. At the end of the credits it will says Desilu I think with a copyright date of 1978. Did they put the first air episodes on dvds or copies? I dont understand why the 1978 would be on there. Thanks RESPONSE I checked mine, they don't give a copyright date after Desilu. Even if it did it can't be 1978, Desilu was taken over by Paramount Pictures in 1968. Any copyright from then on would therefore say Paramount Pictures. MY RESPONSE After the credits it says Desilu (in big letters and in the center) © 1978 Paramount Pictures Corporation (smaller font) After that the today's Paramount mountain. The season of is number 1. The box set is yellow captian uniform color. Back to my orignal intent of my question. Are these episodes the first run or first to air episodes? Or copies from the syndication?
  4. What did Riker learn by looking back on the NX01 Enterprise? I saw The Pegasus on Spike a couple of days ago in which Troi didnt appear in by the way. Riker eventually told Picard about the cloaking device on the Ent D bridge while Preston was there. I guess he knew he was going to tell Picard but it didnt know when.
  5. It was disappointing to me to hear that Mr Takei chose to be gay.
  6. Data I think said in AGT that the tackeon (sorry I dont know how to spell it) beam was sent from three Enterprise. But the one in the future came from Beverly medical ship didn't it?
  7. I gave the ep a 3. Terra Prime would be a greater series finale than this one. Click For Spoiler Riker and Troi should have been looking at the past from the Titan not Ent-D if they were going to look at the past. The Pegasus was filmed in around 1994. That is 11 years later, Riker was too big to play Riker from the TNG days. I think about that relating to myself. 11 years ago I was 15. I was a skinny fart and not I have a belly just like Riker. So that is like my own self pretending to be 15 years old. I did like the last scene and epscecially hearing Archer saying, "where no man has gone before." I didn't like the death of Trip idea. It was stupid. If this episode was in TNG might have been good but to be the ENT finale. Last ep ever was awful. I believe or think that his episode might be the worst Trek episode ever. Good luck to the cast and crew of Enterprise. I don't want to see B & B writing any more Trek movies or shows as well. The network, production company, and two of the producers really treated something really special to me really poorly. Thanks, Brandon (12181802)
  8. I want to say to the cast and crew if they see or read the board that I wish them well. There were great spots in Enterprise but wasn't treated fairly by its network or producers. The cast surely wasn't treated fair in the finale. Brandon (12181802)
  9. Do you think when the MU Archer found out that there was a Reptile on the Defiant they should have said something about the Xindi?
  10. In the Orion Slave episode I think they mention the Gorn. But in TOS is seems that it is the first time they ran into them.
  11. I didn't like it at all. I think this was the worse episodes of the series.
  12. In First Contact it seems like it is easy for Picard to kill former crew members who are Borg like Ensign Lynch in the holodeck when he was with Lilly. Picard went back to save Data so why couldn't he save the others. The crew saved Picard from the Borg in the series as well. What do you think about this?
  13. In a TOS 3rd season episode where the hot rock brings Lincoln, Sarek, Khaless, Col Green, and others to life to study the Enterprise crew. Khaless one of the evil ones has no ridges. In the TNG episodes the clone Khaless has ridges. How would you explain this and keep in mind the last episode of Enterprise?
  14. I gave the episode a 10. I think it is probably the best episode of the season. That is a hard choice though. I am sure going to miss the show.
  15. Michael Jordan Brett Favre Russell Crowe Mel Gibson Don Knotts Andy Griffth