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  1. I got the new movie, a calendar, and an awesome T-shirt with a bunch of buff cartoon guys in Starfleet uniforms running through a circle and the words "Star Trek" around it. I'm assuming that the guys are Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty, but I'm telling you they never looked so good!
  2. Here, here! Londo and G'kar were my favorite characters, and I know it was because of how they were acted.
  3. Well... boobies said most of it for me. To me, Babylon 5 would have been better if Sinclair had stayed. I never liked Sheridan. But as far as characters go, I liked a lot more of the main characters in B5 than I did in DS9. And some of the stories in B5 had me just hanging. But in the end, it seemed incomplete for me. I did not at all like the direction they took with Garibaldi. I really wish I could have seen what happened with Londo and Centauri Prime and how they dealt with/got out of that mess. And there was something brewing with the telepaths that we never got to see, either. And where the hell were Ivanova and Lennier, anyway? I loved those two and they just dropped off the face of the planet. So when the show ended, I felt very unfulfilled. Whereas DS9 had a pretty satisfying ending. No, we're not quite sure if Sisko is alive, but it's better to end with the hope than to know for sure that he's dead. B5 was a very good show and the first three seasons might well have been better than DS9. But the way they compressed the fourth season and then made up some crazy fifth season just didn't gibe, and I think that makes DS9 better as a whole. Of course this is all highly subjective.
  4. You're banned because they're not dudes; they're pun'kins.
  5. Hmmm... time to get rid of her. :angry:
  6. You're banned for taking your frustration out on someone else.
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  10. I'm still watching it and still apathetic. Though I am starting to remember some characters' names! I really had quite enough of "the genius scientist with a god complex" with Baltar, though.
  11. Here's some stuff about starship design: http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/articles/design.htm Apparently a third nacelle is a design no-no. Also, in the Voyager episode "Inside Man," Barclay makes this comment when Troi invites him to a dinner with her and Riker: "I wouldn't want to be a third nacelle." To me, this implies that a third nacelle, like a fifth wheel, is quite unnecessary.
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  13. You're banned because I'm hungry.
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