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  1. "City" won all the awards and was a WONDERFUL eppy, but something about the sweet look on Christiphor's face when he finds out he's gonna have a son... i loved that. proud fathers get me every time
  2. What do you mean about Data??? D-d-d-dead? NO! that did not happen in my version of NEM. Maybe EdMcGon deleted a part??? As far as anyone REPLACING my Data??? That is not possible either. He is one of a kind and that will not change no matter how many androids are created and no matter who created them. A more perfect being has never been, so how could he be gone? One does not tamper with perfection! Data lives!
  3. Damn, i wish i had known! We could have really scared Brent...LOL
  4. I had never thought about it like that VBG, but you're right. IT was like Star wars!!! When Brent Spiner was on staage at the Con i just went to, he was asked why Data did not have emotions in Nem. He said that Data without emotions was what us fans had been begging for for years now. I was shocked by this since i felt we did not really get to see much of the "emotional" Data except for right after the chip's installation when he was almost out of he mind being overcome by all of what he was feeling. Some may have insulted how Data in GEN, but we have to remember, this was a being who for 35 years had been emotionless and now was taking a crash (and i do mean crash!) course on what it was like to FEEL. He went haywire! but he would not ahve stayed that way. He was much calmer in FC and i thing that is how he would have been most of the time if given that chance. Pushing him back a step was a crime. One i now understand was perpitrated (sp) but his fans. Yes, the TOS movies translated better to movies than TNG, but at the time it was movies or NOTHING, so there was a greater need to be better. IF it had not been for the TOS movies keeping the dream alive, we would not even be having this converstion. BUt FC still rocked, lol
  5. he, Brent, confirmed this also at the Vagas Con. He has not been told much about the character as yet, but i did read that it will be a guy who had stolen 20 embryos from the enhanced group of humans like Khan. If i read it right, they are now gonna hunt the guys that he grew down, but i'm not sure about that point. He said they will be filming in the next month or two and he seemed excited about it. Not as much as as, but..... :( :blink:
  6. well, Data may not have a hairy chest, but Brent does... :blink:
  7. DAMN!!!!! i wish i had known you were there!!!! So was i!!!! if you stood in line to get his pix, i was the goofy one near the front with the shaky legs. lol in line for his autograph, i was the one the people from security were watching at the one guy even growled at me. ROFL. he was funny. Brent was a scream and when he talked about how rare his CD was, i was the one who screamed out about getting it at E-bay. Was anyone else there??? is anyone else taking days to recoved from jetlag like i am??? damn, i'm tired, but Vagas was beautiful and the food was yummy....But Brent was even yummier. Was it me or did he look YOUNGER???? and anyone who has said any crap about him being fat...GRRRR he was long and lean just like he has always been. BRENT Spiner ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so does DATA!!
  8. Lore who????? Sorry No, i love Lore, but got to go with my man Data.
  9. When i was at the Vagas convention, they mentioned him and how poorly he was doing and said a word for him and his family. We were all touched by this. He brought so much to TOS...it would not have been the same without him. The TNG episode where he guest starred was wonderful! It's heartbreaking to hear he is suffering so. May God grant him and his family the strength to face what is to come. God bless him.
  10. agreed, this one was a true example of a classic. I also love the end where Spock and Kirk are up in arms about McCoy having left his communicator and how after learning to work the inner workings of it, they would be bacn to demand a piece of THIER action... Love it and the funny voice Spock uses after Kirk does has me in a fit of the giggles every time!
  11. Actually, the answer is that until the Episode "DataLore" Data did not know WHO his creator was. It was Lore that told him, but by that time, Data had been "Data, NFN, NMN* " for 26 years and it was not infortant for him to change it right then. I think if Data had known THEN that Soong was still alive, he may have thought about it, but then even when they met, Soong dies, so... i personally think that he would add it later in his life to "sound" more human...don't even say he's dead *puts hands over ears* Lalalalala...i'm not listening!!! * No First Name, No Middle Name
  12. I think with the long arcs, you lose some of the mystery. you have a good idea of what you are going to be doing each week, so there are less wild and unexpected things...although the wierd alien at the end was a curve ball. how could the timeline aliens have changed Earth histroy when all that happened was the weapon exploded over Earth? I don't get that at all and i'm not sure i like it since it does not seem to tie into anything we know. I kind of like tie ins...this ain't one of them. I have actually been on the fence about ENT for a few years now (after season one) and i think i'll be staying there. it's a nice chance to spend time with Ed, but it's not as entertaining as i would like. IMHO. sigh
  13. Great strength with reserve, repect and a wonderful mind. THe telepathy plays a part for me. Wanted to bring out the deeply buried part of him (emotions) and to see what it would be like to have a Vulcan as your lover. (maybe we could ask Trip if it's nice) What would it take to turn the head of that man? A half Vulcan who can out Vulcan a full blooded. All this adds to his mystery.... the idea of licking his ears also sounds fun. Wonder if it would tickle? :)
  14. I"M GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ed made the plane/hotel/car arangements today and i will get the CON tickets tomorrow!! Break out the restraining order, Loree McBride! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!