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  1. too funny, lol :)
  2. I love English for that reason (except when taking English tests/exams) Its just so fun and strange. There's a hilarious book by some one (cant remember who) that my french teacher once lent me called "Crazy English" (what a surprise). I loved it, and recomend it to anyone interested. Its not a challengin book that requires a lot of background knowledge, its a casual, fun, and VERY interesting read though. (love books, dont me)
  3. Although TNG I think is still my favourite series, I vote Voyage Home. I could watch that movie non-stop forever (or at least for a while), always makes me laugh.
  4. id say depends on the writting
  5. We have no idea what mauve is. - lol! But about that toilet seat - it needs to be up 75% of the time, and down only 25%, so I stick with the DOWN argument
  6. that was great! But, alas, the only one I got was the silk question...because I'd heard it before.
  7. I liked the first one, but the second one was too much - can't stand animals dieing is all (how the heck do you spell that word??)
  8. lol. :blink:
  9. awww! So true (dogs are the best)
  10. ahh, I love dogs. Great story!
  11. oh dear, can't stop laughing!!
  12. I loved the "tickle" command - sounds just like Homer!
  13. LOL!! I would quote my favourites, but it would be about half the list.
  14. lol, serves us right, I guess!
  15. ROFL!!