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  1. Well, my favourite series is DS9, however I voted for TNG since I consider it Pure Trek.
  2. I agree that DS9 is very dark compared to other series. I suggest watching the Ferengi episodes, they are always fun.
  3. This is a tough vote.. Season 5 had many great episodes, but I decided to vote for The Inner Light, I just love it!
  4. In my opinion ENT has not done anything to ST continuity. Just like Klingonmike said, it can all be explained.
  5. I agree. Season 3 had many great episodes and the actors have really gotten into their roles. If they try to "change" the series now the ratings would drop even lower.
  6. Federation fall? What are you talking about.. The federation doesn't even exist yet.
  7. If they do it right, having Kirk on Enterprise could be a good thing. I love the series as it is, and having Shatner appear won't really affect me very much. Let's just hope that it can boost the ratings a bit and make Paramount happy.
  8. Well, it's a close race between WoTW and The Visitor, but I voted for the later. It's definitely one of the best ST episodes ever..
  9. I voted for BOBW.. Nth degree and Data's Day are close seconds..
  10. I think they are showing 2 episodes every wednesday until season 4 kicks off..
  11. I voted for 1-4, a good balance between the first four choices makes a great ST episode!
  12. Well, it's a TV channel, what are they supposed to care about? They want to make money, can't blaim them for that.. I don't get Spike TV here in Sweden, but I can understand why you guys are mad. They will probably move DS9 back to it's original timeslot later on.
  13. Ray Charles was a great musician, he will be missed.. :)
  14. Manny Coto is indeed one of the best..
  15. Did I just see Wesley?! What is he doing there?! :unsure: