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  1. Yes, Do you drink hot tea?
  2. ^ Is crazy about member numbers
  3. yes, do you think there is coffie in the Kerrici nebula? (The nebula where the USS. Sovereign made 1st contact with the Kessok)
  4. no, do you like cardassion design?
  5. ^ Appears to be powered by some sort of energy which needs to be recharged since he is drained
  6. yes do you like Enterprise
  7. TREK UNCUT IS TNG! I DON'T BELEVE IT! I'M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO SEE IT IN THE DAY SO ONE NIGHT OUT OF THE WEEK I WANT TO SEE DS9! WE SHOULD START A PITITION! I am outraged that they call themselves "The home of Star Trek" because they DISREPECT STAR TREK by moving them into TERRIBLE time slots. Mabye we could unleash some tribbles into the Spike TV HQ and then make them do as we say MUHAHAHAHAHA. Rename it to "Star Trek Channel" and show episodes of Star Trek (Each Series) 24/7! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  8. ^ Has great photos of Garak
  9. ^ Beleves Resistence is Futile
  10. ^ Wants the keys to the universe
  11. ^ Has alot of pity < Is DA CLASS 1 MASTER at galaxy class starships < Is a master at TNG < Is becoming a master at DS9 < Is sorta a master of TOS < Is Becoming a master of ENT < Has not seen VOY or TAS
  12. Yes (It is standered at my school for grades 7-12) Are you human?
  13. Besides, Janeway was roaming around on the gamma quardrent. "Just sit right back and 'yull hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started out from DS9 abord the Intrepid class ship, The mate was a former Maquis the skipper a woman, 150 passengers set out that day for a brief shakedown cruise, a brief shakedown cruise. Then space started getting rough, the new ship was tossed, if it wern't for the courage of the fearless crew the Voyager would be lost, the Voyager would be lost. The ship was thrown to the middle of an uncharted quadrant of space with Janeway, Chakotay too, Tuvok, and Neelix, Harry Him, Torres and the EMH, here on the USS. Voyager!
  14. Well, I think it added a new sub-plot to the series, and I think it was good. Now.....if we could just genetically enhance Quark.
  15. They all were anoying at one point.........even spock. Of course, he didn't mean to be annoying.