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  1. Dora The Explorer, again. By request of my girls, true as soon as I turned it on they happily came running to the TV and my oldest then requested Diego instead. LOL, I think she has a crush on him!
  2. Ok, this is one I gotta look into :) And the holidays are coming up, YAY!
  3. It might just be worth looking into... watched the series all over again via Netflix, and can agree it looks a lot different on the HD screen than it did when I was a kid!
  4. "Pretty girls, pumpkin heads, make the chicken fly the coop!" -TicToc from Return to Oz.. what I just screamed as I walked down, um well waddled down the hallway. Not due for 35 days, C-sec is scheduled for 29 days from now, but kiddo is starting to try to make an earlier appearance.
  5. My 2yr old trying to put on tights, while my 11 month old is digging thru their dresser drawer and pulling clothes out. But TV wise something my hubby turned on that was on MTV. But getting ready to turn it over to Ghost Hunters for my mom & me.
  6. My little one taking 4 steps by herself :) She keeps taking a step or two, this is the most she has done so far. She'll be 11 months this weekend. That and my mom called for my dad to come out to the dining room for dinner, she called him by his nickname... where my 2 year old cupped her hands to her mouth then yelled out my dad's nickname LOL! And my unborn son is still doing well, so quite a few things made my day today.
  7. Im guessing a writer or someone on WordWorld may be, watching an episode where Duck is trying to fill in for Pig and he is trying to prepare food for the feast. Supposed to spell out CORN, but grabs random letters and spells out Gorn AND Dorn. Made me think of Trek immediately.
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  9. Song stuck in my head???!?!?! Uh yeah a couple song snippets actually that REALLY NEED to get OOOOUT! "Small Potato Rock! Small Potato Rock!" - Small Potatoes, this is the bit they show in the commercial and it is like brain worms I swear!! "Four, five, four five, four five" - that section of the counting song on Choo Choo Soul. Problem is my girls ADORE Choo Choo Soul and dance around to it, and it IS cute but argh.... Then the ones that get in my head that dont bug me a lot: "Squirrels in My Pants", "Izzies got the Frizzies", "Queen of Mars" and "Phinadroids & Ferbots"- from Phineas & Ferb.
  10. Putting it back on TV or via a site like Disney or NickJr does for several of their kids shows would be great too for those of us who do not have nor can really afford the iPad or dont exactly want our kids running around with an Android phone. I adored Reading Rainbow as a kid, but until it comes back to TV, website (other than just reruns you find in clips on YouTube), or Netflix/Hulu... guess my kiddos will have to just wait on it then. :(
  11. Everyone who remembers me from my first years as a member here... I was a diehard TNG and especially Data fan, had been since I was 7 years old. Soooo probably would be a surprise for me to say I honestly voted Star Trek (2009). I LOVED the cast & the movie. I know it pretty much took canon and threw it out the window, but I think the series needed a bit of a shakeup. Went back and watched my beloved TNG movies and series again.... and spent 99% of my time giving it the MST3K treatment. Been transitioning away from being a Data & Soong family fan since mid 2003 or 2004, and with the access that was available for a short time from Netflix I got to rewatch most of it. And yeah.... hands down I think Star Trek 2009 wins my vote!
  12. Dropping by real quick since I just noticed that I still had the link to the site here :) I know I am late in seeing this, but... Thank you for the anniversary congrats:) Been away doing stuff and keeping busy as I have my hands full with: one of my kiddos is turning 2 next month, one is turning 1 in November, and I am expecting a 3rd at the end of October. My husband & I are working on 2 1/2 years of marriage & in December we will celebrate 4 years of being together :) Plus Im also helping my parents make their doctor appointments. So busy busy busy. Also mostly not been frequenting message boards as of late, have taken towards facebook since a LOT of my family & my husband's family have joined there recently.
  13. My leftovers from lunch yesterday. BBQ shredded chicken, mac & cheese & cole slaw from Winn Dixie's deli. I have gotten the hang ofmaking homemade pulled pork & beef, I gotta try to make pulled/shredded chicken or turkey one day! Dont know what Im doing for dinner tonight yet because Mom & I have to drive to pick my brother up from the airport, since he is returning from CA. Hoping either the airport has decent food, or we get something on the way there.
  14. AAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! "Rescue Pack's Theme", "Backpack's Theme", "Map's Theme", "Click the Camera's Theme"! I have changed them to less than child friendly versions in my head now, because I am going batty hearing them all the time! I try hard not to sing or sign them out loud But I will admit I slipped once and paid for it since my 1 year old announced rather loudly the "a word +hat" in place of "Backpack" in the middle of the store when she saw Dora's backpack in the toy aisle. oops... But YES... those songs have been stuck in my head for MONTHS now!!! :(
  15. I LOVE the song "White and Nerdy"!! My brother & I used to be able to sing it word for word! But then again, my brother & I sound a bit like the main subject of the song anyhow. LOL! Well, moreso when we were both younger we were a bit more nerdy. Can't say I am no longer a nerd, since my ex-coworkers used to pick on me because I was often seen/heard singing "eBay" in the break room & the pharmacy (I was a tech) when "I want it that way" would come on. Oh, well. Direct indirect references that are a bit more personal... though the inspiration for one of my daughter's names came from a character in two non-Trek movies, and my other daughter's name had other inspirations as well(inadvertantly mythological for both too, after I swore I was not going to do that on purpose). I realized recently my girls both have Trek related names. My younger daughter's is spelled different from a Trek character, and the other Trek character's name is a derivitive/diminutive form of my older daughter's name. LOL! Trek fan thru and thru I guess!
  16. I had a myspace page for a couple years, and my screenname would change randomly... but I quit earlier in the year (as did most of my family. My hubby and his family still go there, but anyways). I quit facebook too, but when I became pregnant with my 2nd child all my friends and family wanted updates so I went back on Facebook. Since to find me it is my real name and has family info on it I won't post the link here on the public forum. If you want to add me there, I would prefer a PM here ok and then I can give you the link to it Especially since some of my family who have friended me on FB are still minors.
  17. A/C is broken here at my mom's house... so black shorts & green bikini top.
  18. At least a few of the guys who do Robot Chicken, though that probably has been mentioned a time or two (yeah a tad lazy and about to head to work so didn't re-read the entire thread). I think I have to go back and watch a few of the shows my daughter watches, because I swear it was a Nick Jr or Playhouse Disney character that referenced Trek somewhere
  19. I just read the email sent out by VBG, I remember Joe! Very sad to hear what happened, my condolences & prayers go out to his family & friends (online & off). He was a very sweet person, and was happy to post alongside him here. Was a very cool guy. I knew he was about my age.. didnt realize he was only a few days older than me He will be missed!
  20. Dude, that's awesome! Where is that? Agreed. Where is that! I would love to work at THAT pharmacy! My current career AND Star Trek, how cool would that place be?
  21. Getting ready to make a glass of low fat chocolate milk. Though my abovementioned McD's sweet tea sounds like a better option to me, I dont want to have to pack everything up and head over to the closest McD's to get it
  22. Black shorts, black stretch pregnancy t-shirt that says "Touch The Belly Lose A Hand", and a baby. LOL ok, so I am wearing a Front Rider and she is sleeping in it.
  23. You are banned for noticing Kor was grammatically correct.
  24. Just saw the Q video in the first post!!! Laughed so hard I'm crying and almost peed my pants. Have to go to youtube now, find and favorite that one!!!