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  1. I am very sad to report that BakulaBabe and her husband both died in a fire at their home last December. Denise was an active member of this group and I was heartbroken when I heard this.
  2. I can't believe that this movie has been declared a flop. It's the best out of the 3 so far! Where are all the Trek fans?
  3. This is a tragedy. Yelchin had a very promising future, with a number of projects in the works. It also raises the question: In Star Trek, will his character be replaced, or, in this alternate timeline, will he be killed, or die, in some off-screen sequence? A really crazy way to die and so senseless. As for the character of Chekov, he could be recast or replaced with another character with the explanation that Chekov was transferred to another ship or promoted somewhere. Remember, the character didn't even show up on the original series until the second season. It could be a good way to bring back the character of Lt. DeSalle.
  4. First trailer!
  5. "TV related Bill" ? What does that mean?
  6. I love Kentucky Fried but they made a huge mistake getting rid of the extra crispy.
  7. Bonanza is my all-time favorite followed by The Rifleman and Wanted:Dead or Alive.
  8. They've certainly picked good people to be involved. Can't wait to get more details about the show itself!
  9. It looked really good! It did look good. I loved Karl Urban's part with Spock beaming away, and thought he truly recreated how DeForest Kelley would have done it. It's amazing how much like DeForest Kelley Urban sounds. His McCoy and Quinto's Spock are the two characters that are most like the originals.
  10. Whoa! That's a lot of people in just 1 year!!!
  11. It looked really good!
  12. Can't wait! the only thing I don't like is having to subscribe to a streaming service to get the show!
  13. He was only in a few episodes but he made a huge impact. Fare thee well, Bruce Hyde. I hope that Kathleen took you home again...
  14. I'm still checking in here several times a week but rarely see any activity. Sure miss the old days.
  15. I still check in here a few times a week.