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  1. Sunday, August 10, 2036 gahhh! Ill be only 52!
  2. :lol: :lol:
  3. I voted for McCoy, but I wish Phalox was there...
  4. I left to length of the voting to be at VGBs own discretion, so when he locks out the topic, it's over!
  5. It's Harry Kim and Riker Chic neck at neck! We need some more votes!!!
  6. Just three more votes to get Troy off, lets go people! :o
  7. Here is the real thread for casting your vote, sorry it took me so long to get it up. Have fun, and may the best avatar win! :o
  8. Rats, sorry I let everyone down, I forgot the voting was today was today... Please forgive me...
  9. Read the very first post on this thread by SpocksBrain.. Thank you :)
  10. Lotb I dont think you made your own... lol (not that it matters!) I too would nominate Takara's, but since she was all ready picked Ill choose myself
  11. Hello everyone! I got permission from "the elders" to make this thread and I hope that it turns out good. This thread will be used for nominations for best Avatar on this site, the rules are as follows: 1. You may nominate anyone, including yourself. However, you may only nominate ONE person, and each nominee can only be nominated once. 2. If a nominee does not want to be in the final vote, they must PM me and let me know. 3. I will take, at max, fifty nominees. If the count goes over fifty, I'll have to just take the first fifty. 4. Nominations will go until about 12:00 noon EST on Thursday the 8th, and then the actual voting will take place from then until about 12:00 noon EST on Friday the 9th. Alterego has told me that the winner will get a special badge somewhere in their posting info. Let the nominations begin, and have fun!
  12. OK, OK, I admit it... I picked porthos too... :o It was obviously best to send Archer because he knew the most about that one Xindi that hey brainwashed in a previous episode. :o
  13. What do you mean, level three? I cant even get past like, 5-10 screens (squares)...
  14. Best: City on the edge of forever Worst: The Managerie, Miri Hey! How could anyone not like For the World is Hollow... and The Trouble with Tribbles??
  15. I dare you not to get addicted:) http://www.arcadetown.com/merlins_revenge_2/playgame.asp