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  1. To find her bike in Q-Space.

  2. I agree that it's a wasted effort to try to worry about all the time travel created plotholes in Star Trek. You just have to live with them because thinking about them too much will make your brain go boom.
  3. So, this is what's been keeping me busy and away from this site for the past few months. To do list: 1884 ball gown reproduction, projected completion date: march 13 (in time for Momocon 09) about 40% done now 1901 hunting outfit, projection completion date: April or May Movie-era Starfleet uniform, projected date of completion: before DragonCon 09
  4. Hey, where did 'Q stole my bike' go?

  5. You're banned for stating a strange discussion in my personal log.
  6. Torre banned for shrinking you're once huge signature
  7. You scored as a Subjectivism Subjectivism is a philosophical tenet that accords primacy to subjective experience as fundamental of all measure and law. In an extreme form, it may hold that the nature and existence of every object depends only on someone's subjective awareness of it. Subjectivism 90% Individualism 75% Realism 70% Pessemism 70% Utilitarianism 55% Optimism 50% Objectivism 40% Collectivism 15%
  8. you're banned for having purple everywhere
  9. I use Firefox almost exclusively, the only time I'll make an exception is if it's not available on the computer I'm using. Out of the browsers I've used extensively, my preferences go: Firefox Safari Explorer Navigator
  10. Other. I don't know, and I don't want to know because it would probably depress me. Then again, I probably spend much more time gaming than using the internet. Whatever, glued to the computer is glued to the computer. I swear I have I life.
  11. you're banned for being nicer than Roy
  12. q stole my bike -- [adjective]: Full of bees
  13. Need to be unique: 86% Need to NOT conform: 59% Willingness to express dissent: 67% Overall score: 74%
  14. You Are 94% Skeptic You're no cynic, but you are a complete skeptic. You don't buy into anything without proof - and you'll challenge any established "fact". In your view, evidence is what matters. You don't believe things based on hope. In fact, you wouldn't even be likely to say you "believe" anything. Believe implies faith.
  15. 1. Secular Humanism (100%) 2. Unitarian Universalism (93%) 3. Nontheist (92%) 4. Theravada Buddhism (79%) 5. Liberal Quakers (70%)