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  1. The Star Trek: Discovery literary saga will continue in February with the release of Star Trek: Discovery: Drastic Measures. It's written by Dayton Ward, a Trek veteran whose previous books include Hearts and Minds, Legacies: Book #3: Purgatory's Key, Vanguard: Declassified, Seekers: Point of Diversion, Typhon Pact #4: Paths of Disharmony and Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Breakdowns, among others. Here's the synposis of Drastic Measures, direct from the publisher, Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books: It is 2246, ten years prior to the “Battle at the Binary Stars,” and an aggressive contagion is ravaging the food supplies of the remote Federation colony Tarsus IV and the eight thousand people who call it home. Distress signals have been sent, but any meaningful assistance is weeks away. Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca and a small team assigned to a Starfleet monitoring outpost are caught up in the escalating crisis, and bear witness as the colony’s governor, Adrian Kodos, employs an unimaginable solution in order to prevent mass starvation. While awaiting transfer to her next assignment, Commander Philippa Georgiou is tasked with leading to Tarsus IV a small, hastily assembled group of first responders. It’s hoped this advance party can help stabilize the situation until more aid arrives, but Georgiou and her team discover that they're too late—Governor Kodos has already implemented his heinous strategy for extending the colony’s besieged food stores and safeguarding the community’s long-term survival. In the midst of their rescue mission, Georgiou and Lorca must now hunt for the architect of this horrific tragedy and the man whom history will one day brand “Kodos the Executioner”... Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books will release Star Trek: Discovery: Drastic Measures on Feb. 6, 2018, as a 400-page trade paperback priced at $16.00 in the U.S. and $22.00 in Canada. It'll also be available as an eBook and eAudio title. Go to to pre-order the adventure. View the full article
  2. Star Trek Online, the MMORPG that continues the story of the Prime Timeline, is pleased to announce the launch of Season 14 on Xbox One and Playstation 4. You can play the game for free on both those platforms and PC right now, and adventure in the Star Trek universe with some of your favorite characters, played by their original actors, such as Jeri Ryan, Leonard Nimoy, and J.G. Hertzler. To celebrate the launch of Season 14 – Emergence, we’re teaming up with Gamespot to offer you the chance to win an Xbox One S, Playstation 4, Plantronic headsets, and other great prizes. Click here to be taken to the contest. This season is filled with new content, returning characters, and an amazing reveal almost a year in the making. This past summer, General Martok was found alive, broken out of prison in grand fashion, and reunited with the Klingons. Just last month, captains in Star Trek Online were able to team up with Captain Geordi La Forge on a mission near the Nexus - last seen in Star Trek Generations. With Season 14, Captain La Forge is back in the captain’s chair of the U.S.S. Challenger, and he’s been working with the fledgling Lukari/Kentari alliance to build a habitable colony world that will reunify their people. There has been a mystery swirling around the motivations of the genocidal Tzenkethi, and the first major puzzle piece will fall into place with the featured episode “Melting Pot” that releases today. In addition to this great new chapter in the Tzenkethi Crusade, captains will be able to participate in a wide variety of new content that is all focused around this brand new Lukari/Kentari colony. Captains will be able to head to orbit and defend the colony from space, as nearly any enemy group will approach and attempt to gain access to the protomatter technology of the Lukari. The Tzenkethi are the most interested in expanding the destructive power of their protomatter technology, and will actually assault the colony itself in order to obtain more of it. Ten (10) captains can work together to clear the beaches of the colony of a massive Xbox One S, Playstation 4, Plantronic invasion, and coordinate with Geordi to get them off the planet altogether. Captain Tzen-Gravu is also stepping up the scope of the Tzenkethi Crusade through a brand new Red Alert. Captains will be tasked with defending planets from the Tzenkethi’s new protomatter weapons, with failure meaning the loss of an entire world. All of this content is built around the amazing new Lukari/Kentari Colony, and fleets will be able to build their own full 5 tier Fleet Holdings on this colony world. This is by far the largest holding fleets will have access to, and it’s packed with amazing visuals, fantastic new rewards that include a unique T6 ship that can be provisioned once the colony is completed, and brand new gameplay options. Fleets will be able to call on up to 20 fleet members to participate in a holographic invasion of the colony world, where everyone succeeds and fails together, and the rewards increased based on the group’s willingness to either take a reward payout or press on for more. To round out Season 14, we’re proud to announce the Miracle Worker specialization. This new primary specialization will allow captains to live out their Scotty, Geordi or O’Brien dreams of being the behind-the-scenes miracle worker that makes their captains look good. By progressing in this specialization, you will unlock a variety of abilities that give you far more adaptability in combat. That’s good, both for yourself and your group. This specialization will also release with a full suite of ground and space bridge officer powers that will give captains the ability to make tweaks to their favorite builds and see the full depth and potential of being a Miracle Worker. Season 14 has been an amazing journey for the entire STO development team, and we’ve had an amazing time playtesting it, both internally and with the community on our test shard. We have Geordi back on an adventure, major reveals in our Tzenkethi Crusade arc, a wide variety of new queued and event based content, the largest fleet holding we’ve ever built, and a brand new primary specialization to give our captains new opportunities to progress. All of this combines into an amazing release that is live now. Thanks for playing, and I look forward to seeing you in game. Steve Ricossa Executive Producer Star Trek Online View the full article
  3. It’s almost time to turn the calendar page to 2018. And if you or a Star Trek-loving friend or family member is eager to literally turn that page, there are plenty of Star Trek calendars from which to choose. breaks down the various options: Star Trek: Discovery (U.S.) The Star Trek: Discovery 2018 Wall Calendar is 24 pages of images of characters and scenes from season one of the newest Trek game in town. It's available at Star Trek: Discovery (U.K) Fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland can set their sights on Danilo’s Star Trek: Discovery Official 2018 Calendar. It's available starting November 15 Ships of the Line (U.S.) The panoramic Star Trek 2018 Ships of the Line Wall Calendar opens horizontally to maximize the detail and drama of each stunning piece of art, with the art, as always, showcasing spectacular images of the most famous Trek vessels in a variety of iconic scenes and settings. The ships have been rendered by such talents as Doug Drexler, John Eaves, D.M. Phoenix, Gabriel Koerner, Matt Boardman, Michael Wiley and Alain Rivard. The Star Trek 2018 Ships of the Line Wall Calendar is available now at Ships of the Line (U.K.) Danilo's Star Trek Ships of the Line Official 2018 Calendar features an iconic image each month alongside a funky date panel, with the the U.S.S. Enterprise and Galileo shuttle among the ships represented. It is available in the U.K. and Ireland at The Original Series (U.S.) Also for U.S. fans, there’s the 2018 Star Trek: The Original Series Wall Calendar, which features Spock on the cover and inside images of Kirk, Scotty, Uhura, Dr. McCoy, Sulu and Chekov, as well as the Enterprise, the Guardian of Forever, and more. The 2018 Star Trek: The Original Series Wall Calendar is available at The Original Series (U.K.) Also from Danilo, and available in the U.K. and Ireland is the Star Trek Official 2018 Calendar. The 12-month calendar features retro Gold Key/poster-style images of Captain James T. Kirk, First Officer Spock and many more. Plus, there is a glossy center spread included. The Star Trek Official 2018 Calendar - Square Wall Format is available now at View the full article
  4. Oscar-winning makeup wizard Joel Harlow created countless aliens from more than 50 species for Star Trek: Beyond. Jaylah, for one, stood out, as did the exotic Natalia, the latter played by Harlow’s step-daughter, Ashley. There were enough anecdotes and photos to fill a book – and now they have. Star Trek Beyond -- The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow, written by Joe Nazzaro, was released last month by Titan Books in October, and it delves into how Harlow and his team of talented creatives set to work on creating Beyond’s aliens and how they documented the entire creative process for each one in exhaustive detail, from preliminary sketches to final make-up application. caught up with Harlow in Bulgaria, where he’s weaving his magic on the upcoming Hellboy reboot, to talk about the book, creating all those aliens and his readiness for more Trek. How were you presented with the idea of doing the book? I took more photos on Beyond than any other film prior to it. Behind the scenes, character studies, detail sculpture photos, set shots... a true visual treasure trove. I believe that I was speaking to Joe about just how extensive the photo documentation had been, which is what prompted him to ask if I had any desire to do a book featuring our work on the film. I, of course, loved the idea. Too often, on a film, there is so much that is created that never gets a chance in the spotlight... and this is that spotlight for all of the artists and technicians that spent countless hours bringing to life each of our alien characters. What was the collaborative process between you and Joe Nazzaro? Joe and I have done many interviews over the years so, as I suspected, the process was an easy one... a long one for sure, but very easy. I knew the extent of the photos that I had archived over the pre-production, shoot and post-production of the film, but I’m not sure Joe knew how much there would be to sort through. We had the idea of opening up the text to some of the lead artists on the film, which was a great idea, I think. It’s always nice to get the perspective of the artists directly responsible for a specific character or technique. How much of a playground is it for you to work on the Trek films? It’s a dream come true for any artist, I would think. Certainly, for me it absolutely is. There are almost no limitations, nothing holding you back from creating as many or as elaborate makeup characters as possible. Time and imagination are the only limits, but those can be minimized with the dedication of a supremely talented crew. How did Beyond rate as an experience for you? The experience of working on Beyond, from the beginning, felt like the old days for me. A group – a huge group -- of friends in a “garage” making “monsters.” It felt like the reason I got into this business in the first place. Which of the characters and makeups were you personally most fond of -- and why? It’s difficult to narrow them down into favorites. Certainly, Jaylah was a show-stopping makeup. The lion’s share of credit on that goes to Richie Alonzo. One of the characters I got to personally sculpt was an alien we named Reptilicus. Initially we started by populating the film with alien races by sculpting characters on generic lifecasts that I had in a storage unit. This alien started on a lifecast of a well-known actor I had worked with on a previous film. When Reptilicus was cast as actor Danny Pudi, I quickly realized that the difference in facial structures was fairly extreme. Danny did a fantastic job with the character and I instantly liked the look on his face far, far more than the original sculpture... not to mention that it is always rewarding to apply a makeup that you’ve sculpted. You started to touch on this earlier, but it's fairly common that characters get edited down or cut out entirely. Even after all these years in the business, how hard is it to "lose" a character? And what does it mean to you that the characters, in essence, can live on in something like this book? Yeah, it’s never fun to see a character drop off before the final cut. So much time is put into each one that it is a shame that some never reach the big screen... and, going into a film like this, with so many characters, you know some aren’t going to make it. You still have to treat each one as if it is the star of the show, however. I think that is part of the reason I excessively photographed each one, so they would still have a life even if they didn’t make the cut, and this book is the ideal showcase for them. I think that almost every film of this genre deserves a book of this kind. I know I’d certainly appreciate seeing the creative process on other film characters. Justin Lin and Simon Pegg wrote the forewords for the book. What did you take away from their words about you and your work? Of course, it’s tremendously humbling to read words of appreciation from artists you respect. Justin was our director and Simon was one of our writers, and both were instrumental in the creation of Beyond. The characters we were creating would not have been even slightly successful if they didn’t serve the story. To read that we accomplished this was very gratifying. What level of pride do you reach given that your step-daughter Ashley, in makeup as Natalie, ended up gracing the cover? That makeup was very time consuming and very intricate. Of course, it was a nice opportunity to get my stepdaughter the part but, on the flip side, she was the perfect subject to play Natalia. She gave 100% to the makeup without complaining once. The application process started at 12:30 a.m. and we were on set at 9:30 a.m., to shoot an entire day. I’d put her into prosthetics anytime. Natalia was one of those incredible makeup characters that seemed to resonate with everyone who has seen it. An ideal convergence of sculpture, mold making, casting and paintwork, it seemed only logical that it should grace the cover of the book. What do you hope readers/fans take away from immersing themselves in the book? Aside from just enjoying the characters and the artwork, I’d hope that there is a bit more of an understanding about the processes involved in creating a practical makeup character. I also hope that it is very apparent that, though the subtitle of the book features my name, this is actually a chronicle of the makeup artistry of the entire Beyond crew. If another Star Trek film comes to pass, how eager are you to add to your galaxy of characters? Completely, 100% ready and waiting. I can speak for the entire team. We are all in for any future Star Trek projects. Even though we created over 50 alien characters for Beyond, there were hundreds that never made it out of the concept stage. We already have a wealth of ideas ready for the next one. Star Trek Beyond -- The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow spans 208 pages and is available now on priced at $28.46. View the full article
  5. Khaaaaaaaan! is coming soon from…. QQQQQQQQMx. Or, more specifically, on the way is a Star Trek: TOS Khan 1:6 Scale Articulated Figure. So, we’re talking the “Space Seed” version of Trek’s greatest villain, standing nearly a foot tall, clad in red, with dark hair, a gold collar insignia and custom black boots. Further highlights include: Fully Articulated Body: More than 30 points of articulation allow the figure to be displayed in multiple dynamic poses. Realistic Portrait: An authentic likeness of Ricardo Montalban as Khan is specially hand-painted. Red Military Jumpsuit: Meticulously researched, this jumpsuit matches the pattern, fabric and color of the original costume. The gold accents are exact replicas of the original pieces. Boots: Using leather-like material cut in the original style of the footwear worn in TOS. Crushed Phaser: Using his super-strength, Khan took Kirk’s phaser and crushed it using his bare hands. Engineering Rod: Kirk was only able to get the better of Khan by beating him with this rod pulled from the engineering console. Star Trek Delta Symbol Display Base: A custom display base featuring the familiar Star Trek delta symbol will hold up the figure and allow more extreme poses. Hands: Specialty hands are included for crushing the phaser and holding the engineering rod. The Star Trek: TOS Khan 1:6 Scale Star Trek Articulated Figure will be priced at $149.99 and is tentatively set to ship in early December. Go to to join the waiting list. View the full article
  6. Today, November 15, is National COPD Awareness Day. The day is significant as it brings attention to the importance of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which claims the lives of thousands of people throughout the United States each year. According to the American Lung Association, COPD is currently the third leading cause of death in this country. This day also has great meaning for me personally as my Dad not only struggled with this disease, but he also worked extremely hard to create awareness and attention prior to his passing from complications of COPD on February 27, 2015. To honor my Dad’s legacy, my husband David and I produced a film, Remembering Leonard Nimoy, celebrating Dad’s life, career and his battle with COPD. The film is currently airing on many PBS stations across the country. My Dad was one-of-a-kind, a man full of passion for his craft and the Arts, the love of his family and friends, and his desire to help everyone around him. His was a life cut way too short by this terrible disease. To help honor and support my Dad’s memory, please check with your local PBS station for broadcast information or inquire if they would air Remembering Leonard Nimoy in the future. Thank you! Julie Nimoy View the full article
  7. Can’t get your fill of Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed garden gnomes? ThinkGeek is ready to help, as they’ve just introduced to market a quartet of new TNG gnomes depicting Wesley Crusher, Geordi La Forge, Q and Deanna Troi. The Crusher, La Forge and Troi gnomes stand 10 inches tall each, while the Q gnome clocks in at 9.5 inches tall. The bases read as follows: The TNG gnomes are in stock now and priced at $24.99 each. Go to to purchase them. View the full article
  8. Spoiler Alert! (Stop, if you haven't seen episode #8 of Star Trek: Discovery, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum") Last Time on Discovery… The U.S.S. Gagarin, under attack from six Klingon vessels, reaches out for help from any Starfleet ship in range. The U.S.S. Discovery announced that "We've got your back." Cut to Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) in his captain's chair, growling, "Mr. Rhys (Patrick Kwok-Choon), can I trouble you to fire at something." Despite a valiant effort, including the Discovery taking same major hits, the battle is lost and the Gagarin explodes. "The Gagarin is gone," Lorca announces. "It's over. Black alert!" Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Tilly (Mary Wiseman) do their spore drive thing in engineering, after which Lorca tells the crew, "There will be time to grieve. This is not that time." Back to Stamets and Tilly, something is off with Stamets. "What are you doing down here, captain?" he asks... Tilly. This leads to an awkward exchange between a confused Tilly and a defensive Stamets. Admiral Terral voices his concern, yet again, about Lorca racing into trouble against orders. It risks exposing the spore drive to the enemy. As the conversation continues, Terral explains that Kol (Kenneth Mitchell) of House Kor has managed to revive the Klingon Ship of the Dead and is now sharing its stealth technology with any house that will offer him fealty. And that makes the Discovery's imminent mission at Pahvo Starfleet's highest priority. Terral goes on to note the loss of 462 souls, adding, "That number will increase exponentially until we are able to detect those invisible ships. I am certain I've made myself clear." Lorca replies: "Abundantly." Stardate 1308.9. Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), Tyler (Shazad Latif) and Saru (Doug Jones) traverse the beautiful, seemingly uninhabited planet Pahvo. In a personal log entry, Burnham notes that everything on Pahvo vibrates with its own specific tone, giving the planet a signature song of sorts that's broadcast into space via a towering, naturally occurring transmitter. The mission is this, according to Burnham: "It is Starfleet's plan to modify the electro-magnetic frequency of Pahvo's signal and harness it as a form of sonar that can detect the presence of the cloaked Klingon vessels decimating or fleet, make them visible to our sensors, and turn the tide of the war in our favor." In an amusing walk-and-talk moment, Burnham describes to Tyler how Kelpiens have exceeded speeds of 80 kilometers per hour and can sense predators from as far away as 10 kilometers, prompting Saru to comment, "And we particularly enjoy being discussed in the third person... while present." Burnham apologizes, to which Saru responds, "But you are accurate. I possess visual, auditory and tactile receptors more acute than yours. Which is why I am being tortured by this planet's constant noise and you are not." And with that, the Pahvans appear in what appears to be a beautiful swarm of blue fireflies. As one might expect, Saru takes command, attempting to communicate with the Pahvans, while Tyler reaches for a weapon and Burnham turns to her tricorder. So much for uninhabited, right? And they want Burnham, Saru and Tyler to head in the opposite direction of the transmitter. Meanwhile, on the Sarcophagus ship, L'Rell (Mary Chieffo) engages Kol in conversation. He notices the scarring on her face and dubs it an "improvement." These two do not trust each other. Kol demands more than loyalty from L'Rell. She suggests her skills as an interrogator. Down on Pahvo, Saru makes progress in communicating with the Pahvans. Cut to L'Rell back on the Sarcophagus ship, demanding that the imprisoned Admiral Cornwell (Jayne Brook) scream. After a moment of hesitation, Cornwell screams in L'Rell's face, the Klingon screaming back. "Good," L'Rell notes. "You were convincing. The guard is gone. Now, we can talk." Turns out she wants to defect. After the war ends, Tyler tells Burnham, he plans to take a few weeks leave. He knows a place on Lake Shasta. Trout fill the lake. You can watch the stars fall. "Sounds perfect," Burnham says, before catching herself. Their futures look different. "You go back to your lake house," she says, "and I go back to prison." And here we get a variation of the classic Trek exchange, "The needs of the many..." Back on the Discovery, Tilly expresses her concern to Stamets about the changes in him. He once again takes the denial route, at least initially, then concedes something is happening to him. "What I know... changes," he says. "People. Ranks. Incidents. History. It all gets jumbled." He can't tell Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz), as it'd be the doctor's duty to report the effects of his partner's genetic manipulation. Tilly and Stamets agree they'll monitor Stamets' episodes... together. The Pahvans are not just native to the planet. As Saru puts it, "They are the planet." That night, a Pahvan reaches out to Saru, who can no longer tolerate the planet's song, and eases his pain. The experience transforms Saru, who informs Burnham and Tyler that "the Pahvans will grant us anything we want." He requests their communicators, then crushes the devices, revealing that they're no longer necessary, as the Pahvans have invited them to stay on the planet and noting that they will soon "experience this world as I do." And, according to Saru, the Pahvans have already achieved everything Starfleet says they seek. Saru leaves to tell the Pahvans they have accepted their offer. Over on the Sarcophagus ship, L'Rell and Cornwell walk cautiously through the corridors, talking along the way. L'Rell vows to bring about the "end of Kol's days." Spotted by Klingon guards, L'Rell and Cornwell fight, but not before this: "You're not what I expected," L'Rell tells Cornwell, who replies, "Neither are you." The battle is fierce, but the Klingon finally overpowers the admiral, bashing her head into a panel, the latter's body falling to the ground in a heap. Though it's a ruse to stall for time, Tyler and Saru engage in a conversation. Saru shares that he is at peace now, in harmony, thanks to the Pahvans. "Everyone wants to defeat the Klingons," Tyler tells him. "I want to hurt them." All of that is in the past now, the Kelpien insists, softly, sympathetically, but Tyler argues you can't just forget as the torture them forced him to endure. And yes, he's willing to become as bad as his tormentors in order to avenge what they did to him. Saru presents Tyler with a green rock that will help him feel the peace and harmony Pahvo offers. It glows as Saru holds it and Tyler places his hands on it. Then, Tyler pulls away and Saru, his threat ganglia raised, realizes he's been duped. He reacts angrily, grabbing Tyler by the throat and demanding Burnham's whereabouts. Burnham reaches the transmitter and races to establish a connection with the Discovery. However, Saru, using his Kelpien speed, closes in fast. Over on the Sarcophagus ship, L'Rell drags Cornwell's body into a space filled with the bodies of Klingons from... House T'Kuvma. They've been unceremoniously dumped there, accorded no honor. "Grafk... Torath... Silrek," she whispers in mounting rage. "I will end Kol. I will avenge you all. I swear it to you." Saru attacks Burnham and bashes the PADD that Burnham connected to the transmitter. She fires her phaser at him, insisting, "Saru, this isn't you." She approaches him, phaser drawn. "Is this what harmony and balance look like?" she asks aloud. "Where is the peace you say you found here?" Saru looks lost. He says, "You have taken it from me. You... won't... stop... taking." She argues there will be no peace for anyone until the war is over -- and staying on Pahvo won't fix anything. "Saru," she implores, "We need you." Tyler arrives with a Pahvan. Saru apologizes to the Pahvan, telling them "Our war is not your mistake to correct." Burnham pleads her case, insisting that Starfleet, like the Pahvans, seeks harmony, but are dealing with a "threat doesn't share that same goal." She stresses that with the Pahvans help and Starfleet's technology, "we can put an end to this conflict." The Pahvan ignores one last please from Saru and the transmitter glows, sending a signal to the Discovery, which promptly beams Burnham, Tyler and a broken Saru aboard the ship. Saru, in sickbay, can barely look at Burnham. He attacked her, could have killed her. Burnham seems forgiving, noting that he wasn't himself, but Saru claims otherwise. "I was," he admits. He'd never known a moment of peace, until Pahvo. On that beat... Kol chastises L'Rell for Cornwell escaping her, and L'Rell walks away, only to be stopped by Kol's guards upon his orders. He says there will be more prisoners before the war ends and acknowledges that a "skilled interrogator will be crucial." He then dips his fingers in red paint and spreads it across her face, marking her as House Kor. L'Rell hides her contempt and utters, "My Lord, I would be honored to serve you." But the moment isn't quite over. Kol boasts that he sees through her deceit and has his guards whisk her away. Just then, a transmission comes through, prompting Kol and crew to head to... Pahvo. On the Discovery bridge, an angry Lorca confronts Burnham. Apparently, the Pahvans have indeed reached out to the Klingons. "What you did, Burnham, is invite the enemy to join us here." Burnham explains, that, no, the Pahvans did that, since their entire existence is an effort to bring harmony to discord: "They think they're helping." Pahvo has been visible on the viewscreen as Lorca speaks. He turns around, surveys the viewscreen. "We're the Pahvans' only line of defense," Burnham points out as she steps to his side. "We have to protect them, sir. We have to fight." Down on Pahvo, the transmitter glows. Next on Discovery… In the new episode titled, "Into the Forest I Go," bypassing Starfleet's orders, Lorca uses the U.S.S. Discovery crew's ultimate asset, the ship itself, in an effort to end the war with the Klingons once and for all. Worth Noting: "Into the Forest I Go" serves as season one's fall finale, with six additional new episodes to debut starting in early 2018. This marks the first episode credited to staff writers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt. Chris Byrne makes his Discovery directing debut with "Into the Forest I Go," after working as second unit director on "The Vulcan Hello." He previously second unit directed on Hannibal, 12 Monkeys and American Gods, and directed an episode of 12 Monkeys. After Trek When Star Trek: Discovery ends, After Trek begins. Stream it Sundays at 9:30pm ET/6:30 PT. Joining host Matt Mira will be: Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
  9. ANOVOS has just unholstered its Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Phaser Pistol Interactive Prop Replica. A fully-finished, interactive replica, it's been created via 3D print construction that matches the actual hero production pieces from the new hit show. Other highlights include: “Stun" and "Kill" settings selected by side switch on both left and right side, with lit "ring" indicator light at top. ("Stun" is blue; "Kill" is red.) Removable "P1"/cricket phaser from top, with spring-loaded pop-up scope Removable magnetic battery "clip" with lit indicator light goes into pistol handle, as per original asset Replaceable consumer batteries -- no need to worry about shelf-life for unserviceable, custom-made rechargeable batteries Rotating barrel Custom-made display stand Certificate of Authenticity from ANOVOS The Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Phaser Pistol Interactive Prop Replica, Wave 3, is priced at $500. Visit to pre-order the phaser. View the full article
  10. Which Trek character would host the best friends-giving? That's the question asked for this week's poll. Thousand of fans replied, selection from choices that included Spock, Uhura, Data, Beverly Crusher, The Doctor, Seven of Nine and Miles O'Brien. And here are the results: Miles O'Brien (24%) Data (18%) Uhura (14%) Beverly Crusher (13%) Phlox (11%) The Doctor (10%) Spock (6%) Seven of Nine (4%) Get a taste of Thanksgiving in this week's poll, don't forget to vote! View the full article
  11. Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer online RPG that continues the story of Star Trek, is being invaded by the mirror universe. Join the game for free right now to repel this invasion, and interact with tons of your favorite Star Trek characters as played by their original actors, including Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, and Leonard Nimoy. The Mirror Invasion will be returning to Star Trek Online as part of a brand-new, limited-time event running now through Thursday, November 30 at 10AM PST. This event map will only be playable during this three week event timeframe. In addition to earning a choice of marks for playing the Mirror Invasion queued event, players can run a new reputation project to earn a huge reward of Dilithium, Marks, and a brand-new, unique ground weapon, Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols. As the event begins, a number of rifts open around the map and ships from the Mirror Universe begin to cross over into ours. If left unchecked, the rifts will grow and launch more powerful ships. You must stop these ships before they can damage the station by either destroying the ships or by closing the rifts. The station is not entirely defenseless, but many of its defenses have been knocked offline in the initial salvos. There are four power substations around the map. Activate them and they will restore power to the station, which will in turn bring station defenses back online. After the initial stage of closing rifts, Vauthil Station emits an anti-tachyon pulse that sends the Mirror Universe ships back to their dimension. However, the Terran Empire launches one final assault, sending one of its special modified dreadnoughts through. These dreadnoughts have the ability to return to the Mirror Universe and will reappear through any open rift in the area. Players can earn marks by closing portals, keeping the station’s health high, leveling up the defenses of the station, and defeating the Mirror Dreadnought within the time limit. The number of marks rewarded varies based on player performance. Once a day, players will be awarded a Multidimensional Transporter for playing this event. By turning in 14 Transporters through the Reputation System, players will receive 50,000 Dilithium Ore, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of Your Choice and a brand-new, unique ground weapon, Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols. Completing this project on any character will unlock this new weapon for all characters across your account, and additionally the other characters can still complete the project to receive the Marks and Dilithium Ore. Get in on the fun at View the full article
  12. Resistance will no doubt be futile on November 24, when CherryTree makes its new Borg Cube VR virtual reality-capable gaming system available for pre-order. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Borg Cube VR is the big brother to Borg Cube, which was released on September 24th. Borg Cube VR orders will ship on December 15th, 2017. “Being avid fans of the Star Trek franchise and being passionate about creating exciting technology integrations, we created a line of Borg Cube computers,” Martin Roth, CEO of CherryTree Inc., said in a statement. “These powerful machines are capable of handling the most intense of tasks (i.e VR Gaming). What makes these machines incredibly unique is the detail of the Borg Cube ship, the transportation of choice of the most intimidating and ruthless villain of the TNG universe, something any true Trekkie can appreciate.” Borg Cube VR will be available in the US and Europe. These machines can be configured in depth via the custom configurator, and additional highlights include: Supports up to Intel I9 X-series and AMD Threadripper Intel® Optane™ Memory capable (based on configuration) Up to 128gb of ram Up to 3x M2 NVME up to 2tb Support for Multiple NvidiaTM GeForce GTXTM 1080 Ti Multiple SSD or plater drives Optical Drive available (for watching those classic episodes in spectacular Blu-ray) Custom lighting schemes The Borg Cube VR machines will start at $1599.00, including a one-year warranty. Go to for more information and to pre-order the product. View the full article
  13. Chapter two of Star Trek: Discovery will kick off on Sunday, January 7, 2018, on CBS All Access in the United States. And it will do so with an episode titled, "Despite Yourself." In it, the U.S.S. Discovery crew, while in unfamiliar territory, is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home. As previously reported, Discovery's ninth episode and the show's fall season finale, "Into the Forest I Go," will air this weekend. "Despite Yourself" will launch the back six episodes of Discovery's first season. Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
  14. Photos have just been released from "Into the Forest I Go," episode #9 -- and the fall finale -- of Star Trek: Discovery. In the episode, bypassing Starfleet's orders, Lorca uses the U.S.S. Discovery crew's ultimate asset, the ship itself, in an effort to end the war with the Klingons once and for all. Kol (Kenneth Mitchell) Kol Science Specialist Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) Lieutenant Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) and Cadet Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) Cadet Tilly Lt. Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Dr. Hugh Culber Michael Burnham Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
  15. Admiral Katrina Cornwell went out with a bang. And that’s because, in last week’s Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) bashed Cornwell’s head into a panel, sending sparks everywhere and a lethal electrical shock through Cornwell’s body. Viewers later saw L’Rell drag Cornwell into a chamber aboard the Sarcophagus ship, only to be startled by the sight of corpses: Klingons from House T’Kuvma, their bodies unceremoniously dumped and disrespected. Jayne Brook played Cornwell not just in “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” but also in “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry,” “Choose Your Pain” and “Lethe.” The character made a mark, as she clearly had a past with Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) and was on the verge of removing him from the U.S.S. Discovery’s captain’s chair -- "I can't leave Starfleet's most powerful weapon in the hands of a broken man" -- when he suggested she replace Sarek (James Frain) at the ill-fated negotiations on Cancri IV. Brook is a familiar screen presence to moviegoers and television viewers, as her credits span from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead, Gattaca, Chicago Hope and John Doe to Boston Legal, Private Practice, Revenge, Rizzoli & Isles and The Sweet Life. chatted with her the other day about her arc as Cornwell on Discovery, and here’s what she had to say: How on your radar was Star Trek? Did you know the shows or the movies at all -- and had you ever auditioned for one No, I had never auditioned for one. And, to tell you the truth, Star Trek is something that's in everybody's psyche from their childhood, but I was not someone who had followed it very closely. I saw the show probably when I was a kid. They’d do repeats of the original show and then the more recent movies, but Discovery has been just a really fun, unexpected thing to do. Now, I'm catching up. How did the opportunity to do Discovery come along? I knew Aaron (Harberts) and Gretchen (Berg) from working with them before, and they just called and asked would I play this admiral role. They said, “We have this part, and she's a really cool character, and will you play it?” Originally, I think they had the idea that she would die after the three episodes. They said, "You're gonna come in, and she's really cool," and then they thought she would die in that massacre. But, writers always use what they have and are very creative, and they were like, "Hmm, maybe we'll have them be taken prisoner instead." What's your take on Cornwell? What drives her? She is such an interesting character to me because she's obviously a very good admiral. She's obviously jumped through the ranks and, as we saw her the other night, she's tough as well. Nobody puts up with the Klingon torture and interrogation, but she fought real. I think the thing that drives her is her faith in the Federation and what it stands for. She really is a strong center for what they stand for and would die for it if she had to. She's much smarter than someone who just simply won't bend the rules. How would you describe her relationship with Lorca? That is a fraught relationship. The way I've likened it, I see there's something more... They went to college together, and they're really, really fond of each other. I see them as two young people in the academy who were standouts, really liked each other, obviously have a past that's romantic, but not the typical boyfriend-girlfriend thing. They joked with that on After Trek, like is this friends with benefits? I said I don't think it's that. I think they really have been fond of each other in the past and have followed each other’s career, and I think she really means it when she's says, "I've come to check in on a friend. What the hell's going on?" So, clearly, they have an understanding friendship. How did you enjoy working with Jason Isaacs? I thought he was great, and our scenes went well together. It seemed to build. When I first came in, I was just pretty much the admiral, giving him a hard time, and then the whole thing developed. But it was fun. Let’s talk about the scene in which Lorca sends you off to wage peace and bids you farewell with the “May fortune favor the bold" line. Many fans feel that Lorca clearly and knowingly sent Cornwell into a deathtrap. What are your thoughts? And did you and Jason discuss Lorca’s motivation? It's interesting because that's true, but I think it's a little bit more complicated than that because Sarek was going go on this mission and the Federation knew about it, and was going to allow him to go. So, I think there was hope it’d work. It is a deathtrap because it's Klingons and he's just been with the Klingons, Lorca, but on the other hand, there is some hope within the Federation that since it's on neutral ground, something might come of it. But, certainly, Lorca was happy to ship me off and, at least for a short time, delay my ability to take his ship until he can get some help. You asked if he knew he was sending me into a deathtrap. I think, in suggesting that I go, he was buying himself time. I think that moment with Saru (Doug Jones), when Lorca decides not to go after me (after her capture), is more dastardly. Lorca even spits your own line back at Saru… Right, that's right! So, he's doing everything by the book there. Cornwell and L'Rell had some great moments together, the conversational bits, the screaming sequence, and then the fight scene. How did you enjoy playing those scenes with Mary Chieffo? I enjoyed it so much. There's something about L'Rell and Cornwell together. It's something really stark, and what the audience didn't get to see, we had much more together happening when she came to interrogate me. There was a great moment, that got edited out, where she's circling me to interrogate me and I use my psychology background. She's trying to threaten me, and I say to her, basically, “You don't have markings of House Kor. You don't speak the language. And you would've killed me already. So, I don't buy any of these threats. Who are you?” That kind of propels L’Rell into saying, “I want to defect.” In the end, they didn't really need the full scene and they just kept the wanting to defect part. And it worked. There was a nice chemistry between those two characters. They really respect each other, these two very different species. And I had a lot of fun with Mary. How often have you died on screen before, and what was this particular scene like to do? I've died from diseases several times, like a young mother who has leukemia. Another time, I was a drug addict who had cancer. I'm trying to think of how many times I've died. I died on stage in King Lear. But I don't think I've ever had a physical combat death like Cornwell. She really fights her way to the end, doesn't she? That was different for me, and fun. Some people do not believe that Cornwell is actually dead. How much do you enjoy that element? That fans want more, and also that in science, dead doesn't always mean dead. I think that's fun. I'm delighted that people like the character enough that they're like, "She's not really dead! We don't want her dead!" So, that's great. It's fun to play with ideas of what might happen. Once an actor does anything on Trek, they're part of the larger Trek family. How cool is that, and what are the odds that we'll see you at a Star Trek convention? Would that be of any interest? I feel so privileged and honored to be invited into this world. I have a good friend who is very good friends with Bob Picardo. So, we've been at their house for Thanksgiving, my friends, and he'd be there. That's where I learned a lot about these conventions. And my friend, Megan Gallagher, accompanied Bob (to conventions) because she did a few Star Treks and they’re friends. She’s said that it was a fun thing to do. So, yeah, maybe that is in my future. I feel very honored to be a part of the whole thing. Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
  16. When we received an invitation to the red-carpet premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, we were thrilled. Though we live near Hollywood, we don’t get such invitations very often, but CBS saw to it that we got this invitation. John chose to wear his Casablanca dinner jacket with his Gemini and Apollo mission tie, both of which caused comment at the event. That we could also invite two of our daughters was even more special. Jenn lives in Boston, but she flew out for this event. Talk about crazy Trekkies, right? At the Cinerama Dome theater, we met many costumed fans as we walked toward to front, including John Halvorson, our local Klingon. It was nice seeing someone we knew. There were a whole bunch of fans we didn’t know, which opened new possibilities for more Trek friendships. We were very impressed with the fan-made costumes, including a well-done Andorian who wore blue latex gloves instead of makeup on her hands. That way, she could hug people without decorating them with blue, an innovation that was much appreciated. The “red” carpet turned out to be blue (go figure), but there was the usual press excitement. We’d always wondered how the press managed to identify everyone who walked down a red carpet. Turns out they are given cheat sheets with colored photos of the celebrities, their names, and what they do. We were on one of those sheets! Cool! Among the people who posed for pictures with us was Ian Spelling, our patient editor, and several CBS folk we’d met at Comic-Con or Star Trek Las Vegas during the 50th anniversary. They made sure that we’d gotten an invitation for the after-party, including our daughters. Once in the theater, we took our free popcorn and beverages, and went to find our seats. We had been placed so close to the screen that neither of us could possibly see more than large blurs. It would have been like watching an animated expressionist painting! So, we asked for seat farther back, and were escorted to a much better location. There we talked to several fans, including one effervescent red shirt who invited Bjo to look into a military female Trek fan club, since Bjo is ex-Navy. Before the screening began, Sarek appeared on screen to advise all watchers to not share anything they viewed (yeah, right!). It was an amusing beginning, and both of us liked the new Sarek. People settled down to see if Discovery was going to be what everyone hoped it would be: good Trek. The action immediately slammed into a plot by a rogue Klingon, with a young Starfleet officer being the only one who could sense what was up. From there, it was one breathless scene after another. We had little time to absorb one thing before another two carried our senses beyond that. Space, as defined by Discovery, is a colorful, action-filled stage on which to play out the story. Colors are used to good effect, often mirroring the enhanced photo results obtained from Hubble and other modern space cameras. We hope to see Discovery space posters being offered as merchandise in the near future. The characters were as interesting as we hoped they would be -- kudos to the costume designers, mask-makers and makeup artists -- and all played their parts well. We know that the new Klingons have caused a great deal of discussion and questions in Trekdom, but they are much more menacing than ever and we like them. Bjo has a theory that Klingons go into hibernation every so-many years and hatch out of their chrysalis as a more developed entity. Middle daughter, Lora, happily observed “The new show looks like it’s gonna be really good! Fantastic aliens, costumes, production values and interesting story. The characters are written well and both likable and hateable.” We’re not sure that “hateable” is a word, but it seems very apt for villains like the new Klingons. The uniforms and other costumes are very well designed and constructed. They are totally unlike earlier Starfleet uniforms. It was not surprising that some enterprising (as it were) fans had already made their own versions. Klingon uniforms are much more complex and interesting than earlier budget-bound Klingon garb. But we’re sure that many fans will be up to the challenge. We look forward to seeing what ingenious costumes show up at upcoming conventions. Daughter #3 noted, “The premiere was awesome. An experience not to be forgotten. It was fun to dress up, it was fun to watch the 'rents walk the carpet, it was fun that we got to walk down the carpet too. We were assigned seats in the third row, so we asked if Bjo and John could be moved farther back (they wouldn't have been able to see well that close). The harried people trying to seat everyone were able to accommodate them (the folks at CBS were awesome. Great crew). Lora and I stayed down front." Celebrity sightings: the cast of Discovery, as well as William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Nana Visitor, Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page, Jonathan Frakes, Bill Nye, Michael Trucco, Greg Jein, Rick Sternbach, Mike and Denise Okuda, John Billingsley. Enjoyed it very much!!! As we were leaving the after party I passed Sonequa Martin-Green and told her I really enjoyed her performance.” Bjo wasn’t quite as composed as our daughter. At the party, Bjo ran into Sonequa Martin-Green and went all fan-girl! She is so very beautiful that Bjo forgot everything she wanted to say when Sonequa smiled at us. This is unusual, since we both are pretty used to meeting actors. Jenn also sent us another FB exchange between a friend and herself: Kathy: “All those people owe their ongoing jobs to your parents!!!” Jenn: “Dude. Mom and dad are one of the 22 photos from the premiere that posted!! When Star Trek was filmed in Southern California, we could occasionally visit the sets. Discovery is filmed in Toronto, Canada, which means that we won’t be able to do that. We’re sorry for that, because it is fun to see how episodes get made. Then we could share our experiences with our blog readers. When Bjo shared set visits with Starlog readers, most fans enjoyed that. We now have CBS Access, so we can watch Discovery as it develops. Everyone should remember that fans didn’t immediately accept the original Star Trek, in spite of what revisionist history claims. We all had a cautious “wait and see” attitude, having been promised mature programming by other sci-fi shows, such as Lost in Space and Time Tunnel, only to have them devolve into kiddie TV. With so many who can turn out good entertainment involved with Discovery, we’re willing to wait to find out how it turns out. A wonderful new adventure is upon us. Let’s boldly go where Discovery takes us! View the full article
  17. The eighth pin FanSets' Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pin set collection is... the Pahvan. The species, which has found a way to exist in perfect and absolute harmony with their world, and hopes to bring peace to others, figured prominently in "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum." As reported previoiusly, the Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pin set will include a total of 16 pins, specifically 15 episodic pins and an exclusive “Season 1 Pass Holder” pin. Every pin will note the season, episode number and episode title. After a new episode airs, will be updated with an image of that episode-specific pin. The pins will measure approximately 2 -2 ¼” square in size and feature a key person, ship, alien or item from each episode. As a special bonus, the first episode pin is an oversized 3” x 3” pin that celebrates the launch of latest chapter in the Star Trek saga. Check out the pins that have been released so far: The pins will be shipped in a series of two sets. The first (featuring eight episode pins and the "Season 1 Pass Holder" pin) will hit the mail four to six weeks after the 8th episode airs, and the second set (seven pins) will ship four to six weeks following Discovery's 15th episode. Due to fan demand, FanSets will make a very limited number of individual episode pins from the first half of the season available for single purchase starting Dec. 1st, they will also be extending the season pass to Nov. 17th. Limited, single episode pins sales will be available to purchade 4-6 weeks after episode 9 airs, each will be priced at $19.95. Sets shipping domestically to the United States are priced at $200 U.S., plus $25 shipping/handling, which includes shipping for both the first and second sets. Sets shipping internationally (anywhere in the world outside the United States) are $200 U.S., plus $50 shipping/handling, and that also includes shipping for both the first and second sets. Go to to order your Limited Edition Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pin set. Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
  18. The Perth Mint's latest Star Trek product is a limited-edition Star Trek: Next Generation 30th Anniversary 2-oz Silver $2 Tuvalu 2017 coin. One side features the TNG 30th Anniversary logo and a color images of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D and her crew, including Deanna Troi, Worf, William T. Riker, Captain Picard, Geordi La Forge, Dr. Beverly Crusher and Data. The design also includes the Perth Mint's traditional "P" mintmark and the inscription: "STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION 30." The coin's obverse boasts an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the inscriptions: "QUEEN ELIZABETH II" "2 DOLLAR" (the face value), "TUVALU" (the issue country), "2017" (the issue year) and "2oz 9999 Ag" (the weight of the coin and fineness of the Silver). The coin comes packaged in a circular presentation case with a LED light that illuminates when the lid is opened, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. It's priced at AUS $209.09 and US $160.51. The Perth Mint has also released a 1-oz TNG 30th Anniversary coin featuring Picard and Locutus. It's priced at AUS $104.55 and US $80.26. Go to for additional details and to purchase the coins. View the full article
  19. The documentary Remembering Leonard Nimoy will start airing Sunday, November 5 on PBS stations across the country, ideally timed to COPD Awareness Month. COPD -- or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease -- is the illness that claimed the life of the legendary Star Trek star on February 27, 2015. Some of the PBS stations/cities confirmed to air it are Los Angeles, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Boston; the documentary premiered in May on WGBH Boston, drawing enough viewers to earn a national slot. Produced and directed by Nimoy's daughter, Julie, and son-in-law, David Knight, Remembering Leonard Nimoy features interviews with Nimoy's family members, including his children, Julie and Adam, his wife Susan, stepson Aaron and his six grandchildren, in which they share poignant stories and special memories. Also included are never-seen-before home videos and photographs. To learn more, go to View the full article
  20. Which Star Trek character would make the best Halloween costume? That's the question asked last week for our weekly poll. Thousands of fans participated in the poll, selecting from the Gorn, Borg Queen, Quark, Worf, Neelix and Saru. And here are the reults: Borg Queen (48%) Gorn (19%) Worf (15%) Quark (8%) Saru (6%) Neelix (4%) Kick start November and Thanksgiving by voting in this week's poll! View the full article
  21. Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for a second season, it was announced today by CBS All Access. “In just six episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has driven subscriber growth, critical acclaim and huge global fan interest for the first premium version of this great franchise,” said Marc DeBevoise, President and Chief Operating Officer, CBS Interactive, referring to the fact that Discovery set new CBS All Access records for subscriber sign-ups in a single day, week and month. “This series has a remarkable creative team and cast who have demonstrated their ability to carry on the Star Trek legacy. We are extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished and are thrilled to be bringing fans a second season of this tremendous series.” The first six episodes are currently available. As previously announced, Discovery will air in two chapters. The final episode of chapter one will debut on Sunday, November 12, and the second chapter, featuring the remaining six episodes, will return in January 2018. Star Trek: Discovery streams Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series streams on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
  22. Kirsten Beyer penned ”Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” episode eight of Star Trek: Discovery. To celebrate the occasion, is pleased to share Getting to Know Kirsten Beyer. Pre-Discovery Beyer was best known, before Discovery, as the keeper of the Star Trek: Voyager novel series. It’s going on a full decade that she’s written Voyager tales, starting with a short story and then such novels as Full Circle, Children of the Storm, Protectors, Atonement and the upcoming Architects of Infinity and To Lose the Earth. Actorly Beginnings Beyer actually started out as an actor. She earned a Masters of Fine Arts and Acting from UCLA, which is also where she met her husband. Star Trek: Discovery Beyer’s first big Discovery episode centered on Saru (Doug Jones), but the character she hears most vividly in her head is… Tilly (Mary Wiseman). According to Beyer, Tilly is a Starfleet officer unlike anything we’ve seen before, partially because of her inexperience. “We're building from that notion that canon tells us both Kirk and Spock served these cadet years,” Beyer told “We don't know what they were exactly. We don't know a lot about that, but we just ... It's there in history for us. So, we've imagined Tilly actually doing the same thing on our ship. I didn't hear her voice, though, until we cast Mary, and until I started to hear Mary. The minute she opened her mouth at the first table read, I was like, "Oh, my God." She just has her own rhythms, her own sensibilities. You're never going to mistake Mary for anybody else. And for me, that marriage between those two is perfect. Any time I get to write her, I'm just tickled.” By Grabthar's Hammer! Her favorite movie is… Galaxy Quest. The Liaison In addition to her duties as a Discovery staff writer, Beyer serves as the liaison between the show and the complementary spokes, namely the Discovery novels and comic books, working with those writers and editors to make those stories are part of an integrated whole. Television vs. Novels Based on her experience so far, Beyer feels that writing for television and writing books are two completely distinct jobs and skills. “Not even just the part where beforehand you're coming up with ideas, where it was always just me and my editor, maybe,” she told us. “So (with Discovery), at first, having to share that process with nine different people broke my brain. I literally didn't understand how to follow somebody else's ideas through to a logical end and add my own to that mix. But, like anything, you do it long enough and it starts to make sense to you.” Her Advice If she could put her advice to aspiring authors in one sentence, it’d be: “Don't be afraid to write a sh--ty first draft.” Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
  23. Star Trek: Waypoint, due out November 8 from IDW Publishing, is an anthology series that offers every fan a stopping point along Trek’s 51-year journey, with stories that reflect what's come before and stories that peer ahead to the next half-century of Trek. The short stories – by writers Dayton Ward, Sam Maggs, Cecil Castellucci, Rachael Stott, Donny Cates, Sandra Lanz, Kevin Dilmore and Mairghread Scott -- run the gamut from The Original Series, The Next Generation and Voyager to Deep Space Nine, Enterprise and more, featuring all your favorite characters. The 144-page trade paperback features art by Gordon Purcell, Megan Levens and Corin Howell. The cover is by Marc Laming. For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit to find a store near you. Keep an eye on for additional details about the IDW's upcoming Star Trek adventures, as well as exclusive First Looks at covers and preview pages. View the full article
  24. Spoiler Alert! (Stop, if you haven't seen episode #7 of Star Trek: Discovery, “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”) Last Time on Discovery… In a personal log entry, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) says, "Despite my fears to the contrary, I seem to have found my place on this discovery." She has become part of the routine, made friends -- "one, at least" -- and takes comfort in her work. Further, she notes, the U.S.S. Discovery has become the most-important weapon in the Federation's arsenal in their war against the Klingons. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) is still acting odd, but this new, upbeat, almost-goofy Stamets is so much more pleasant than the old one that no one really takes note of the fact that he's been majorly altered by his direct connection/interaction with the spore drive. Burnham, to the surprise of no one except perhaps herself finds Lt. Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif)... "intriguing." No doubt, there's chemistry between them. Burnham faces one of her greatest challenges so far: a party. We're talking tipsy Tilly (Mary Wiseman) playing beer pong and revealing she's in a musician phase when it comes to guys; charming, speechifying Tyler; Wyclef Jean blasting in the background. The fun ends -- or does it begin? -- when an announcement is made: "Science specialist Burnham and Lt. Tyler, please report to the bridge." And let's not forget about that power surge/flicker. "Why would you apologize for a random act of physical interaction?" Stamets asks Burnham after she accidentally bumps into him and Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz). Stamets hugs her and adds, "These are the moments that make life so gloriously unpredictable." He then compliments Tyler both on being so tall and also extremely well grounded given all the torture he endured at the hands of the Klingons. Dr. Culber apologizes for his partner, explaining that he's been "different" lately. Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) orders the ship to yellow alert in reaction to an unidentified signal. Turns out it's a gormagander, sort of a massive space whale, and the species is near extinct. Lorca acquiesces to Burnham's request to bring the lonely creature aboard. Once aboard the ship, out from the gormagander's mouth steps a figure in an Andorian helmet. And then the killing starts. Moments later, the intruder's identity is revealed: Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson). "Did you miss me as much as I missed you?" Mudd then states his case. Number one: No one leaves him to rot in a Klingon prison and gets away with it. Number two: "As soon as I find out what's so special about your ship, I'm going to sell it to the Klingons. Do you hear me, captain? I'm going to sell your ship to your mortal enemy. And in so doing, destroy any chance your Federation has of winning this war." Mudd goes on about his beloved Stella being taken away from him and his plan to kill Lorca "as many times as possible." That "as many times as possible" comment sets in motion the rest of the episode, as Mudd takes advantage of a time loop in order to figure out what indeed makes the Discovery so special. And so we see the party, the space whale's initial appearance and subsequent events over and over again, with minor variations. No longer in groovy mode, Stamets realizes something is wrong. In fact, he's the only one who's immune to the time loops. He witnesses Mudd's wrath repeatedly and tries to convince Dr. Culber, Tyler, Burnham and others that he's not crazy. "You're mad..." Burnham tells Mudd, who just sneers and replies, "No, I'm Mudd." Piecing together clues, Stamets reasons that since the tardigrade was a multidimensional creature, his temporal loop immunity must be a side effect from combining its DNA with his own. Further, he notes, Mudd can't be far off from figuring out why he can't get the spore drive to work: "Me." Here's the plan. When the next time loop occurs, Stamets will tell Burnham something that she's never told anyone before. If he knows it, she had to have told him. Burnham whispers in his ear and, next time loop, at the party, he says, point-blank, "You've never been in love before." Stamets explains, or so says Burnham's look, and she states, "I believe you." Stamets wants Burnham to get Tyler on board, too, but it means interacting with him socially -- and even dancing with him. The two share a heart to heart, with Stamets noting that "Love isn't logical" and suggesting that he take the lead as they dance. "Never hide who you are," Stamets advises. "That's the only way relationships work." Mudd's secret is... a time crystal. He's been wearing it on his wrist. Time resets, the party kicks in again and Burnham gives it a go. She's less than subtle with Tyler: "Harry Mudd is here, and in a few minutes, he's going to take over this ship." But it works, and Tyler ealizes -- bonus -- that Burnham likes him. "This night has gotten weird," he says, "But also very interesting." He then leans in, says, "If time really is repeating, this won't matter," and plants a long, affectionate kiss on Burnham, who says, "That was nice." They're called to the bridge once again, but at Burnham's urging, they ignore it. "How can I help?" he asks. Mudd is done playing games. "Yes, Captain Mudd," the computer intones as he orders his very loud entry music lowered in volume. He banishes Lorca to the brig with the wave of a hand and brandishes a glowing, purple, marble-like sphere. "Of the 823 ways to die in space," he warns, "this is rumored to be the most painful," as the weaponized dark matter rips molecules apart at the atomic level. He kills Tyler and threatens Saru (Doug Jones). Stamets steps in. "Stop!" he exclaims. "I can't watch you kill any more people... It needs me to work." Off they beam to Engineering. Burnham and Tilly discover Mudd's ship within the gormagander and a larger crystal within the ship. That's his energy source. Time, so to speak, is running out, so they must get Mudd must reset time himself. But why would he, Tilly asks, since he now has everything he wants/needs? "No, he doesn't," Burnham insists, referring to... herself, as she'd be quite a prize for Mudd to deliver to the Klingons. Burnham confronts Mudd. First, they discuss his supposedly beloved Stella. And then she really gets down to business, explaining that she's far from the "nobody" he thinks she is. She murdered the Klingon messiah, T'Kuvma. Mudd deems that claim "absurd." He checked the officers' manifest. She counters, "I'm not an officer. I'm Michael Burnham." She'd be worth far more to the Klingons than even the Discovery. He's tempted, but what's in it for her? Lt. Tyler, she replies, prompting Mudd to point out, "Lt. Tyler is dead." Burnham looks him straight in the eye and utters "Not for long" as she reaches for one of the lethal marbles and swallows it. She disintegrates as Mudd looks on, helpless, and taps his wrist bracelet to reset time. The games start anew. Mudd sets his plan, while Burnham, Lorca, Stamets and Tyler set theirs. On the bridge, they try to con a con man. Lorca insists he's negotiating with a businessman, and offers the ship, Burnham and Stamets in exchange for the lives of his crew. Mudd agrees and orders to computer to send the ship's coordinates to the Klingons. Once they join the time stream, there's no turning back. Mudd expects to see "those pointy-headed bastards," but he's been played. Burnham and company have figured out that's he's not been running to Stella, but rather from her. Aboard the Discovery, Mudd controlled all the critical systems, but the archive? Not a critical system. And the captain's chair? Not a critical system, either. Tyler rewired it and those coordinates Mudd ordered sent didn't go to his Klingon buyers, but instead to Stella... and her daddy. There's no going back this time, no time crystal to help fix the mistake. Burnham seems to take a bit of glee in declaring, "Turns out you can con a con man." And, there, in the transporter room stand Stella and her father, Barron Grimes. Foiled! Barron Grimes promises to ensure that Mudd spends the rest of his days by Stella's side, and out of Starfleet's way. Stella, very much on to Harry but still smitten, says, "Come here, Harcourt, you naughty boy." And the three beam away. Burnham and Tyler reconnect. They shared an experience, a dance, a kiss. They know that for a fact, but don't remember it. "What I'm feeling, it's complicated and strange," she tells him as they share a ride on a turbolift, initially avoiding his gaze. He replies, "It's OK. I'm not going anywhere." They face each other. She notices that he looks forlorn and wonders, "What is it?" He pauses and answers, "I'm just sad we missed our first kiss." As Burnham and Tyler step out of the turbolift and onto the bridge, Burnham is heard recording another personal log: "Just as repetition reinforces repetition, change begets change. I guess the truth is we never really know what's coming. Sometimes, the only way to find out where you fit in is to step out of the routine, because sometimes where you really belong was waiting right around the corner all along." Next on Discovery… In the new episode titled, "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum," the U.S.S. Discovery is tasked with a high priority mission to planet Pahvo. Worth Noting: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum is Latin for "If you want peace, prepare for war." This episode is the first Discovery hour credited to Kirsten Beyer. She, of course, is a Discovery staff writer and longtime author of the Star Trek: Voyager novels. John S. Scott makes his Discovery directing debut with this installment. He, in his career, worked his way up the ranks of the camera department, starting as a first assistant camera operator, then camera operator, before directing. Among his credits as a director: Glee, Nip/Tuck, Chuck, American Horror Story, Devious Maids, Suits, Revenge, Mistresses and The Magicians. After Trek When Star Trek: Discovery ends, After Trek begins. Stream it Sundays at 9:30pm ET/6:30 PT. Joining host Matt Mira will be: Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
  25. A brand-new bundle of exciting “allied” starships will soon be arriving in Star Trek Online on Xbox One and Playstation 4, allowing Captains of any faction access to classic designs that have been revitalized for the modern age of space travel. These Enterprise influenced designs allow players to take command of three of the 600 different ships from Star Trek movies and television that are available in game. Starfleet shipyards have begun producing a resurrected design from a founding species of the Federation – the Tellarite Pralim Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser [T6]. Meanwhile, shipyards across the Klingon Empire are embracing the designs of their Orion allies, and are producing the Orion Blackguard Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser [T6]. Not to be outdone, the Romulan Republic has moved in the direction of making their tenuous partnership with the Suliban more official, by cooperating on the design and creation of the Suliban Silik Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser [T6]. These starships are available in the C-Store and can be purchased by level 50 players (Vice Admiral and Lieutenant General ranks). Each of these Flight-Deck Assault Cruisers will have a Fleet variant made available upon release. All three faction variants share the same Universal Console and Starship Trait. Items and Abilities Console - Universal – I.F.F. Manipulator This specialized suite of I.F.F. scramblers may be used to temporarily force your enemies to fight amongst themselves for a short period of time. The primary target of the ability will be assigned as a primary opposing threat to all of their nearby allies, while targeting sensors become incapable of separating friend from foe. In addition to this, the primary target's damage resistance will also be reduced by an amount inversely proportionate to the number of foes confused (debuff is stronger if fewer foes are confused). This console also provides a passive boost to Critical Severity with Directed Energy Weapons, and Engineering Readiness. This console may be equipped in any console slot, on the Tellarite Pralim Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser, Orion Blackguard Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser, or Suliban Silik Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser, or their Fleet variants. You may only have one of these consoles equipped at a time. Starship Trait After achieving level 5 in your Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser, you will unlock the Majority/Minority Starship Trait. While this Trait is active, the number of Allies and Foes within 10km of you will be counted. Depending upon whether you are in the Minority (Foes outnumber Allies) or the Majority (Allies equal or outnumber Foes), you gain different combat benefits. Majority = Increased Damage Resistance, Shield Hardness, and Hull Regeneration Minority = Increased Damage Output, and Flight Speed. *Both “Allies” and “Foes” count all Hangar Pets, Fleet Support, and other similar summons. Not Mines/Torpedoes. Availability These starships will be available in the C-Store individually, or they found packaged together in the T6 Allied Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser bundle. Fleet versions of each of them can be unlocked by reaching Tier IV in your Starbase Shipyard. Exact features, stats, and details on this set of nostalgia-infused Allied starships will appear within the next few days! Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall Cryptic Studios Lead Systems Designer Star Trek Online View the full article