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  1. Option 3. The last couple of Enterprise questions asked have been in that weeks episode on TV here in the UK and I know some areas haven't seen anything of season 3
  2. The new Slipknot album- "Subliminal Verses" :(
  3. Holy Cow!!!! :( I'm 26 and 6'2 and weigh 200 pounds. :( This kid must be HUGE!
  4. WOW! I thought I did OK, but this is my best so far. Congrats to all fellow Trivia Winners and Promotees' :) :) :(
  5. The questions have been just right for a Trekkie of my experience. I'll admit I've had to triple check a couple of my answers to make sure I'm right (or completely wrong). If you want to expand on the questions, you could try other Sci-Fi/Fantasy style questions i.e. Star Wars, Stargate, Buffy, Angel etc. In the meantime, keep up the great work :blink:
  6. This is fantastic news. :( The show has too much potential to just let it get dropped. The only downside is that here in the UK, we probably won't get to see the new season until the new year
  7. James T Kirk is the best, accept no sustitutes. Well, mabe Picard
  8. Jean-Luc was the better Captain by a mile, he knew when it was time for words and when it was time for action. He also visited the Delta Quadrant (albeit briefly) before Janeway did, so he gets my vote easily. :(
  9. Top book, it's one I can pick up again and again if I want a quick read. It does quite well at explaining the origins of the probe itself.
  10. In our house it's a case of whoever smelt, changes it. :)
  11. I live in Bristol, UK.
  12. I've got no problems letting people know I'm a Trek fan as most of my friends and family either love it as well or have the decency to respect my interests.