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  1. OK, first thought- For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky. 2nd thought - OMG, IT's LIAM NEESON. 3rd thought - Rocky Road ice cream and The Sound of Music always makes me happy, too.
  2. The third episode, About A Girl, was the best yet. I would have liked for it to end differently, but it was not unexpected.
  3. The critics aren't thrilled with it, but I really hope The Orville lasts awhile.
  4. I was able to watch it this morning online. I kinda LOVE it. It's just so Star Trek-y.
  5. Happy 51st Birthday to the BEST TV series EVER!! (You can delete this if it's posted elsewhere and I just missed it! :))
  6. Hi, Bethlehem! I did try, I really did. I've watched all the trailers, etc. The special effects look good. That's the only good thing I can say about it. I hope you all have fun watching it! LLAP!
  7. As much as I try, I just cannot get excited about this. Sorry.
  8. It looked really good! It did look good. I loved Karl Urban's part with Spock beaming away, and thought he truly recreated how DeForest Kelley would have done it.
  9. Yeah, so many people got sick at the Rio last year. Are you staying at the Gold Coast or somewhere else? This Dallas con will probably be my last con. I'm getting too old for all this nonsense. I went for Gold, though, so I'll be getting William Shatner's autograph, which is really important to me.
  10. I'm still upset that Leonard Nimoy died on my birthday. Just contributed to what a horrible, awful year 2015 was. I'm glad it's over.
  11. I'm not going to this one. Too expensive and I'm sure it will be so crowded as to almost be not worth it. Plus the ticket buying process was poorly handled. That being said, I AM going to the convention in Dallas in April. Tickets are cheaper, it's closer to me and seems like it will be much less crowded and enjoyable. I think it's a viable alternative.
  12. Wow, that is indeed impressive. Congratulations! I'm sure some people do care, and some have even refrained from bragging for the very same or similar reasons. But, brag away!!! He is YOUR son, after all, and you should have the right to brag about his accomplishments.
  13. Wow....just, wow.

  14. Merry Christmas everybody!

  15. Ebay