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    Happy 51st Birthday to the BEST TV series EVER!! (You can delete this if it's posted elsewhere and I just missed it! :))
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    Hay all, this may sound very weird, but I was feeling like coming this site agien after a very long time. I had a account here from 2005 and last long in 2009. Unfortionately the Email connected to it has long been closed for inactivity. Also I can't remember my password, so I thought I would make another account and see how the site is doing. I am happy to see it is still up :-). I have come a long way since I was about 18, I am 25 now. I don't know if anyone here will even remember me. If anyone knows how to get my old account I would appercate it too :-D
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    And that’s a wrap. Destination Star Trek Birmingham came to a close Sunday evening, concluding a massively successful weekend that saw more than 20,000 fans have the experience of a lifetime immersing themselves in everything Star Trek. The StarTrek.com team spread across the floor, capturing everything we could from morning to night, and we’re pleased to share one more set of highlights from the event. Dorn and Farrell Terry Farrell and Michael Dorn spent the better part of their time on stage bantering and playing off each other like an old married couple, often interrupting each other’s sentences and making each other laugh. Dorn smiled when he was asked if his inner Worf ever came out in real life. “There was a time I had a meeting with an IRS guy,” he explained. “I told him that if he didn’t give me the deductions I wanted I would... kill him... where he stands. I thought it was funny. I don’t think he did. No, actually, I like what Worf believes in, but I don’t think I used things he thought or did in my life.” Farrell recounted that she and Dorn knew each other before he joined the cast of DS9, adding that it helped quickly establish the Dax-Worf relationship. “I was really excited that Michael was coming on the show,” she said. “We were already friends. I remember thinking, ‘I hope we get to work together’ (laughs). The trust that you have when you work with a friend, it’s honest. You know they’ll forgive you if you’re having a bad day. And that carried over to Dax and Worf once they became lovers.” “Star Trek: The Original Series was my Trek,” Farrell said later. “Kirk was my captain. Spock... it was f—ing Spock! Now I’m married to his son. It’s so weird!” Meet the Admiral Admiral Cornwell went through the wringer in season one of Discovery, from near-death experiences to the betrayal of her friend. A fan asked Jayne Brook how that all affected the admiral and how it will carry over into season two. “At the end of season one, boy, she really, really went through a lot, almost dying several times,” the actress replied. “Now, she’s hopeful because she’s hit rock bottom. And there was that light of hope, with Michael’s idea of how to get us out of the situation. I knew season-two questions would come up, and I asked what I could say. They said, ‘You are allowed to say you are in season two. ‘ So, I am I season two.” Cornwell is the top-ranking character that Brook has portrayed in her career so far. “I try to bring the humanity to every role I play,” she told the crowd. “And the (Discovery) writers have written to that. But with her rank, the stakes are highest of any character I’ve played." Ryan Express Jeri Ryan admitted to the audience that she was reluctant to sign on for Star Trek: Voyager as Seven of Nine. “Star Trek was notorious for its actors being pigeonholed,” she commented. “But it worked out. A month after Voyager ended, I was on a David E. Kelley show, The Practice. I’ve gotten lucky. I’ve done lots of fun things since then and I was able to have this amazing character, too. I’ve been very blessed.” Ryan unleashed her trademark hearty laugh when a fan wondered if she ever had an interest in performing more of her own stunts, either on Voyager or any other show or movie. “Hell, no,” she said emphatically. “Hell, no. That’s what they are paid and trained to do. Hell no. Knock yourself out, stunt people!” TNG Three Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis joined forces for an entertaining panel that touched on everything from the TNG cast’s enduring friendships to their thoughts about Discovery, and everything in between. Early on, Sirtis addressed a policy that’s becoming fairly standard at conventions. “The reason we ask you not to shoot video is so that we can be honest with you and say things and not get in trouble for them,” Sirtis explained. “So, please don’t film us. Otherwise you’re going to get the same old, patented lies. We want it to be just you with us.” Dorn was the first to reply when a fan asked about the actors being directed by their costars back in their TNG days. “LeVar was very strict as a director,” Dorn said. “Jonathan was great. He was always fun. Patrick, he turned on us because he was Mr. Actor, and ‘We’re not going to have smoke on set!’ As a director, he smoked the place up. It was ' A Fistful of Datas.’ It was a cramped space, a saloon. And all you heard was Patrick shouting, ‘More smoke! More smoke!’ Gates had a moment in the devolving thing. Maybe I was annoying. She wanted me as a devolving being to get into... moss. She said, ‘OK, Michael. Ready? Feel the moss.’” “I like Discovery,” McFadden said. “I think it has a great vibe to it.” Later, she talked more broadly about the franchise. “What I like about Star Trek is that it teaches you to think. It doesn’t tell you how to think.” DS9 Reunited Thanks to DST Birmingham offering the world premiere screening of What We Left Behind, much of the cast and crew of DS9 and the documentary were on hand. And they all gathered together on stage for a pretty epic panel and photo op. Those on hand: Max Grodenchik, Nicole de Boer, Aron Eisenberg, Alexander Siddig, Terry Farrell, Chase Masterson, Nana Visitor, Jeffrey Combs, Ira Steven Behr, Andrew Robinson, Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, Casey Biggs, Vaughn Armstrong, Steve Rankin, Cirroc Lofton and Michael Dorn. “I’ve only seen two (DS9) episodes,” Behr noted to the surprise of many, “since 1999.” Biggs voiced his appreciation for What We Left Behind. “It made me very, very proud to be a part of this family,” he said. “It made me proud to be a part of these people’s lives. It showed how important this series was... is, to so many people.” A fan wanted to hear more about Farrell’s love scene with Avery Brooks in her guise as Mirror Dax, and also about why no one seemed to remember it within the episode. But she could barely hear the question, prompting her to ask, “What about sex with Sisko? Shimerman recounted that Iggy Pop didn’t exactly come to set of “ The Magnificent Ferengi” eager to play a Vorta. “Mr. Pop was terrified to be acting on our show,” he said. “Fortunately, we all owe a great deal of applause to Cecily Adams for calming Iggy Pop down.” Several members of the cast voiced the opinion that DS9 still doesn’t receive the respect they feel it deserves. Their comments, one by one, drew applause from the crowd, which wowed Masterson, who summed it up perfectly by acknowledging: “You guys get it.” As the panel concluded, Shimerman took the mic to wish his wife, and DS9 guest star, Kitty Swink, a happy birthday. Also set to celebrate his birthday... Behr (whose big day is Tuesday). A cake with candles was rolled out on stage, and Shimerman led everyone in attendance in singing “Happy Birthday” to Swink and Behr. The Klingons Mary Chieffo and Kenneth Mitchell — L’Rell And Kol on Discovery — paired up for a session that proved yet again that these two actors, and especially Chieffo, truly appreciate the history and culture of Trek’s Klingons. But the conversation covered all sorts of interesting ground, eliciting both lots of laughter (both Chieffo and Mitchell) and more than a few tears (all Chieffo, all happy tears). “When people talk to me about L’Rell, they’re talking about my work,” Chieffo said. “It’s not about my looks as a woman. As my first first real foray into the business, I am so grateful for that.” Playing a Klingon has carried over to Mitchell’s real life. “Now, when my children are naughty, I get the bat'leth out,” he joked. “And then they are no longer naughty.” What kind of shoes does Mitchell wear? “Kenneth Kols,” Mitchell joked to big laughs. Photo Ops All day long, at the various sets and booths, fans enjoyed photo shoots with family and friends and, of course, with the events stars, several of whom were in costume as their familiar characters. Fans had the opportunity to take the equivalent of a Discovery class photo. Birmingham... 2019 Right after the closing ceremony, it was announced that Destination Star Trek will return to Birmingham in 2019. And the first confirmed guest is... George Takei. Mark your calendars now: October 25-27. Tickets are on sale at www.DestinationStarTrek.com. Check out of highlights features from Day One and Day Two of Destination Star Trek Birmingham. View the full article
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    Which Trek tech would you most want to have? That's the question StarTrek.com posed for our latest weekly poll. Fans could choose from Food Replicator, Holodeck, Phaser, Transporter, Tricorder and Universal Translator. More than 10,000 of you voted, and here are the results: Transporter (35%) Holodeck (32%) Food Replicator (21%) Universal Translator (6%) Tricorder (3%, 357 votes) Phaser (3%, 288 votes) Be sure to vote in this week's poll... View the full article
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    Star Trek: Discovery news of major proportions came at warp speed during today’s Discovery panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con… with a season-two sneak peek and details about Star Trek: Short Treks rocking the house. On hand from Discovery were cast members Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Mary Wiseman, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, Mary Chieffo and Anson Mount, as well as executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin, along with panel moderator and season two guest star, Tig Notaro. First, fans were treated to a sneak peek at the show’s upcoming second season, with footage introduced by series co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman, who directed the season-two premiere. Kurtzman also announced Star Trek: Short Treks, which will run on CBS All Access. The four Short Treks episodes will roll out monthly beginning this fall, and will be standalone stories, each running approximately 10-15 minutes. Each short will be an opportunity for deeper storytelling and the exploration of key characters and themes which fit into Discovery and the expanding Star Trek universe. Rainn Wilson will return to play Harry Mudd in a short he will also direct, and Aldis Hodge will star in another as Craft, a man who finds himself the only human on board a deserted ship. Additional episodes will include a deep dive into Saru’s (Doug Jones) backstory as the first Kelpien to join Starfleet, and Tilly’s (Mary Wiseman) journey aboard the U.S.S. Discovery and her friendship with an unlikely partner. “There is no shortage of compelling stories to tell in the Star Trek universe that inspire, entertain, and either challenge our preconceived ideas or affirm long held beliefs, and we are excited to broaden the universe already with Short Treks,” said Kurtzman. “Each episode will deliver closed-ended stories while revealing clues about what’s to come on in future Star Trek: Discovery episodes. They’ll also introduce audiences to new characters who may inhabit the larger world of Star Trek.” Star Trek: Discovery's first season is available on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. It's available on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
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    Production is under way now on season two of Star Trek: Discovery, with series executive producer and co-creator Alex Kurtzman directing the season premiere. A new video has been released that features behind-the-scenes footage and sneak peeks at the U.S.S. Enterprise uniforms. Click HERE to watch the Space Channel video in Canada. Click HERE to watch the Netflix video elsewhere around the world. Star Trek: Discovery's first season is available on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. It's available on Netflix in the rest of the world. View the full article
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    Creation Entertainment has just confirmed that the upcoming Star Trek Las Vegas event – set to be held August 1–5 at the Rio Suites Hotel -- will feature the world-premiere live orchestral performance of Jeff Russo’s acclaimed music from Star Trek: Discovery. Maestro and longtime Trek fan Richard McGee will conduct the Nevada Pops in playing that music and other Trek pieces. Composer Michael Giacchino will make a special guest appearance and lead the 45-member orchestra in performing his "Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond Suite.” It’s all part of STLV’s Saturday Night Gala Celebration, with Saturday falling on August 4. The Nevada Pops Orchestra Star Trek: Concert Live will be complimentary for Gold, Captain’s Chair and Copper Patrons. Fans can also purchase separate $50 general admission tickets. Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for news of additional guests and events, and go to Star Trek Las Vegas for more information and to purchase tickets. View the full article
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    It sounds like over all Trek fans are enjoying the new series. Maybe I will break down next year and pay for it.
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    Most of my Star Trek friends are watching this show. My wife and I specifically subscribed to All Access just for the show. I am not influenced by the opinions of others either. I enjoy the show and the many twists and turns that many of the other series seemed to lack. There is little predictability on this show. For example, who really saw Dr. Culber's murder at the hands of Ash Tyler coming? This is the kind of edgy trek needed to reinvigorate the franchise, in my honest opinion.
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    Hey Kevin we all definitely missed you! The site looks great. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Thanks for keeping this site going all this time even though it isn’t as active anymore it will always be a huge part of my life. Thanks again
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    This episode also marked the last appearance of Lt. DeSalle in the series. Catspaw is one of the hidden gems of classic Trek's second season. What stood out for me was the balance of humor and creepiness imbued within this journey (e.g. Spock's deadpan response to the witches dreadful song, "Very bad poetry Captain" to which Kirk replies " A more useful comment, Mr. Spock." The blend of these elements makes this an ep worth repeat viewings. Happy 50th to Catspaw!!!!
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    Ladies and gentlemen, we present, for your viewing and listening pleasure, the Audi Orchestra, as they perform the original Star Trek theme. Now, this is no ordinary orchestra. It features musicians, including a horn player and harpist, joined by an Audi R8 V10 Plus, SQ5 and TT RS, in bringing the tune to life. The spot is timed to the Emmy Awards broadcast, which will air Sunday on CBS, and celebrates the fact that in 1967, Star Trek: The Original Series was nominated for Outstanding Drama. Check it out: View the full article
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    Characterizations, Treknology, Treknobabble, it really has it all. It's a shame someone can parody Star Trek better than Trek owners can create actual new canon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Discovery story hits a home run.
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    It is always great to see there is someone older than Me A very Happy Birthday wish to you.
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    Very Sad, she always seemed so upbeat even though she had some health issues. Will miss her so much
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    A new topic..its easy all you gotta do is post some historical fact for that day.. Today in history...The Dambusters and the bouncing bomb The attack on German dams took place on the night of 16-17 May 60 years ago and was famously made into a film, starring Sir Michael Redgrave. Two dams were breached in the raid, but an estimated 1,294 people drowned, while 53 aircrew were killed and three taken prisoner. One of the most famous bombing raids ever.
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    In the past, I'm sure I had mentioned my neighbor and good friend Norm. He passed away in 2012 and his wife unfortunately followed in 2014. But around 2010 or 2011, she received a call from someone who started off the call by calling her 'Grandma' and going on to say that she was Norm's son (he had children from a previous marriage). "Scott", went on to explain that he was in the Bahamas or maybe it was the Virgin Islands, and was arrested for being drunk at a concert and the local police were demanding $2,000 as a bribe to let him go. "Scott" also asked "Grandma" (she was really his step-mother), not to tell his father anything about it. Now keep in mind, the real Scott lived in Alaska at the time and would never call her 'Grandma'. Being a very stressful situation, she dutifully went to the Western Union office and wired him $2,000. After she got home, 'Scott' called back and said that they were demanding $5,000 more or they'd charge him and he'd spend a year in their jail. At this point, she was very upset, and told Norm (my friend). He immediately realized that it was a scam, but just to double check, he called his son in Alaska and sure enough, he was safe and sound in his home. The $2,000 was gone for good, an expensive lesson to learn for Norm's wife, but a lesson learned. These sorts of scams will never end, and will only get more creative. I've read of the 'Can you hear me' scam, where someone will call you and the first question is 'Can you hear me?' or some other question that will get you to give a 'Yes' or other affirmative answer. They're recording your voice saying 'Yes', and later add it to a recording where it sounds like you're agreeing to buy something or pay some bill or something of that sort. You can, of course, fight it. But like identity theft, it can be time consuming and expensive.
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    What about this, AE.....you know those emails from foreign countries that ask for money for all kinds of personal catastrophes? Well I received an email from a friend saying something sad had happened. This was an out of state friend and professional colleague so I emailed her back to say I was praying for her and to let me know if there was anything I could do. As I left work it occurred to me to just call her....and lo, nothing was wrong! Plus, she had been getting calls all day from friends, and was in the process of investigating how she had been hacked. The next day I received an email reply to the email I had sent, supposedly replying from my friend. According to the letter my friend was stuck in a foreign country was ill, and needed thousands of dollars, and oh...she was so embarrassed to have to ask for this money. Now that reply site has been sent out to our IT people as a phishing site. But there is no restraint on these people. You just got an America version!
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    Are you sure they are klingons and not some other new race?
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    Eddie Paskey appeared in nearly 60 episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, most of them as Lt. Leslie, but he only ever earned screen credit twice... for "The Alternative Factor" and "This Side of Paradise." So, why do we bring this up now? That's because "The Alternative Factor" debuted on March 30, 1967... or 50 years ago today. Rather than toast "The Alternative Factor," we're going to tip our cap to Paskey. Did you know that he: Only ever spoke in "The Naked Time" and "The Conscience of the King." He was glimpsed sporting gold, blue and, yes, red shirts over the course of his time on TOS. Served as William Shatner's stand-in and turned up briefly as a Starbase 11 medical care assistant in "The Menagerie, Part 1." Can thank Shatner for the character name Lt. Leslie. According to Paskey's official site, "This was a result of his friendship with William Shatner. During a scene in which Eddie was at the helm, Bill felt that he should have a name since he was to issue a command to Eddie. Thus, he became 'Mr. Leslie,' named after Shatner's oldest daughter, Leslie." Drove the truck that claimed the life of Edith Keeler in "The City on the Edge of Forever." Appeared as Connors in "Mudd's Women." Died in "Obsession" and seemingly came back to life in the next episode. Played one of Bela's baddies in "A Piece of the Action." Hand-doubled James Doohan in several episodes. Retired from acting during season three of TOS. "He had been having cluster headaches that were further aggravated by the set lighting," it's explained on Paskey's site. "In a scene in which he received a 'Spock pinch' and was thrown against a railing, he felt his back go out. At this point, Eddie knew he could no longer handle the job's activities." Remains a popular guest at Star Trek conventions around the globe. View the full article
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    I saw this episode again for the first time in several years, it always makes me laugh.
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    With Star Trek: Discovery not far off, I've added its own forum for discussions about Discovery.
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    I saw the documentary that his son did. In watching it, I realized that at the time Leonard Nimoy was born in Boston and at the hospital in which he was born, my grandmother was a nurse. So, my grandmother was most likely inside the hospital when he was born and if she wasn't there at the time, she was there not long after. He grew up not far from where my mother and her siblings grew up. We're talking about maybe half a mile to a mile in distance.
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    Looking good. I was finally able to login. Could not use ` in my username as i had before. Hoping for the best!
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    This is a tragedy. Yelchin had a very promising future, with a number of projects in the works. It also raises the question: In Star Trek, will his character be replaced, or, in this alternate timeline, will he be killed, or die, in some off-screen sequence? A really crazy way to die and so senseless. As for the character of Chekov, he could be recast or replaced with another character with the explanation that Chekov was transferred to another ship or promoted somewhere. Remember, the character didn't even show up on the original series until the second season. It could be a good way to bring back the character of Lt. DeSalle.
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    It looked really good! It did look good. I loved Karl Urban's part with Spock beaming away, and thought he truly recreated how DeForest Kelley would have done it.
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    I think this is a good thing. No offense to George Lucas, but the old man was losing his touch, as evidenced by the prequel trilogy. Scenes in the prequel movies were far too busy in my opinion, which made it difficult to focus on anything. Because most of it was filmed in front of a blue screen, the environments were simulated and it seemed far to sterile. I can't imagine how much of a challenge it must have been for the actors, but unfortunately it was difficult for me to be emotionally invested in the characters. Based on the interviews and such that I have watched, it seems Lucas had absolute control over the story and pretty much everything else in those movies. No one on the production team dared question the cult of personality surrounding Lucas, thus by the time they realized they had gone way too far (Rick McCallum himself even admitted this) it was too late. Due to some of the horrible criticism the prequel movies received, George Lucas said he'd never make the sequel trilogy. My point is this; Disney has entire teams of some of the best creative writers anywhere in the world. Most, if not all of their movies are huge successes, and they appeal to a wide demographic of moviegoers. I have little doubt they will stay true to the Star Wars universe we know, and I think they will do great things with the Star Wars franchise. They will go places with it outside the bounds of one man's tunnel vision.
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    Heather Langenkamp, best-known to fans for her role as Nancy Thompson in A Nightmare on Elm Street, has a small role in next year’s Star Trek into Darkness. During an interview regarding her new documentary, I Am Nancy, the actress admitted that she will be seen in the Star Trek sequel. “Well, I had the opportunity to play a small part in Star Trek, so I’m looking forward to that,” she said. Langenkamp kept mum on just what her role in the movie was, as per usual in the world of Abrams Trek. “I can’t tell you anything about that, but that was a thrill for me,” she said. Could a hint regarding Langenkamp’s role come from her husband’s work though? “My husband and I worked on the makeup effects for Star Trek,” she said. “He designed some of them, so that’s the thing we’re looking forward to most. View the full article
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    Lol that's Robert's job. I'm completely exhausted from the con but I'll get the pics uploaded and online soon. Here's our Nimoy pic though. The Horta skirt is all smooshed in it from trying to get us all in the frame. Very nice man. I don't think he was ever not smiling the whole day.
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    Rachael posing in her Comicon costumes. One new (Weed), one from last year that she's wearing again (Padme) and one store bought because she fell in love with it before I could start making it myself (Aurora). Ginga Densetsu Weed Padme Amidala Princess Aurora
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    This one might be familiar. It used to be my avatar before the clonetroopers.
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    Of course, you're remembered. You're unforgettable, Mrs. Picard. Thanks for this info. I'm looking forward to following any updates you post.
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    It's been a while since I've logged in, so I just found out about this. Man, I don't even know what to say. Of course, my condolences go out to his family. I don't know what it's like to lose someone, so I don't know what they're going through, but I wish the an easy time coming to terms, and hope that they have nothing but good memories of Joe.
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    I just read the email sent out by VBG, I remember Joe! Very sad to hear what happened, my condolences & prayers go out to his family & friends (online & off). He was a very sweet person, and was happy to post alongside him here. Was a very cool guy. I knew he was about my age.. didnt realize he was only a few days older than me He will be missed!
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    My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.
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    nm....anyways, i kinda had some free time on my hands to do this....granted i spent some of it crying....but im sure this feels appropriate...at least this way he knows we all miss him....
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    Ian Wood

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Kid Rock.."All Summer Long"
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    1620 The first merry-go-round seen at a fair (Philippapolis, Turkey)
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    Archer of course. Main reasons are the qualities which attracted me in frist place: His humanity and the way he deals with problems - he uses his brain to convince (not persuade or force) and to achieve his goals Kirk - Picard - Sisko = thats my next ranking list
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    James T Kirk is my favorite Captain..Archer and Sisko are a close second..
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    I have yet to watch my season 6 downloads (no cable), but I previewed this episode! YES, EXTREMELY FUNNY! Also, here's 2 Trek referrences: Roswell "Secrets and Lies" Max, a main character, is off in LA looking for a 2nd shape shifting alien. (Long story! ) Anywho, to get access to Paramount Pictures, where he suspects the alien is possing as a producer, Max gets an agent and auditions for Enterprise! He auditions with John Billingsly out of makeup and Johnathan Frakes is there as the ENT director when he really directed the Roswell episode! Here's another! The Time Machine After Vox the "compendium of all human knowledge" ridicules Alex for thinking time travel is possible, Vox asks if there's anything else. Alex, the time traveler, says he'll try back in a few hundred years. Vox makes the Vulcan hand sign and says, "Live long and prosper!" followed by a TOS door sound effect! :lol: John Logan wrote the movie right before he wrote NEMESIS, thus him being a Trekkie, he stuck in the joke! So, anyone catch either of these? What else is there to look for?!
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