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    Happy 51st Birthday to the BEST TV series EVER!! (You can delete this if it's posted elsewhere and I just missed it! :))
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    Of course, you're remembered. You're unforgettable, Mrs. Picard. Thanks for this info. I'm looking forward to following any updates you post.
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    happy birthday rob39874! they turn 38 today
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    Sir Patrick on CBS This Morning just now:
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    Not sure if anyone's still around but hey, I'm used to shouting into a void. lol I guess I'm back... this board was one of the first international Trek boards I joined back in the early 2000s and I have many, many fond memories of it. I returned a few years ago but then left again because I lacked the time to keep up properly, but these days I have a job that allows me to start early and leave early so that I have more time for my hobbies. Anyways. I hope someone reads this... oh and I shall start updating my Sir Patrick topic again. I hope no one minds, heh.
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    I am very sad to report that BakulaBabe and her husband both died in a fire at their home last December. Denise was an active member of this group and I was heartbroken when I heard this.
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    Take a browse through the ever-expanding Urban Dictionary and you will find the phrase "Riker’s Beard." As a Star Trek fan, and perhaps one who, ironically, is celebrating No Beard Day today, you will no doubt be familiar with the term, and here’s how the dictionary describes it: "Euphemism for a moment in time (typically in pop culture) where something or someone that was lackluster and/or underachieving suddenly and surprisingly became much better and exciting. Taken from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which many fans considered wanting until Commander Riker grew a beard at the start of Season Two, after which the show was solid and well-received for the rest of its run." The opposite to jumping the shark, Riker’s Beard is nothing but positive, a description of the moment when something average becomes something far better. Not that Jonathan Frakes and his onscreen alter ego Commander William Riker weren’t already great, but that first appearance of the Riker beard in the opening episode of “The Child” in season two was the start of a relationship that would continue for almost 30 years (Star Trek: Insurrection saw the beard take a trip to Risa for a few days, not that Troi was complaining). The decision to grow the beard was all Frakes'. Tired of shaving, he opted to arrive at rehearsals unshaven and luckily for the actor, the urban dictionary and the rest of the known universe, Gene Roddenberry liked the facial fuzz as well. Speaking at a convention last year, Frakes recalled the moment when Roddenberry made clear his opinion on the beard. “I love the beard. It’s nautical. We’ll keep the beard, we’ll trim it down and shape it. It’ll be decorative.” It took five episodes of tweaking, shaping, shaving, trimming and sticking on hair when too much had been shaved away before the producers were finally happy with the beard's structural integrity. So, a stylistic choice by the actor, fueled by a desire to not shave every morning created something that coincided with TNG stepping out of the shadow of its illustrious predecessor and becoming very much its own entity. Frakes himself was very clear which version of Riker he preferred: "Bearded, without a doubt. I’m so proud that Riker’s beard is in the Urban Dictionary, defined as the opposite of jumping the shark. So, I’d have to go with the beard. And I’ve always liked the beard." As the writer’s strike-stricken second season continued to develop, so the character of Riker grew with it. Will began to evolve from a sharply focused, career-driven first officer into the nurturing, team player full of wise words and encouragement that would eventually take command of the U.S.S. Titan in the final moments of Star Trek: Nemesis 15 years later. To do the beard justice, perhaps we should highlight a trio of great beard moments. Of course, we can’t forget the bubble bath scene in Insurrection, when the Riker/Troi relationship blossoms once again, and Troi’s unforgettable reaction to kissing her bearded beau. “Yuck!” “Yuck?” “I never kissed you with a beard before!” “I kiss you and you say, yuck?” The Federation's fateful encounter with the Borg during the events of “The Best of Both Worlds” saw the beard tested to its very limits as its owner pushed the boundaries of his temporary command by making decisions we believe a beardless Riker would have blanched at. And who can forget the season-six episode “The Quality of Life.” as a trio of bearded Starfleet officers – Worf, Riker and Geordi La Forge (actor LeVar Burton, bearded for the one and only time on TNG due to his own real-life nuptials) – play poker with Dr. Crusher, announcing that she’s suspicious of men who wear beards because they might be hiding something. "Hide? Don't be ridiculous, Doctor. The beard is an ancient and proud tradition." And there you have it, a proud and ancient tradition brought to the Star Trek galaxy by an actor who very wisely decided that shaving was no longer for him. Here’s to Jonathan Frakes, William T. Riker and most importantly Riker's Beard. Mark Newbold has been an avid Trek fan since the 1970's, when TOS was shown on UK TV, but it was the original cast movie series and TNG era that sealed the deal. Mark is a writer for Star Trek The Official Magazine, is editor-in-Chief of Star Trek: The Neutral Zone and was a stage host at Destination Star Trek Germany in 2018. At heart, he's a Niner. Follow him on Twitter. View the full article
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    Creation Entertainment has just confirmed that the upcoming Star Trek Las Vegas event – set to be held August 1–5 at the Rio Suites Hotel -- will feature the world-premiere live orchestral performance of Jeff Russo’s acclaimed music from Star Trek: Discovery. Maestro and longtime Trek fan Richard McGee will conduct the Nevada Pops in playing that music and other Trek pieces. Composer Michael Giacchino will make a special guest appearance and lead the 45-member orchestra in performing his "Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond Suite.” It’s all part of STLV’s Saturday Night Gala Celebration, with Saturday falling on August 4. The Nevada Pops Orchestra Star Trek: Concert Live will be complimentary for Gold, Captain’s Chair and Copper Patrons. Fans can also purchase separate $50 general admission tickets. Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for news of additional guests and events, and go to Star Trek Las Vegas for more information and to purchase tickets. View the full article
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    It was 30 years last week that the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “When the Bough Breaks” premiered. February 15, 1988. To put that in perspective, the four-year-old twins – Jessica and Vanessa Bova -- who shared the role of Alexandra, the youngest of the children kidnapped from the Enterprise, are now 34 years old with kids of their own. To mark the anniversary of the first-season episode, StarTrek.com invited the Bova sisters to interview each other about their Trek experience, what it’s like all these years later to still have Trek in their lives, and what they’re each up to now. Here’s what they had to say: Vanessa: How did we land our Star Trek role? Jessica: We went on an audition and got a call back. Our agent at the time was Harry Gold. I remember my mom telling me we got this part and the name was Alexandria, which I, being a four-year-old, had never heard that name before. I thought it was pretty cool and exotic, and it was very, very exciting. Jessica: Vanessa, what do you remember most vividly about the experience? Vanessa: Funny enough, one of the things I remember most was the costume that we wore because it was like papier Mache. It was a beautiful color and I remember the makeup artist doing just a little bit of foundation on my nose and the smell of it. I had a very close relationship with Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart, and I loved to have them carry me around the set. It was also really nice filming with somebody that we were close to, even though it had been such a short time. Vanessa: And you? Jessica: I can remember the smell of the set. The acting studio that I’m in now, it has that same smell. Sets all have the same smell. I can't, it's almost like a woody smell. It's fabulous. I remember there was a donut guy in the morning. We’d get there before it was even light outside. Everybody was so nice and I guess we were pretty funny kids. And we had a really, really good time. Vanessa: There's something else I remember… the little white stuffed animal they gave to us… Jessica: Oh yeah. Vanessa: ... To carry around while filming, and we carried it on and off set as well. The last scene, when I go to give Captain Picard a hug and tell him ‘Thank you,’ I stuff the stuffed animal on his back. I wasn't supposed to do that and everyone starting laughing -- and they actually kept it in the scene. So, that was something else that stuck with me. Jessica: I remember they kept making you do that take because you would place your head down and you kept turning it the wrong way... Vanessa: They wanted me to face the camera when I hugged Patrick Stewart and, for some reason, I kept facing the other way. I mean, I was four. Jessica: No, you did great. Jessica: Vanessa, how did you like working with Brenda Strong (who played Rashella, the Aldean kindnapper) Vanessa: Brenda was amazing. She was so kind and sweet and- Jessica: Everybody really was. Vanessa: Everybody was, but she was especially drawn to us and mostly to you, Jessica, because you did most of your scenes with her… Jessica: I did. Vanessa: I remember watching Desperate Housewives and seeing Brenda, and I was so excited for her because when we knew her, she was just another actress trying to make a name for herself. Boy, did she. Vanessa: And you? Jessica: I remember her being kind. There was a scene where she had to hold me and calm me down, and she really made you feel like that was actually happening. She was just so soothing and kind. When I see her now on little things here or there, and especially Desperate Housewives, we have a lot of family that was really into that show, and you almost feel like a sense of pride. It’s that, “Oh, you know, no big deal, that was just my mom.” Jessica: Vanessa, when was the last time you saw the episode, and what’s it like to see yourself frozen in time… Vanessa: ... As a four-year-old? The last time I saw the episode was a month ago. It's on Netflix, so every once in a while, a friend will come over and say, “Hey, can we watch the episode of Star Trek with you in it?” I'm like, “Sure.” Or, whenever I'm watching TV and I scroll through the guide and I see Star Trek is playing, I always click on it to see what season it is, if it's our episode, and a lot of the times, our episode will pop up, which is really cool. Vanessa: Jessica? Jessica: Well, they play reruns every day, weekdays, so I will always look to see if it's our season. It's very, very interesting to see us as little girls. I always imagine that our kids, when they're old enough, they will look like that, so… Vanessa: And watch our show. Whenever I see the episode, it makes me happy because it was a really, really fun experience that I’ll always remember. Jessica: And, we were cute. Our kids are not old enough to have watched it yet. I mean, your little boy is only one. Vanessa: Eleven months. Jessica: Well, he'll be one this month, so we’ve not had them watch mom yet, but our other family members get quite a big kick out of it. Vanessa: For sure. Jessica: How hard is it to believe that February 15th was 30 years since the episode debuted? Vanessa: It’s actually really hard to believe because it doesn't seem that long ago. Because I have such vivid memories of it, it seems like it was only yesterday, but it’s pretty cool and amazing that that was 30 years ago. So much has happened since then, and we're still talking about it today. Jessica: I don't think it seems like 30 years ago, either. I thought we were older, honestly, when we filmed that episode. We would’ve been four. I thought we were six. Jessica: Let’s tell everyone what we did after Star Trek and what we’re doing now… Vanessa: We both did a lot of commercials. A lot of acting stuff, theater… Jessica: A couple of PSAs. I went to acting school. Vanessa went to music school. Vanessa: I studied music in college and trained in opera for 10 years. Then, I started working with several different bands. Jessica: We both went to high school, eventually, and then to college. I studied psychology, but I never gave up on my acting. Sometimes you put things on the back burner. We both got married, started families. I'm currently back in acting school. I like it very much. Vanessa: I'm still singing. I'm working with a band right now… Jessica: And, we did a commercial, as twins, a Geico commercial. I think it only aired on the east coast. It had to have been four years ago now. It seems like yesterday. So, that was the last thing we did together. Vanessa: That was fun. Jessica: We do plan to start submitting twin things again. Vanessa: Redheaded twins, I guess, are not really very common. Jessica: We both live in the L.A. area, in Pasadena. Vanessa: Jessica, what does it mean to be even a small part of something so iconic and long-lasting as Star Trek? Jessica: I didn't realize that we were popular until Facebook became a thing and I’d get messages from people saying, “I don't mean to bother you, but I'm such a fan. Are you the little girl from Star Trek?” And, it would never bother me… Vanessa: I’d get the same thing. Maybe several times a year, people would contact me on Facebook and say, “Are you Vanessa Bova, Jessica Bova's twin? Were you the one on Star Trek? I love your episode. My kids watch your episode.” It's just, it's really, really interesting. Jessica: I try to answer all of them. We recently were contacted about going to a Star Trek convention later this year and we're going to be at the Hollywood Show in April. I don't know why we haven't been doing that the whole time. Star Trek fans are so cool. The whole experience was so cool. Vanessa: Oh, yeah. People will send me photos of themselves at conventions with our trading card and say, “Can I have your autograph? Can you send it to me?” Jessica: I actually don't know which one of us is on the card. When I watch the episode, the only way I can tell, “OK, this is me or this is Vanessa” in scenes is that I’ll remember a bit of having to film scenes. But not every scene do I know. Our mom just sent a picture of us on set so that we could share it with StarTrek.com. I had to say, “Well, wait a minute, which one…” Vanessa: Which one is which? We really are identical. We even talk very, very similarly and yet, watching the episode, it's hard to remember which one is which because we also filmed a lot of scenes where we’d each do half and the other person would do the other half. But it's an honor to be a part of something like Star Trek, especially because now it's so well-known and a bigger and bigger thing. Jessica: It's very encouraging. I can say that I have friends as far away as Germany that have contacted me because they recognize me from Star Trek. One guy, he's my good friend now. We talk at least once a month. We became friends because he contacted me on Facebook. He's around our age, a super-cool guy, big Trekkie, and it was he that made me realize how popular it was and that we’re pretty loved in the community. It feels great. Vanessa: It's funny because when I mention to people that’ve known me for a while or people I just meet that we were on Star Trek, they'll ask what episode and I'll say it, and they'll say, “Oh, my gosh, that was you?” I didn't realize that it was such a community of people and such an important thing that people actually remembered the episode we were in. It's like they already know us because they've been watching us for years. Very, very cool. View the full article
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    It sounds like over all Trek fans are enjoying the new series. Maybe I will break down next year and pay for it.
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    It looks promising based on the photos. The introduction of Lt. Ash Tyler in last week's ep was a good move. It came at a crucial time and is one of the better introductions of a major character on a Trek series in a long time. Ash has been through a lot and he seems to mesh well with Captain Lorca who also has been through a lot during his service to Starfleet. Looking forward to this new ep.
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    I was drawn in by this episode. I also watched this episode multiple times, which is one advantage to Star Trek being on all access. Saru was blunt and to the point. I loved Burnham's speech when she made it plain to Lorca that she lives and dies by Star Fleet Principles. The magnitude of her loss, and the pain it brings, is apparent but not overacted. I liked the scene where she touched the insignia on the pillow. I think crediting Burnham with starting the war with the Klingons is not quite accurate, since the Kingons were planning war all along, despite what everyone says. The Federation does not understand the Klingons well enough to make a better assessment of what started the war, But she did mutiny. I am glad she is out of jail. What I liked about this episode was how an apparently resigned to her fate Burnham popped right back into top form when put into situations that needed her expertise. I also liked Lorca's comment on how the universe perhaps did not like waste.
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    I like what i have seen of the series so far and am looking forward to more eps as it continues to find its legs, although it seems to be leaning heavily towards a covert operations (need I say Section 31?) subplot already. I am stoked that there is new Star Trek available, but wish there were more episodes to look forward to. Only fifteen episodes with a two month hiatus after a mere nine episodes into the series? I am kind of disappointed in that. Especially considering I am paying for CBS All Access to view this show (most of the other programs I would watch are already available on Netflix). I was really hoping for a 25+ episode season much like other series have given us in years past. Still, I am glad there is Star Trek rather than no Trek at all. I just hope CBS produces more eps when they rollout season 2.
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    I like the intro. It has a retro cool feel to it with a definite sense of well, for lack of a better word "discovery".
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    Who are these Nielsen People? I suspect they don't laugh, play cards, dance and sleep in separate beds like in Leave it to Beaver.
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    Characterizations, Treknology, Treknobabble, it really has it all. It's a shame someone can parody Star Trek better than Trek owners can create actual new canon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Discovery story hits a home run.
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    Very Sad, she always seemed so upbeat even though she had some health issues. Will miss her so much
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    Let there be Rainn! Emmy Award-nominated actor Rainn Wilson has joined the cast of Star Trek: Discovery and he will play -- are you ready? -- Harry Mudd. Mudd, the charismatic conman and intergalactic criminal first introduced on Star Trek: The Original Series, is one of Trek's most-popular characters. Wilson is best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on The Office. His other television, film and stage credits include Galaxy Quest, House of 1000 Corpses, Six Feet Under, Juno, Titus Andronicus and the Broadway production of The Tempest (with Patrick Stewart). He's also written two books, SoulPancake: Chew on Life's Big Questions and The Bassoon King. Star Trek: Discovery will be available in countries around the world. View the full article
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    Eddie Paskey appeared in nearly 60 episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, most of them as Lt. Leslie, but he only ever earned screen credit twice... for "The Alternative Factor" and "This Side of Paradise." So, why do we bring this up now? That's because "The Alternative Factor" debuted on March 30, 1967... or 50 years ago today. Rather than toast "The Alternative Factor," we're going to tip our cap to Paskey. Did you know that he: Only ever spoke in "The Naked Time" and "The Conscience of the King." He was glimpsed sporting gold, blue and, yes, red shirts over the course of his time on TOS. Served as William Shatner's stand-in and turned up briefly as a Starbase 11 medical care assistant in "The Menagerie, Part 1." Can thank Shatner for the character name Lt. Leslie. According to Paskey's official site, "This was a result of his friendship with William Shatner. During a scene in which Eddie was at the helm, Bill felt that he should have a name since he was to issue a command to Eddie. Thus, he became 'Mr. Leslie,' named after Shatner's oldest daughter, Leslie." Drove the truck that claimed the life of Edith Keeler in "The City on the Edge of Forever." Appeared as Connors in "Mudd's Women." Died in "Obsession" and seemingly came back to life in the next episode. Played one of Bela's baddies in "A Piece of the Action." Hand-doubled James Doohan in several episodes. Retired from acting during season three of TOS. "He had been having cluster headaches that were further aggravated by the set lighting," it's explained on Paskey's site. "In a scene in which he received a 'Spock pinch' and was thrown against a railing, he felt his back go out. At this point, Eddie knew he could no longer handle the job's activities." Remains a popular guest at Star Trek conventions around the globe. View the full article
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    Looking good. I was finally able to login. Could not use ` in my username as i had before. Hoping for the best!
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    It's been 6 years since our last upgrade, and it's time for a new one. I hope to have it completed within the next couple of weeks, but it's been so long since the last one, that a lot has to be done to prepare the site from a compatibility standpoint. I've created a STARTREKFANS Twitter account as well, and the new board platform will have enhanced social media connectivity, so look for some exciting changes coming to STF.
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    LINKS: http://io9.com/holy-crap-they-are-officially-making-a-new-star-trek-t-1740024705?utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_facebook&utm_source=io9_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow http://deadline.com/2015/11/star-trek-tv-series-alex-kurtzman-1201603597/ http://www.startrek.com/article/new-star-trek-series-premieres-january-2017 LET THE REJOICING, OR THE FAN RAGE, BEGIN!
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    This is a tragedy. Yelchin had a very promising future, with a number of projects in the works. It also raises the question: In Star Trek, will his character be replaced, or, in this alternate timeline, will he be killed, or die, in some off-screen sequence? A really crazy way to die and so senseless. As for the character of Chekov, he could be recast or replaced with another character with the explanation that Chekov was transferred to another ship or promoted somewhere. Remember, the character didn't even show up on the original series until the second season. It could be a good way to bring back the character of Lt. DeSalle.
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    Can't wait! the only thing I don't like is having to subscribe to a streaming service to get the show!
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    I'm going to try to do this in the approximate order that it happened at the convention. So here goes... Spice Williams Crosby and Tony Todd: John Schuck, Suzie Plakson and Spice Williams Crosby: Martok & Gowron: Michael Dorn: Jonathan Frakes & Carolyn McCormick(Minuet): Carolyn McCormick: Alex Henteloff (Dr. Nichols in Star Trek IV) The DS9 panel: Brent Spiner: Brent Spiner & Hallie Todd (Lal): David Reddick: My daughter (Christina) as an orion slave girl: Click for Spoiler: More to come!!!
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    :P It is good to see you posting again!!
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    This one might be familiar. It used to be my avatar before the clonetroopers.
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    Well, since my other Romulan uniform pics are about a year old I thought it was time to put it back on and have my brother take some more pics. Let me know what you think and enjoy TOS Romulans for the win!! By tht way he was kind of messing around with the flash and stuff which is why some of them are blurry and some are kind of dark
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    I so glad I had a chance to meet him. I rarely do events like these but this was a one time chance for me. I actually got to talk to him!
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    I came here for one reason and found out the Joe had passed and trust me I haven't stopped crying. I can't say we were good friends, but I had him on my Yahoo Messanger, so we had obviously talked a bit. I had heard he had lupus when he posted it and I hated the idea that he was afflicted so direly with this illness and was suffering so agrieviously. I can't believe he has passed, I can't believe it. He was far too bloody young, there is no justice to this, the only thing we can say is that he is loved wherever he is and is no longer in any pain, and he can be back with those he loved. Fair sailing on the solar winds.
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    oh God this is terrible news. I was his friend on the net about a year before he came here, in fact I was the one that told him about STF. This is horrible news. I was afraid something like that happened. RIP Joe
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    I just read the email sent out by VBG, I remember Joe! Very sad to hear what happened, my condolences & prayers go out to his family & friends (online & off). He was a very sweet person, and was happy to post alongside him here. Was a very cool guy. I knew he was about my age.. didnt realize he was only a few days older than me He will be missed!
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    Joe joined the board in 2005, his original screen name was dragonwrangler95. He changed it once that ability was made available back in early 2008. Woooooah didn't realise it was dragonwrangler95! *Feels like she has just been punched in the stomach* Oh Joe, so gonna miss you round here. I just watched Trek earlier and I started thinking of you and I shed a few tears! OK only over the forum but still we got like a family on here, it's like loosing a member.
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    Here's a few more. Zachary Quinto: Click for Spoiler: Jacob Kogan: Click for Spoiler: So cute and so composed on stage!! Shatner and Nimoy: Click for Spoiler: My autograph from Leonard Nimoy: Click for Spoiler:
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    I've gone to many conventions over the years, and I've got a lot of tips for first timers ~ Wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking and you don't want to miserable all day with sore feet ~ If you're bringing a camera with you bring LOTS of batteries and spare memory cards. If you have a laptop I recomment uploading your pictures daily. ~ Bring snacks and bottled water with you. Granola bars are the easiest since they are very portable. The snack stands are usualy very expensive if they even have them ~ Most fans in costume have no problem posing for pictures, but it's polite to ask first ~ There is usualy a descent chance that you might run into a celeb in the hallway....don't go crazy. Most of them are realy nice and it's been my experience that they don't mind shaking your hand. Some of them have offered to pose for a picture, but you shouldn't badger them for one. Imagine it from their side, if everyone they bumped into begged to take a picture they'd never be able to get out of their room ~ Bring a large backpack or messenger bag or purse or something to carry things in. Not every vendor has bags with handles and it will make your life a lot easier if you can put all your smaller items into one bag ~ If you're planning on getting a lot of autographs you might want to get a three ring binder and a bunch of sheet protectors to fill it. It makes organizing your photos and autographs a lot easier, you can see all of them quick to find the one you need, it's easier to carry them, and it's easier to show them off. ~ They will remind you a bunch of times but people still don't do this...When you get on line for an autograph PLEASE have your items out and ready. It realy holds up the line when people have to wait for someone fumbling through their things ~ Keep an eye on your wallet, purse, money, cell phone, camera, etc. It's nice to think that at cons we're all friends, but the real world reality is that not everyone is so nice and there might be someone there who would take advantage of someone who is not paying attention to their belongings ~ It's been helpful to me to have a small notebook and jot down every purchase I make when I make it including meals. A the end of the day it helps with your budgeting if you can see exactly what you spent and where and exactly how much you have left to spend ~ If you can wait, sometimes vendors have good deals on the last day of the con. Whatever they don't sell they have to pack up and ship home, so many of them offer good deals to get rid of their stock. ~ If you get up to ask a celeb a question, please try to be respectful of the people in line and the actors time. It's great to thank them and tell them how much you love them, but it wastes a lot of time when everyone does it. Also pay attention to the questions that came before you so you don't repeat any ~ If you're going in costume try it all on completely including any accessories, shoes, makeup, everything a few days before the con and walk around in it for a little while. This will give you an idea of how much time you will need to give yourself to get ready in the morning, any adjustments that need to be made to the custume, or any last minute repairs, as well as if you will be able to walk all day in your shoes. I handmake my costumes and I found out once that my husband's jacket while great and comfortable on him while standing was unbearably uncomfortable while sitting so I had to make some quick adjustments ~ If you're going in costume bring a sewing kit, and extra fabric ribbons, whatever you need to make emergency repairs to your costume ~ this one seems like common sense, but some people forget about it. PERSONAL HYGENE is important. The seats are very close together and you will be together for a long time. Also try to go easy on the perfume/cologne, again you are sitting very close together and if it's too strong it can bother people. It's also a good idea to have deoderant in your bag with you ~ If you're not in costume, try to wear a t shirt and have a hoodie or something with you. If it's the summer the AC could be cranked up and you could get cold, or if it's the winter the heat could be turned up and you could get hot ~ Taking pictures is great and fun, but please be respectuful of the people who payed for the close seats and the people behind you who can't see or get their own pictures with you standing in front of them ~budget some extra money in case of an emergency (or awesome collectible) and extra hundred dollars or so might realy come in handy in an emergency ~bring a bottle of febreeze and wrinkle release spray. both will come in handy ~ A convention is an amazing way to meet new people. Be careful of who you give your info to though. Something very helpful would be to create some "business cards" with your name and email address and perhaps the name of the character you are portraying. There are websites that you can print them up for free like vistaprint.com.
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    I'm just gonna make a thread in here to post my paintings since I plan to do a lot more painting. This one is from today. I'm not thrilled with it but I don't dislike it either. I'm still learning how to do this so I'm trying to not be too self critical. Click for Spoiler: This one is the one from the other day. Click for Spoiler:
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    What's little Mandy's middle name? Good question kev...her full name is Mandy Darlene Saskia Evans. Darlene was my moms name (god bless her soul) and Saskia is Debs moms name.
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    From this years' Vegas adventure.. Click for Spoiler: Click for Spoiler: Click for Spoiler: Click for Spoiler:
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    From the history channel May 17, 1970 Trivia tidbit - the actor Chris Heyerdahl (Holling on SG: Atlantis) is the nephew of Thor Heyerdahl.
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    I think that theory holds some weight especially with Trek's strongest periods coming in the front-end syndication eras (TNG, DS9). UPN is definitely the primary reason why Enterprise was cancelled. The network is a cinder block. I think Bakula's comment was very true when he said the irony was that Enterprise will still be watched on DVD (or whatever we have) in 20 years while most of UPN's other shows will be forgotten. I'm not going to say that Enterprise was always brilliant because it had bad episodes but every show in the history of television has done bad episodes. But I will never believe that Enterprise's quality was the over-riding factor in its cancellation. I don't care what anyone says. I guarantee if you put the greatest episode of Trek in Enterprise's time slot with next to no promotion and on a sixth rate network, it would do no better.
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    Archer of course. Main reasons are the qualities which attracted me in frist place: His humanity and the way he deals with problems - he uses his brain to convince (not persuade or force) and to achieve his goals Kirk - Picard - Sisko = thats my next ranking list
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    The best captain is definetly Jean-Luc Picard.The guy RULES!! :o
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    I voted for Picard. As I have stated in other favourite captain polls here, if were in Starfleet I would have no hesitation to put my life in his hands. Archer is creeping up to that category too. I would never trust my life to Kirk. In TOS practically every week there was the unknown crew member who got killed (ok I exagerate).
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