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    Starbase Indy will be held at the Wyndham West Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA from Nov. 24-26, 2017. https://www.starbaseindy.org/ Star Trek guests scheduled to attend include: Denise Crosby: Natasha "Tasha" Yar / Commander Sela - TNG Robert O'Reilly: Chancellor Gowron - TNG / DS9
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    Archer of course. Main reasons are the qualities which attracted me in frist place: His humanity and the way he deals with problems - he uses his brain to convince (not persuade or force) and to achieve his goals Kirk - Picard - Sisko = thats my next ranking list
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    The best captain is definetly Jean-Luc Picard.The guy RULES!! :o
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    James T Kirk is my favorite Captain..Archer and Sisko are a close second..
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    I voted for Picard. As I have stated in other favourite captain polls here, if were in Starfleet I would have no hesitation to put my life in his hands. Archer is creeping up to that category too. I would never trust my life to Kirk. In TOS practically every week there was the unknown crew member who got killed (ok I exagerate).
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