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    I really liked John B.'s Phlox. He had such depth and his responses made him seem so real. Two examples. His response to the new prejudice against aliens he encountered I think at the start of season four, when he just wouldn't go back down to the surface, even though he had been craving Chinese food for so long, was so real. The response to prejudice that never makes the evening news is why it is successful and will never go away......people just stay away from mean people. He settled for take out. Then I loved the time he was playing basketball with the senior staff. He was playing the game by standing in one spot shooting 'three-pointers', enjoying himself and thinking about a Denobulan (spelling?) 'analog', interpreting the game in terms of his own cultural perspectives. Everyone else was sweating, running and jumping and exhausting themselves..... playing basketball! To me this is the kind of understated excellence Star Trek had over most sci-fi....interspecies cultural interaction. Phlox considered himself to be playing the game, but was seeing things from his own perspective. The humans were including him and doing things from their perspective, including using and trading Phlox's special shooting talent to win...it was a brief, excellent vignette of inclusion. And right before the tragic news of the embassy explosion.....
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    It is always great to see there is someone older than Me A very Happy Birthday wish to you.
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    If anyone would like to share a cabin on the 2018 cruise send a personal message. Gender/age/orientation etc. irrelevant to me.
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    Very Sad, she always seemed so upbeat even though she had some health issues. Will miss her so much
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    It's no statement on Kevin or any of the moderators that the activity fell off ... there's just no new Trek to talk about. :( A new movie every two or three years just ain't gonna cut it for discussion. I believe that once we get a new series, if we ever do, you'll see all sorts of activity out here. People are getting tired of facebook IMO and want this format for discussion of hobbies and interests. It's certainly more conducive to in depth analysis, we just need something new to analyze. I've always enjoyed this site tremendously and apologize for falling away! Life gets in the way of things.
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    While the chat room could help, I think waiting to see if we can "reenergize" the site a bit might be wise first. Members can make this a more active site by sharing our enthusiam, opinions and ideas. If we all post more, things will get busier. Look at the new postings, at least, and post on ones that you have an opinion about.
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    It's simple, the site died off because there hasn't been new Trek in a long time and when the regulars leave, no one will tell others about this site. Considering that I've been in the chat room more often than some people and I haven't seen any sexist remarks, I highly doubt that's the reason.
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