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Destination Star Trek: Birmingham, Eng; Oct 19-21, 2018

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Destination Star Trek will be held at the NEC in Birmingham, England from October 19-21, 2018.

Star Trek guests scheduled to attend include:

William Shatner: James Kirk, TOS / ST I-VII

Kate Mulgrew: Kathryn Janeway, VOY

Nichelle Nichols: Uhura, TOS / ST I-VI

Walter Koenig: Pavel Chekov, TOS / ST I-VI 

Vaughn Armstrong: Admiral Forrest, ENT

Rene Auberjonois: Odo, DS9

Ira Steven Behr,

Casey Biggs: Damar,DS9

Jayne Brooke,

Mary Chieffo,

Jeffrey Combs: Brunt / Weyoun, DS9 / Shran, ENT

Nicole De Boer: Ezri Dax, DS9

Jonathan Del Arco: Hugh, TNG

Michael Dorn: Worf, TNG / DS9 / ST VII-X

Aron Eisenberg: Nog, DS9

Terry Farrell: Jadzia Dax, DS9

Max Grodenchik: Rom, DS9

Martha Hackett: Seska, VOY

Sonita Henry,

Jason Isaacs,

Alice Krige: Borg Queen, VOY

Cirroc Lofton: Jake Sisko, DS9 

Chase Masterson: Leeta, DS9

Gates McFadden: Beverly Crusher, TNG / ST VII-X 

Kenneth Mitchell,

Robert O’Reilly: Gowron, TNG / DS9 

Andrew Robinson: Garak, DS9 

Jeri Ryan: Seven of Nine, VOY

Camille Saviola: ,

Armin Shimerman: Quark, DS9

Alexander Siddig: Julian Bashir, DS9

Marina Sirtis: Deanna Troi, TNG / VOY / ST VII-X 

Nana Visitor: Major Kira, DS9 

David Zappone.

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