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Captain Who'd Cook the Best Turkey Is...

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Lorca? Kirk? Picard? Sisko? Janeway? Archer? Georgiou? According to you, our readers, one of these legends is the answer to last week's poll question, which was, Which Captain would cook the best turkey? Thousands of fans stuffed the ballot box, and here are the results:


Captain Sisko (59%)


Captain Picard (14%)


Captain Kirk (9%)


Captain Janeway (8%)


Captain Archer (6%)


Captain Lorca (2%, 91 votes)


Captain Georgiou (2%, 85 votes)


So, did your Captain of choice baste the competition? And don't forget to vote in this week's poll, where we put each Trek series to the test...


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A little of both, I'd say. The voters got Sisko right, him owning a restaurant and Janeway in 2nd, probably spent time with Neelix in his kitchen but the rest, I cannot recall them ever being around food preparation. And why no Riker representation? We know he could at least scramble eggs, even if they tasted terrible. lol

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