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Iliana Ghemor

Jadzia, Lenara and some info on the Trill taboo that forbids"rea

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And in the present, there is room only for discomfort. One of Trill's strongest taboos forbids "reassociations"--that is, the active pursuit of reestablishing intimate relationships from past lifetimes. The taboo makes sense from what we know about Trills; since each host is supposed to lead its own life and live new experiences, it stands to reason that turning around and living and old life a second time would be counterproductive to a symbiont's interests. Furthermore, pursuing a reassociation is grounds for exile from the Trill homeworld, and means the symbiont would die with its host since it would not be able to be joined again.


So Kahn and Dax find themselves reunited for the first time in generations, and it takes neither of them much time to realize they still have feelings for one another. "Rejoined" isn't about whether or not they have these feelings, it's about what they choose to do about it. And the reason this works so well as a character show is because it feels like rational people trying to make rational decisions. There isn't excessive plot getting in the way here, which is refreshing.


From the moment the two set foot in the same room everyone is staring at them--as if to make sure they stay out of trouble. In an early formal party scene, the two can't come within five feet of each other without the entire room casting a suspicious eye in their direction. And on the bridge of the Defiant during wormhole experimentation, Lenara's aide Dr. Pren begins to notice what he suspects is a more-than-simply-professional relationship. Pren tells Lenara's brother Bejal what's going on, and this leads to a very feelingsensible and relevant scene where Bejal tries to dissuade his sister from playing with fire.


Lenara tells Bejal that there's nothing going on and that she has no intention of allowing anything to come out of her past relationship with Dax. But as she says this it's obvious she's on the fence--that she wants to succumb to her desires but hasn't decided whether she can do it or not.



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While Otner and Kahn have dinner, Otner asks questions about Dax, who visited Kahn's quarters the previous night. Kahn becomes defensive and Otner states that people are starting to notice how Kahn and Dax are acting towards each other. Lenara storms off angrily and Otner apologizes. He agrees to trust her if she says that nothing is going on, and Lenara insists there is not.


Kahn visits Dax's quarters considerably upset at the encounter with her brother. Dax suggests they should not see each other and they should not be having this conversation but Kahn says that would not change their feelings. Kahn admits that she has not gotten over Dax and Dax tells Kahn she has missed her so much. They share a passionate kiss and Kahn quickly leaves afterwards


Heres the thing thought the feelings that the Symbiants were beringing up were those of their previous hosts respectfully Nilani the (Khan Symbiont) and Torias the (Dax symbiant) so basically Jadzia and Lenara were acting upon the feelings of the symbiants and not ther own

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