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Poll Says Character with Best Facial Hair Is...

Character with Best Facial Hair Is...  

  1. 1. Character with Best Facial Hair Is...

    • Ash Tyler
    • Benjamin Sisko
    • Dr. Culber
    • Dr. McCoy
    • Mirror Spock
    • Young Spock
    • William Riker
    • Worf

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It was far from a close shave., for our latest weekly poll, asked... In honor of "Movember," which character had the best facial hair? Readers could choose from Ash Tyler, Benjamin Sisko, Dr. Culber, Dr. McCoy, Mirror Spock, William Riker, Worf and Young Spock. Thousands of fans voted, and here are the results:

William Riker

William Riker (49%)

Mirror Spock

Mirror Spock (20%)

Captain Sisko

Benjamin Sisko (14%)


Worf (9%)

Dr. McCoy

Dr. McCoy (4%)

Ash Tyler

Ash Tyler (2%)

Young Spock

Young Spock (1%, 75 votes)

Dr. Culber

Dr. Culber (1%, 68 votes)


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